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  1. Which flex player do I use?

    Wrong forum - Bennett
  2. I got a C-note

    Yeah, I know, but no one could incite an arguement and resentment better than UT
  3. Let the games begin!

    that was quick, either Jordan looks good or the Pats D looks bad
  4. I got a C-note

    Part of me thinks "I hope not, hes a tool", but the rest thinks "if he doesn't come back, who will everyone have to make fun of for the rest of the season"
  5. S/B list - Jamal Lewis

    Yeah whats his status? WW got him as a S2 not a full load and DMD got him with 120yrds and 2 TDs. CBS sportsline got him listed as a Jamal Lewis, RB BAL News: reports RB Jamal Lewis will start but won't see as many carries as he normally might as he comes back from foot and ankle problems. So is he a good start or are we talking 10 to 15 carries for 70 yrds
  6. the greatest fantasy game ever played...

    2nd half of the Monday night game Buc vs. Indy what 2 years ago? mostly just in the 4th, Manning and Harrison had some ungoddly numbers.
  7. My question now that this league site info got out can there be trouble for the writer, possible copyright infringement by the writer using the AP name and sig line.
  8. Best Buy Fantasy Football

    I know I wish they were doing it agian this year last year I won the Bose home system (dam you Adam V.) and wanted to try to win agian this year.
  9. King Of The Mountain

    ZONA on the road
  10. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    Also bell at 2.4 with Deuce,Lewis,Jones,Green, and JJones still on tap.
  11. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    not the worst pick but weird Moss at 1.9 then Collins at 2.2 then Jordan at 3.9. This is from a U of Mich guy living in the detriot area. Decent player but way early IMO on Collins and Jordan plus to many fish from 1 barrel
  12. Stephen Friggin Jackson

    so jamal, Kjones, and Sjackson should be ok in a 2rb 1 flex league
  13. Best draft pick you've gotten

    Jackson in the 6th, Kjones 3rd, and McMicheal in the 9th
  14. The Peyton Manning Draft Strategy

    I went same way in a new redraft league 10 teams 1st = Manning 2nd = Lewis 3rd= K Jones 4th= Walker 5th = Burlson 6th= S Jackson From the 3rd pick slot, and BTW 13rds only max of 3 RB and 3WR per team or I could have got Arrington in the 8th. These guys have no idea of drafting value. They're not newbies leagues been around for 8+yrs. Last years winner went CPep thenn Bell at #2
  15. Tatum Bell Disciples

    Our league 2nd rd but prior to deuce,lewis,green, and jones*2
  16. Stephen Jackson...

    and we play 2qb,2rb,2wr,1te and 1 flex (rb/wr/te) and my other RBs are Lewis and Jones, K
  17. Stephen Jackson...

    got him in 6th rd (10 teams only though) in my draft and no my friends aren't ten, they're just a little sloooow. (or to many years of drinking)
  18. Post your team names here

    Every year every league DRugstore jUNKIES
  19. Game updates please

    Detroit playing so bad that they even turned the ball over to Seattle
  20. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    week 13 vikings detroit 17
  21. The Forgotten

  22. Tatum Bell Disciples

    the ww is good risk/reward also
  23. Game updates please

    heres an update the lions still suck
  24. Stephen Jackson...

    I did to (6th rd)