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  1. Joey Harrington

    Dynasty QB?
  2. Hakim Cut from Lions

    Why cut them now? Isn't there a bigger cap hit if cutting prior to June or am I thinking of something else?
  3. Did anyone have nightmares after the draft?

    future post game interviews with Benson.
  4. policy's take on the Lions' draft

    I'm not sure how I feel on BMW either, but if Rogers and Roy go down again like last year then Millen's a f'n genius. If everyone healthy than multiple receiver sets and pray the def just just rush 7 every time we got 5 on the line (6 if TE blocks)
  5. policy's take on the Lions' draft

    Everything I'm reading say Swancutt was their best value pick and the steal of the draft.
  6. policy's take on the Lions' draft

    Actually wasn't he on the co-national championship team that killed UofM in the Rose bowl in 04' as a Soph or am I mistaken
  7. lions take Dan Orlovsky

    Overall: Orlovsky rewrote the record books while transitioning Connecticut from DI-AA to DI-A during his collegiate career. He started six games as a freshman in 2001 and was Connecticut's fulltime starting quarterback from that point on. He led his team to nine wins as a junior in 2003 and eight wins, including its first bowl appearance (Motor City Bowl), in 2004. Completing 288 of his 457 passes in 2004 (63-percent), Orlovsky threw for 3,354 yards with 234 touchdowns and 15 interceptions for a 134.71 passing efficiency rating. He also was named MVP of the Motor City Bowl. Orlovsky has played well in games against top competition; he is a proven winner and a tough competitor. He has the size, and intangibles to compete for a starting job in the NFL, but he will need more time than other quarterback prospects in this class to develop and he also has enough physical limitations that he'll need to be in the right system in order to succeed at the next level. Orlovsky is a scrappy player with the potential to develop into a Jake Delhomme type, but he's not ever going to be able to carry a team. He needs to become much more consistent as a passer in order to make up for what he lacks in terms of arm strength. In our opinion, Orlovsky is a good value early on Day 2 but he is an overrated player that will struggle to be anything more than a backup in the NFL. * Player biographies are provided by Scouts Inc. 234 tds in 1 year and I've never even heard of him. Wow and yes I know it was a typo supposed to be 23 td, but still if Scouts inc and espn insider says it, it must be true.
  8. Detroit WR's

    Cris Carter just got done talking about how "quiet, reserved, and soft-spoken" Mike is, guess he hasn't logged on.
  9. Henry to the eagles?

    Espn draft coverage just said a deal is in place for Henry to go to Philly for a 3rd rounder, not sure if true but that could change some draft ideas for Zona
  10. Henry to the eagles?

    Sorry nevermind I didn't see the other post on the topic
  11. This guy is the man also.

    From what I've read they're worried that the extra size needed for TE will steal from his speed, but we'll see in round 2 of the draft
  12. This guy is the man also.

    Mort did a nice story on him, looks like he going for WR, but who knows. Height: 6-6ΒΌ Weight: 242 40 time (hand-timed): 4.37 and 4.39 40 time (electronic): 4.40 Vertical jump: 39.5 inches Standing broad jump: 10 feet, 9 inches morts take:
  13. The decline of the cornerback

  14. Buccaneers sign QB Akili Smith wire reports TAMPA, Fla. (Feb. 18, 2005) -- Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Akili Smith has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Smith was the third player selected in the 1999 NFL Draft, but only appeared in 22 games -- with 17 starts -- in four disappointing seasons with the Bengals. He signed with Green Bay before the 2003 season, but did not make the team. With Cincinnati, Smith completed 215 of 461 passes for 2,212 yards, five touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Smith already had agreed to play in NFL Europe although he was not affiliated with any NFL team. The Bucs said he will play for the Frankfurt Galaxy. ****************************************************************** Question is he the starter until Simms is ready? If so, can the Bucs go back to the NFC north?
  15. What IF

    Well, first I could get rid of DSL and 2nd I might have to do work at work between Aug and Jan. And that would Suck
  16. The Un-frickin'-believable stats thread

    Neither has Joey Harrington (or at this rate ever will)
  17. theme league

  18. Best Buy

    Points last week: 94.0 Points overall: 446.6 Rank last week: 3783 Rank overall: 19 1 Bose system in week 3 and 2 wrong QB picks week 1 and 2 from first place, at least I won something. If only they would hurry up and send my prize affidavit(sp) in the mail. This week must suck what 60 something people all tied with the same score. Go to bed Sunday night thinking you get a TV and wake up with a $25 gift card.
  19. Best Buy Postseason game

    Best buy fanball post season results how you doing so far? Me, pretty darn good Points last week: 143.800 Points overall: 352.600 Rank last week: 5 Rank overall: 49 New Bose DVD system on my way. Also if Bonehand reads this I have not forgotten are bet, DMD never returned my PM so I'm waiting till after the SB and Email him again. Don't want anyone to think I don't pay-up.
  20. Best Buy Postseason game

    Any other Huddlers win anything either post or regular season? Regular season not quite as good Points overall: 3374 Rank overall: 638
  21. Let's Make a Deal!

    3 TEAM DEAL: Moss to SD Brees to Arizona 1 or 2 def players from AZ and one of SD 2 1st round picks to MINN
  22. Best Buy Postseason game