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  1. Kiddy game is down the street.


    Sorry if FF isn't supposed to be fun, not every league needs to be for money. Point was weird year and wondering who else can't catch a break.

    My non-"kiddy" league has more smack talk and money involved and am 3-2 with a couple of close game that I came up short.

  2. Tjol's Toes


    Manning, P

    P Thomas

    T Jones


    D Jackson

    S Smith (NY)

    B Watson








    E Bennett

  auto draft league

    6pt td, 1 - 25yrd pass, 1 - 10yrd rush & recieve


    Weird didn;t think this team was worth a shint, but have the only 5-0 and most points for in league


    the other free league auto-draft I'm 5-0 and have no luck what so ever


    At least I'm 3-2 in my money league

  3. Signed up in a cbssportsline league just for fun, did it as a autodraft so I could manage what I was stuck with and play the manager for the year.

    Thought I had a decent team (not going to post-no point sig team is my money league) but I can't catch a break.

    I'm 0-5 with the 3rd most points in the league and breakingdown matchups also 3rd out of the 12. Basically I've managed to play the top team of the week every week. The scoring is set the same as and have 480 pts for and 570 pts against. Next closetest is 470 pts against. This is a messed up year

  4. OK MSU fan and can't stand either program, but I've got 2 questions:


    1) What did the Rb do after the 2pt conversion to get a unsportsmanlike? I didn't see anything at all


    2) Scored with 11 seconds was 10 when going to line ND qb said should be 1 more so the UM time keeper moved it to 9 and ball went out as clock was hitting 0, should have been 2, and ND should have had a Hail Mary chance. Even ESPN listed the time for about 15 miutes as ND on their own 47 with 2 seconds left. What happened to those 2 seconds?

  5. The scoring is standard scoring. 1 point for every 25 yards passing, 6 for TD and -2 for INT.


    If Peyton throws for 250 a game 2 TD's and an Int on average, per game then he will get me 20 points a week.


    No way would Peyton or Rivers make it past the first round and a half in an league.


    I don't like leagues where RB's and WR's are favored as much as it sounds like they are in your league. I like the balanced leagues.

  is a H2H league so it's all about your team being better than whom you face that week, I always play in a few free leagues and QBs go quick because of the fact only half the drafters show up and auto draft kicks in for the rest. As for the points per TD it's not important in a H2H it's all about having a better team in all aspects, with that said if I would have taken LT and CJohnson rds 1 & 2 , then 2 non-risk WR's (meaning proven like Jennings, Housh, and other) then grabbed Hass or Schaub later then in preseason Ratings I would be 100% better, IMO.


    Also I'd take the Keller train in rd 9 once again risk vs proven, IMO rather have Daniels or Sch..... (whatever from Minny) and grabbed Keller with a late flier, but thats just me

  6. Weak WR's no #1 WR on your team at all, I'd rather play QB roulette than WR roulette and if I remember correctly you start 3 WR in


    But, who really knows Grant could be back and Royal might be ok in #1 coverage (if no Marshall) and Gonzo might pick up the slack from no Harrison ( well at least what doesn't go to Clark) and Harvin (sorry can't find a what if here) but good luck all the same


    Looking at it now I'd say you have a + over 7-8 teams in the Qb, a + over 1-2 teams in RB, maybe a + in DEF, but -'s in both WR and TE

  7. Me since 96 had Favre as my first pick

    then in 97 I took a late round flier on a rookie named Dunn that I just saw something about on ESPN about his home life and growing up where he did. came in 2nd that yr


    My Dad since 87 his rules are still based on info found in the newspaper (that's the nonelectrical item with news in it that gets delivered daily for some of you young ons out there)


    Line up of the 87 champs from his league- from the EFL site

    "Mike, after "drawing" the ace, then initiated the league and with the selection of John Elway, qb, from the Denver Broncos. Subsequent picks, such as Gerald Riggs, Al Toon, and JT Smith proved deadly to the rest of the league."


    Their Scoring


    QB Points = (Yards Passed For/1.5) + Completion % + (TD Scored x 30) - (INT Thrown x 10)


    RB Points = (Yards Rushed For x 1.15) + (Receptions x 5) + (Yards Receiving x 0.5) + (TD Scored x 30)


    WR Points = (Receptions x 12) + (Yards Receiving) + (TD Scored x 40)


    K Points =

    (10 points x Each FG Made 0-25 Yards) + (20 Points x Each FG Made 26-40 Yards) + (30 Points x Each FG Made 41-50 Yards) + (40 Points x Each FG Made 51+ Yards) - (40 points x Each FG Missed 0-25 Yards) - (30 Points x Each FG Missed 26-40 Yards) - (20 Points x Each FG Missed 41-50 Yards) - (10 Points x Each FG Missed 51+ Yards).


    Notice everythings newspaper friendly

  8. I have been playing in a league where QBs get 6pts plus bonus for distance. QBs usually go from round 2-5 (about 7 of them). I usually wait until round 8-11 to get my QBs. Now I have won my league 2 out of the last 4 and finished 3rd last yr even though I out scored the league by an avg of 25pts/week. The problem with going early on QBs is that you have guys like me stocking up on RBs and WRs. Now I have been lucky or skilled most likely both but I have been able to get very good value in each round. Personally I think Shaub will be close enough to a top 5 QB and be had in the 7th to 9th round. Now the drop off at WRs is huge (to me at least) after the 1st 13 or 15. That is why I am looking at WR/WR this year then RB/RB then WR again.


    Like what was said earlier 6pts 10pts 4pts? who cares it applies to the whole position. The real question is where is the drop off at each position? That is what really needs to be discussed.


    Now here's a man with logic on their side


    Yeah if you can get one of the big 4 or 5 in the 3rd-4th round then go for if not I'll take my chances with a late round flier, last year it was Warner and Shaub with the 9th and 11th round picks and we start 2 qbs, still did great until I traded T Jones for R Brown after week 5 and it all fell apart, still came in 3rd

  9. S Jax, Ronnie Brown, Bush - Burned in the past

    Marshall, TO, Chad Ochocinco - don't want a possible breakdown to ruin my team

    Brady (Bush fit here also) - I never pick a guy the year after a major injury

    Gore - just don't think it will be there

    Any Raiders - just no talent

  10. 6 pt vs 4 pt is only important in a non-Head-2-Head format (total points win the league scoring it can but not in H2H)


    I did a excel speadsheet a couple of years back varying in all the differences and came up with It Just Doesn't Matter. In a H2H format what your players score per TD is equal to your opponant. You want to have better players if your QB1 is 20% better but his RB1 is 30% better he'll win.


    I play in a league that starts 2 QB's last 2 years have been the last one to pick up my QB1 and my Qb2 , heck 2 yrs ago waited for my last 2 picks to prove a point lost in the finals that year. This year while they went for Brady, Breesem and others I got Turner & LT, so I ended up with Palmer and Edwards as my starters, but I should outscore every one elses RBs.


    Take last yrs #'s and add 2 pts per QB TD and see if it would have made a difference over the course of the yr my money says it won't

  11. In my league we get 1 pt per 10 yds for punt and return yrds the last 2 years I've had Welker and he's been a stud(#2 WR in league last yr). Well due to loyallity and hoping for a late round steal went for Wes again this yr. But am getting worried keep seeing CJ Jones' name on the stat sheets.


    So wondering come regular season who's job is it?



  12. Last year

    bye RD

    1st - Peyton not worth 3rd overall pick but in a 2 qb set so went for it

    2nd - K Jones

    3rd - Jamal Lewis

    4th - J Walker

    5th = N Burlesson



    Ended up being 2 worst team in league



    Worst pick ever was Moss 1st year had the last pick overall and went with some rookie from SD due to reading all about how he was going to be the #2 WR and Moss #3. Can't even rember the dudes name

  13. If the colts hit 15-0 they might think about it, but what's moRE IMPORTANT 16-0 OR the Superbowl win? I'd say the superbowl and can you imagine the peeved colts fans if Peyton or Dwight break a leg in game 16. They'll sit all their stars in the last weeks