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  1. Back at the top.........suckers...

  2. His pictures that rule, really suck.

  3. The SURGE

    So we finally got it right, after 3637 casualties.......and all it took was surge.
  4. On-line Dating sites?

    Apparently you meet women just like Thews...
  5. Treated lumber

    Shouldn't you be making your deck out of pallets, cinder blocks and old milk crates?
  6. Man vs Machine.

    The world's First Man-Machine Poker Championship is pitting two poker masters against a computer program, called Polaris.
  7. Another chat about health care costs

  8. It's Hotter then

    It's hotter than, Atomic CEO with bottle of Kendal Jackson and his Epson scanner...
  9. Kickball

    Do put a weight around your ankle when your in the on deck circle?
  10. Colonoscopy

    If it was colonoscopy, why did doctors tell him to open up and say awwww?
  11. Whatcha listenin to

    Old Crow medicine show.