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  1. Thank you for healing Aunt Alice after her bunion removal surgery.

  2. Priest Holmes

    If LJ doesn't put the diapers back on, he may make a mess on the floor...
  3. On-line Dating sites?

    Sister was dating a younger fraternity brother of mine. They set me up on a blind date with his sister. Our first date was their last date; they broke up five days later. If I was single now, I'd have no reservations about using something like e-harmony or whatever ... I'm a busy guy with not much time to fart around hoping for the best at local bars or singles-groups at church.
  4. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    The remake of the Parent Trap with Dennis Quaid?
  5. There's probably no incentive to make sure they continue to have good access to the Commissioner's office...right?
  6. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    Not to pile on (too much), but, IIRC, you've not been competitive in that league since Dunn beat you singlehandedly. That must have been more disheartening that I thought for you to fold up like that for the last three or four years...
  7. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    SEE: John Tait playing in Chicago.
  8. Breach

    Wife and I saw it two nights ago and liked it. Wild sex ensued when it was over ( ), so, maybe my opinion of the movie is skewed.
  9. Important news

    Can be read here.
  10. Anyone have any idea how his shipbuilding business has done?
  11. Bridge to Tarabithia

    Must have taken after her genius father...
  12. Funds received. What was the extra coinage for? Mickey mouse ears and a Pinkston jersey for the fish and a cattle prod for the neighbor?
  13. If you were Arthur Blank

    Trade him to the Browns or the Lions? You'd think that'd teach him a lesson or two, wouldn't you? ...on a serious note... I'm "+1" with DMD's suggestions. Suspend (without pay, if allowed for in the CBA...otherwise, with pay) until the courts sort it out. If "not guilty" then maybe bring him back. If "guilty" possibly recoup some of the money already given to Vick and part ways.
  14. Possibly tomorrow late afternoon for a beer after work -- my day will be insane and once it's over, I'll probably want a beer (or three). Drop me a PM if you're so inclined.