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  1. UAW vs. Japan

    Umm...yeah...kind of why I said "want or need them."
  2. Bridge to Tarabithia

    The target audience for Transformers was teenagers but I liked it?... And trust me, I can sit through other movies that aren't just killing, blowing stuff up, etc. You know, like love stories...like My 50 First Dates...and stuff...
  3. UAW vs. Japan

    The last I heard the unions tried getting in and the workers didn't want them or need them.
  4. Bridge to Tarabithia

    I thought it was lame, to an extent. Then again, I liked Transformers... I also guessed that the little girl would die when they showed her running back to her house in the rain and it was in slow motion.
  5. I disagree with the 50's proponents. McCarthyism was in full swing (does it get any less American than that?), nuclear bombs seemed to be a very real threat along with the USSR and US surely going to lock horns.
  6. UAW vs. Japan

    Lee Iacocca is working on a book where he brings this up. He mentioned that Detroit used to be the arsenal of democracy when the government needed engines of war in World War II, Detroit answered the call. "Last year the heads of GM, Ford, and Chrysler tried to meet with the president for months, and the White House kept canceling. Bush had time to meet with the winner of "American Idol", but he couldn't squeeze in the leaders of the auto industry. By the time Bush finally gave the CEOs 45 minutes in late 2006, their agenda was pretty serious. The Big Three asked for help in three crucial areas that require government cooperation; the trade imbalance - especially Japan's manipulation of the yen and its closed markets; the health-care crisis, for which the car companies bear an unfair burden; and the need to develop alternate fuels such as ethanol." "When America needed the Big Three to be its arsenal of democracy, Detroit came through. Now, when Detroit asks the government to be its partner in revival, the White House gives it 45 minutes." I thought it was interesting anyway.
  7. 38 years ago a half billion people...

    How far we've come indeed. But we still can't cure the common cold.
  8. That is an interesting question indeed. I'd probably tend to agree before I put much thought in to it.
  9. Barry Bonds

    In a court of law, not a court of public opinion...or the voters for the Hall for that matter. Barry was a Hall of Famer before the steroid allegations. Do I think he did steroids to improve his stats...yes. Do I think he belongs in the Hall of Fame...yes. His legacy is just tainted and will more than likely be downplayed as the years go by and all of the negatives are forgotten as so often happens.
  10. Match the Huddler with his Picture

    Classic. "My parents are kicking me out after December and I'd like to meet a woman with a lot of money so we can have fun. I like women between 18-45, but would consider older if we do not have to touch a lot."
  11. Blackberry Pearl

    I have a Pearl and it is quite nice. I love the size and the smaller keyboard (remember, I am 6'5 and have hugh hands...). Darin's pictures go to a T-Mobile website though...
  12. John Edwards new invention

    The religion of peace. I hope Coffee wasn't over there...or whoever that Huddler was that is moving over there.
  13. Nope. For me, a particularly easy question to answer.
  14. darin3 does OC and OC

    The countdown has started...Austin in 3...2...1...
  15. Which movie should i go see tonite with my wife

    Go see Transformers. I took my Dad this weekend (58 yrs old) and he is very hard to please at the box office. He came out of Transformers and said, "that is going to go down as a classic." Action, story, hughmor, etc were his main reasons.