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  1. What the hell is wrong with people

    Public stoning would be too good for this piece of dung!
  2. Am I wrong or does State Farm Insurance sucketh?

    Sorry to hear about your isssues with State Farm. I have been with them for 17 years and have always been treated well by them. I have a great agent and I know that helps. I have moved 3 times since I started with her and am now more than 2 hours away but have never even considered changing agents. One night the wife and I have a very romantic evening and during the course of the night neglected to blow out candles we had burning in the bedroom. After the festivities we discovered that the red candle wax had dripped down the walls and onto the tan carpet. Sort of looked like a murder sight. SF replaced the carpet and paid to have the walls repainted.
  3. Ratatouille

    Took my 3 kids to see it on Sunday, good but not great movie. My girls just could not get cuddly with the rats. Son was ok but kept asking when the movie would be over. Lot's of adult references for the parents (typical Pixar) I actually enjoyed the "short" before the movie more. First Disney/Pixar movie I really didn't enjoy....
  4. Trade Help

    Depending on scoring system and the rest of your lineup.... Don't like Vick as a QB and who knows how much work Chester will get in Minny with AD also in the backfield. Jamal could have a good year in Cleveland, barring injury he is the starter. So do you trade two starting RB's Jackson/Lewis for a STud and a RBBC and a QB who could be suspended. Personally I would stay put with Jackson and Lewis.
  5. Teams of the decade

    Vikings in 70's had a very good W-L record and very good offense and defense....Just could not win the Big One
  6. Future Hall Of Famers

    Matt Birk is the only current Viking unless Hutch goes in as one instead of a Seahawk. Kevin Williams has potential but is still a ways off. Chris Carter should make it.
  7. Vikings Training Camp

    the only positive is you have a pretty good chance of getting the autograph of the player you want...
  8. 15,000 posts

    Great Post Savage! Congrats on the 15,000 and on the beautiful life you have achieved!
  9. Vikings Training Camp

    I'm going to try and get down to Mankato at least once. I want to bring my 3 year old!!!! We'll try and get some autographs on some mini helmets.
  10. My old soldier went home today

    Sorry for loss Polks...
  11. Friday Movie Game

    Ben Affleck Dare Devil
  12. Should I be concerned?

    I once received only the jacket of a suit. The dry cleaner gave me the price of a new suit once I returned the jacket back to them. I would think as long as you have you ticket/receipt they will need to reimburse you for it. They will probably try to discount the value because it is used.
  13. Fishing for opinions

    Bronco, It was very clear to me from reading the thread that the owner receiving the pick was offered a potential keeper RB... Nick was not hiding any details. Who knows why the guy didn't want the player but I am concerned with the commish trying to change the deal... it's hard to regulate stupidity and it should not be the commish's job to try and do it. With most of these is this a fair trade threads the answer is usually the same... it all perception. Everyone values players differently and you can't predict performance.
  14. Fishing for opinions

    Good discussion in this thread.... Trades are always subjective and anytime they include a future pick they are even more subjective. In this case Wayne for a 5th round pick seems lopsided ---AT THE TIMEOF THE TRADE--- You can look at this situation in two ways... 1) What is the percieved value at the time of the trade. 2) What is the perceived value at the end of the next season. Hind sight is always 20-20 but BB demonstrated that had an owner had the #82 pick in the last few years there were STUDS avaliable at that pick. We had a trade in latter part of 2004 that involved C Mart for a draft pick and the pick ended up being LJ in 05. The C-Mart owner did not win the league in 04 and the LJ owner won it in 05. At the time the other owners thought it was a bogus trade and looking back it was ... just for the opposite owner. I am sure all of us can come up with an example of a similar situation. Allowing other people to assign a value to a trade involving future picks is the quickest way to ruin a league (IMO). Even DMD with his vast knowledge and resources can not predict value 100% of the time. In a keeper league team on the bottom must be allowed to give up very good players for future prospects/picks or they will not have a chance to improve.
  15. Busting Out: Topless Day Clubs in Vegas!

    We need one of those in Minnesota!!
  16. Friday Movie Game

    Matthew McConaughey Reign of Fire
  17. Holy Crap, I'm a Daddy!

  18. LOST tonight

    I think Sawyer is the "he" who Kate said would be wondering where she was.......
  19. LOST tonight

    I thought the same thing!!! Though maybe that is why the other doc gave him the wierd look? So who was in the casket? My guess is Locke!!!! Charlies death was very disappointing! He really did not save anyone by dying! The signal was already off, nice twist with the memorization of the code via the tones for the numbers, but he could have still gotten off the looking glass station using the scuba gear. No way it would fill up that fast, heck Desmond and he could have just swam to the surface!! I thought he was going to rejam the signal but that would have messed up the rest of the finale. At first I thought Desmonds vision was off for Charlie but after thinking about it realized it was correct just condensed as Charlie did turn off the signal and then he did drown! Also it made sense that Desmond was there as in every other case he "witnessed Charlie dying in person, thus was able to save him. So do the new "others" from the boat just take Claire and the baby? Desmond never talked about seeing anyone else get on the helicopter, and I will assume that he will need to be in the area to actually see the event take place. It would also continue the theme of children being taken... Loved that Sawyer shot the guy versus take him prisoner! Now that they have killed off a lot of the "bad" others I guess they will bring in a bunch of bad guys off the boat? All in all a very good finally, moved the story along and gives you a lot to think about, especially the "future" visions. Is Will really back or is it the Island trying to protect itself again! Who is Jacob? Now that Penny knows they are alive what happens next?
  20. Sportsmanship Dilemma

    As opposed to a lead singer??? Try coordinating 4 limbs all doing something different at the same timeā€¦.. not as easy at it looks!!! Ask any NE fan is a kicker is a football player....they owe two of their 3 superbowl rings to a kicker!
  21. Sportsmanship Dilemma

    I have coached little league for 15 years and have mellowed out over the years. I would still probably gone with option 2. Walking away with out a mention of the clear facts cheats everyone, the ump included. I would have incorporated option 6 by telling him to ask the first baseman...I have done this in the past and most young players are honest. Of course I know most of the umps because I have coached or coached against them so Iwould not be very hard on them. Glad to hear the kids were quicky over the loss, most of the time the parents/coaches take losses harder. As for soccer, my daughter (7) has played for the the last two seasons and this year scored her first two goals in the same game. I am not a fan of soccer at all but I was one proud poppa!!! Menudo.....I am planning on starting my 3 year old son in soccer so he can perfect his kicking skills and become a kicker in the NFL. (Not my retirement plan but you never know!!!!)
  22. How many can you get right

  23. Prayers Needed Desparately

    Any time you get to use the and the in the same post is a great day! Hope she can finally kick the cig habit!
  24. twenty-eight

    So Close!!!!!