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  1. Thomas Jones Hurt?

    Over 6 yds a carry and TWO touches. It's all good though.
  2. Thomas Jones Hurt?

    No need to. He's still only averaging 2.5 yds a carry.
  3. Thomas Jones Hurt?

    Why are they bothering with Bensen? Dude's sucking wind. Must not be real obvious to someone.
  4. Thomas Jones Hurt?

    perhaps they should try Jones.
  5. Marvin cried when he was getting out produced so Daddy Manning had to give him the teat again and again.
  6. All you Dayne haters

    Boy is that true and hilarious!
  7. travis henry expected to start

    Well at least before I didn't have to decide with Dayne and Mike Bell being my other options. Just love this chit.
  8. My earliest memory of football (or caring about it) was "and John Brockington breaks the tackle" and being delighted that I had his football card. I lived in Green Bay back then...
  9. Dallas @ Giants

    I picked Dallas over the Giants. Vikings are history this year.
  10. Dallas @ Giants

  11. That's great - I needed a chuckle today.
  12. He's back! Alexander to practice

    I'll believe he's returned when I see him actually play.
  13. I wish Jaws would just slap

    Funny, I was thinking that exact same thing. Can you imagine having that pigfk in your face every week?
  14. Which Bell

    Just figures. I traded for Mike Bell to start him this week.