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  1. Any boat owners in the house?

    It's my first boat and I'm juiced! I would be interested to know if anyone has purchased a Larson boat and what their experience has been. They have been around for 80+ years and they make a pretty quality boat. To me they compare favorably to the Sea Ray line but about 10 grand cheaper. I bought it with a 270 horse, Fuel injected , Volvo Penta engine. I am having Sirius installed so I can listen to the games on Sunday while I'm on the water. I get my first trial run on Saturday!
  2. Top 25 College Football Stadiums

    I'm surprised to see Husky Stadium only ranked #18? The outdated architecture definately hurt their rating but for beauty and atmosphere you can't beat it. The view of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier is impressive and the atmosphere from the "Dawg Pound" makes it an incredible experience!
  3. 2007 Pre-Preseason Consensus

    Notre Dame #8? What a joke. They are ALWAYS the most overrated team in college football.
  4. 2007 Pre-Preseason Consensus

    Check out their website, Per ESPN, The Washington Huskies have the toughest schedule in the country. Your information is flawed ... The Huskies play 8 teams in the Top 33 - #1 USC, #11 Ohio St (they'll finish in the Top 7), #12 UCLA, #13 Cal, #21 Hawaii, #25 Boise St., #26 Oregon (they'll finish Top 20) and #33 Oregon St.
  5. Falcons should go after Cpepp

  6. 2007 Pre-Preseason Consensus

    Team with the toughest schedule in the country ......... My University Of Washington Huskies
  7. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    I got to give it to you Sarge, you love your Sooners. Down 35-10 at half and you feel like your Sooners "have it in the bag"? I love your belief and your passion! I'm just wishing that my Huskies can get the program back to where it once was. Our schedule this year ..... HOLY SH!T
  8. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    Sarge, come on you're better than this. You make yourself look life a when you talk about the SC / Oklahoma game. Anyone, Oklahoma fan or not, saw what happened. Oklahome was outcoached, outplayed and the Trojans had much more talent the your Sooners that year. I can't remember the score ..... I think it was like 45-14 or something. Great teams create turnovers and miscues by the other team. I don't understand why you keep bringing it up. God, I would have loved sitting in the same room with you that night!
  9. Any boat owners in the house?

    I pick the boat up on Saturday after the Sirius install. I will send pictures next week.
  10. Any boat owners in the house?

    What make is that? Looks nice.
  11. Any boat owners in the house?

    Brought back a lot of great memories of fishing with my Dad in a similar boat. Thanks! RIP Dad
  12. Any boat owners in the house?

    I bought this boat with a full 5-year warranty that covers everything from the hull, to the engine, to the trailer. It was not an extended warranty that I purchased but something that Larson offers now with all their boats. Its the best warranty in the industry, from what I researched. I feel like I am protected for 5 years. Hopefully things will work out in the future.
  13. Any boat owners in the house?

  14. Any boat owners in the house?

    Feeling better already Boats are bought for pleasure, not an investment This boat is pretty versatile. Can pretty much do it all. I'm just looking forward to getting some quality time with my beautiful wife and friends out on the water. I can finally start spending some money on "us", now that the kids are out of the house. It's been a grind.
  15. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    A. Bradshaw - NY Giants
  16. Free fantasy football

    Who wants to play for free? Not me. There has to be something on the line besides bragging rights. I would think that owners who are struggling, lose interest quickly in these free leagues and take their ball and go home. Thanks, but I don't play that way!
  17. Best league host(s)

    EASY Choice ..............................FANBALL
  18. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    I certainly hope that you're not foolish enough to believe that LSU is in the same class as SC? The Trojans have clearly been the best college football program over the last 5 years. My Top 5 the last 5 years: USC Ohio St. Florida Texas LSU
  19. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

    I seem to remember the Huskies giving your Trojans all they could handle in your own house last year. The game ended with my Dawgs on your 10 yard line as the officials started the clock prematurely not allowing us to get off the potentially game winning play. The Huskies have a brutal start this year playing @ Syracuse, Ohio State, Boise St, @ UCLA and then your mighty Trojans. I hate to say this but I would be happy with a 2-3 start, considering the schedule and the fact that we are starting a QB that will be taking his first collegiate snap this year.
  20. Quote?

    What are the steps you take to include a portion of someone's post with your reply?
  21. Quote?

    Thanks BJ.
  22. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    Come on Sarge, schools have been coming forward for YEARS and still get punished. The only reason they do is to try to "soften" the blow when the does come down. Even my Huskies did a few years back when they got disciplined for amongst other things ..... their head coach, Rick Neuheisel, playing "Horse" with a recruit and back in the early 90's when Mark Brunell and Billy Jo Hobert each got a free hamburger on the "turn" as they were playing a round of golf. Our penalties were much more severe than what the NCAA has levied against your Sooners. The OU players received pay for work they did not do. Stoop's knew that it was a rule violation and probably knew that they were going to get caught. He turned the program in, hoping that they might receive little or no penalty if they were forthright. And who know's, he probably saved the Sooners from a more serious penalty.
  23. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    Come on Darin don't encourage him!