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  1. Oregon State Baseball

    What a year for the Beavers. Back-to-Back Champions with only 2 returning starters. Unbelieveable run after they finish in 6th place in the Pac-10 with a 10-14 record. They played in some very BIG tournaments this year on the road making them battle tested for the BIG games in Omaha. 40-4 out of conference record proving what I've said many times before ........................ PAC-10 = Conference Of Champions
  2. When breaking up

    Are you serious?
  3. idp advice

    Not sure of the reason that you need to let a guy go but if you have to let one walk I would say Seymour. If you have to let a LB go I would lean in the direction of Greenway but I think I'd hold on to each of them. Peterson is going to have a BIG year. Ryans is a stud and is a tackling machine and Davis is solid.
  4. Huddler Nation-Year 2

    PD ..... Can you forward the scoring rules, etc. so I can see if it fits? Thanks.
  5. Tipping at a restaurant question

    For curbside service I think a flat rate of $5.00 (regardless of the bill amount) is appropriate. Inside dining I tip 20-25% if the service is very good. Average service, I usually tip around 15%. Below average I tip around 10%. I remember vacationing in Tahoe one year where we ate dinner at a nice bistro right on the water. The service was absolutely horrible. Everything bad that you can imagine, happened. The bill was over $250.00 (6 people) and I left a $5.00 tip to send a message. As my family and I were walking out the waitress ran up behind me and threw the $5.00 bill at me and said to "keep my f*c*ing money". Little that she knew, the owner was following her and fired her on the spot! I was respectful and shared our experience with the owner. He brought me back in the restaurant and wrote me out a $100 gift certificate which we used a few nights later
  6. RB pondering on a Sunday morning.

    Portis is a HUGE risk @ #5 His injury status and the Gibbs man-love for Betts has him in the #11 slot on my board.
  7. This woman may be a brick shy of a load.....

    I do just about everyday. Thanks for your response. It means a lot!
  8. This woman may be a brick shy of a load.....

    Thanks Sarge. I appreciate that.
  9. surprise team this year

    Cowboy's problem .............................. Mr. Tony Romo.
  10. This woman may be a brick shy of a load.....

    My son is in his 3rd month of duty in Iraq and I miss him every day. I thank god every day that I have such an incredible son that has always made good decisions, loves his family and treats everyone he comes across with respect. Thanks for sending this RR.
  11. Which FF Site is the best?

    Have used 3 ..... CBS Sportsline, MFL and Fanball --- Fanball is CLEARLY the best
  12. Lost ball, penalty stroke. Drop, 2 club lengths, no nearer the hole. Not certain on this one but I believe that you would get relief and would be able to lift, clean and drop 2 club lengths from "hazard", no nearer the hole. Once you hit the second ball, you can't go back and play your original ball.
  13. College Fantasy Football

    I would be interested also. Of course, we would have to include the Pac-10 for me to pull the trigger. Let me know what you find and I'll inquire on my other site too.
  14. What about auction draft's?

    Can you say ....... Sceeered
  15. Thank youi Vikings fans

    Classy. With all the garbage we hear daily about pro athlete's it's great to hear a story like this. May god continue to live through Orlando. My prayers are with you OT.
  16. What about auction draft's?

    Thank you. Auction Drafts > Traditional Drafts
  17. What about auction draft's?

    Waaay more skill and strategy goes into Auction drafting. I played 8 straight years in the regular style draft leagues and once my leagues switched to auction in 2002 I was hooked! I will NEVER go back to the dark side.
  18. Trent Green

    The ONLY reason he was rated that high was how he performed the last 4 weeks of the 2005 season. He had an incredible stretch run but he is very inconsistent and drops more balls than T.O.
  19. Kobe:Trade me if Jerry West does not come back

    Hey Kobe ....... Shaq won another one ..... Without you
  20. Kobe:Trade me if Jerry West does not come back

    If I was a GM in this league I would NEVER give up as much as you suggest. While I agree that Kobe is an incredibly talented player you also get all the BAD that is Kobe Bryant. You can keep him.
  21. Kobe:Trade me if Jerry West does not come back

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  22. Kobe:Trade me if Jerry West does not come back

    No way if I'm Portland would I do that. Brandon Roy is one of the most complete players and a future star in this league and Odem will stabilize the front line in Portland for years.
  23. King Crab Legs .........

    Having King Crab legs within 15 minutes. Anyone want to share their secrets?
  24. Suns vs. Spurs

    Hey Private ......... Send me the video where the Suns coaching staff AND team went AFTER Robery Horry. I'd be interested in seeing that. I can't imagine how I missed that during the multiple replays I watched.
  25. T.O in mini-camp

    About as well as he did last year when the Eagles dominated him and the Boys ......................... twice! He is what he is ............................................ Cancer