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  1. Help Me ... I help You

    McGahee is out. I have to start 2 of these 3 RB's ... C-Mart vs. New England - The Jets don't have much to play for although a win vs. New England would help their confidence going into the playoffs. N.E. will be inspired afer their Monday Night debacle so I am leaning towards starting T-Bell against a weak Titans defense. He's a home run threat every time he touches the ball but also a threat to leave the game with one good shot to his fragile shoulder? McAllister has been a disappointment all year but the Saints are finally figuring out that the more touches they give Deuce the more successful they are. Am I right? Should I sit C-Mart? I will answer your's!!
  2. kicker advice

    Rian Lindell vs. Frisco is the PICK. He'll kick 3 FG'S and 4 XP!!
  3. Coach of the Year Award!

    Nobody and I repeat ........ NOBODY has done a better job than John Fox of the Carolina Panthers!!
  4. Upset "LOCK" of the week .......

    The Houston Texans over the Indianapolis Colts!! Guaranteed Winner.
  5. Man O' Man

    Get Real. The Ravens are pretenders just like every year!! They surrender three touchdowns to the Bengals at home .... in the 4th quarter? Yeah ..... looks like they know what time it is!! Ray Lewis ..... don't believe the hype!
  6. John Kasay

    Picked him up Saturday Night .... Started him and he was part of a 11-yearolf Fantasy Football Scoring Record for My Team!! Touchee!!
  7. I have to start 2 of these 3 RB's- C-Mart @ Arizona Curtis knee seems to be fine but will Herman use Jordan more to keep Curtis fresh for the stretch drive? McAllister @ Atlanta- Can the Saints keep the score close so Deuce gets more carries? Deuce caught 11 balls last week. Atlanta's run defense is tough. Willis McGahee @ Seattle- Seattle's linebacking crew has been decimated by injuries. Willis has yet to have a BIG game on the road. My gut tells me that Willis might be in for a BIG week? Which two would you start? I need a win to keep my playoff hope's alive!! I will answer yours!!
  8. I am in a must win situation this weekend. Which two of these RB's would you start? I will answer yours. Happy Turkey Day! Martin @ Arizona McAllister @ Atlanta McGahee @ Seattle
  9. wdis

    I like both today but I too would probably say Pittman. I would be concerned about Alstott taking some of his red zone carries though.
  10. S. Morris

    K-Jones has been inconsistent but he could run the ball against Minnesota today. The key is for Detroit to stay in the game and not get behind by 2, 3 TD'S. That would be my worry. I like Boldin because of his targets even with McCown getting benched today.
  11. I am in a must-win situation 3 weeks before our playoffs start- I need to start 2 running backs of these 4. Deuce McCallister vs. Denver Willis McGahee vs. St. Louis Lee Suggs vs. NY Jets Curtis Martin @ Cleveland Suggs sits. Martin is a must start. My dilemma is McCallister or McGahee. I am a believer in going with your studs but something tells me that McGahee might have a big day vs. the Rams defense. The weather will be bad as usual in Buffalo which should mean 25-30 carries for Willis but with Buffalo having NO passing game St. Louis will look to take McGahee out of the game. Can they shut him down? McCallister is facing a better run defense in Denver, Horn might not play so Denver might bring up 8 in the box and dare Brooks to beat them through the air. McCallister doesn't get that many touches but this week might be different? Can you tell me what you would do? Thanks for your help. I will answer yours too.
  12. Driver, Mason, Moulds wdis I'll answer yours

    Driver and Mason. Bettis over Faulk.
  13. MUST WIN

    Tough One. I think they will both have good games. The KC line is awesome ... if it was me I would probably start Blaylock. MNF gets him the opportunity to finally showcase his talents. He could blow up!!
  14. Priest Holmes will likely be out two more games.

    Sirius is the best thing for Fantasy Football EVER!! Well worth the $12 per month!! P
  15. Weekly Blitz

  16. Who is the toughest player in the NFL?

    Without Question ....... Hines Ward!!