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  1. There is no way Pete Carroll would rather have Peyton Manning over Russell Wilson. Russell is on his way to 10+ years of success in the NFL. Peyton is a first ballot HOF inductee, with maybr 2 years left. Russell will have more SB rings than Peyton by the end of his career. This kid is special.

  2. My Dad, took his life 19 years ago today and it still affects me today. He was an amazing athelete and at 29 years old was dagnosed with multiple sclerosis and spent most of his last 20 years stricken to a wheelchair. After months of noticeable depression he called me to meet me for dinner. He was in the best mood I had seen him in for at least a year and little did I know his "mood" was because he had made the decision to end his life. 4 hours after we left the restaurant a policeman came to my home to give me the news. Worst day of my life.


    I have gone through all the emotions of guilt, anger, resentment, shame, loss and while, yes, it is a very selfish act and destroys the lives of the ones left behind I have learned not to judge but to love and admire the man that he was while he was here. The greatest loss was that we both missd out on what could have been the best time of our lives .... when a son grows up and matures enough to realize just how special his Dad is/was. So many memories lost. I truly believe if the person choosing to end his life would see the devastation he leaves his choice would be a different one.

  3. I can't help but laugh at all the so-called experts that always seem to claim that you HAVE TO pick RB's early or you're DEAD and can't have success. Those days are over .... I have won 4 out of the last 6 years in my auction league by not selecting a RB until the top 30+ are off the board. Obviously, there are a lot of things that come into consideration, scoring rules, roster requirements, etc but for those that share the belief that "I have to get a 1 or 2 tier RB to win" - keep that thought and I'll continue to use your philosophy to expense my vacation every year.

  4. I think the voters final decision came down to the fact that Cal beat UW in Seattle. No round robin schedule so UW didn't have the opportunity to get the win @ Cal. If the Huskies wouldn't have laid an egg at Staples against Oregon State and makes it to, at least, the Semi's I think they're in. But, they didn't deserve it as they didn't have the resume.

  5. 1. Winning team - NE Patriots


    2. who is SB MVP ? - Brady


    3. Which player ends up with most receiving yards - Victor Cruz


    4. which player ends up with most rushing yards - Ahmad Bradshaw


    5. which team scores longest TD ( includes special teams ) - NY Giants


    6. which team has most turnovers ( zero can count as a guess ) - NY Giants


    7. which team kicks longest FG ( zero Fg's can count as a guess ) - NE Patriots


    8. will there be a safety in the SB ? - No


    9. Will the SB winning coach be doused with Gatorade and or water ? - Yes


    10. Which team will have the most penalty yards? - NY Giants

  6. The Hangover Part II


    I was one of those who thought the first "Hangover" was brilliant. I think it might be the only comedy that I've given a 10 since I've been doing these reviews. As usual, the sequel was not as good as the original. In this case, they weren't very creative. They basically used the same script, and moved them to Thailand. However, I still find several parts to be extremely funny. So, they were definitely lazy in originality, but, they still accomplished their goal, as I was laughing throughout.



    Hangover was far, very far, from a "10". Very overrated IMO.