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  1. LLD 2020 $$$ Winnings Payout - PROCESSED

    No worries my friend. Sorry for keeping you guys hanging. Just made payment. conf # 0L1403GVkUE Congrats to the winners and good luck guys!
  2. LLD 2020 $$$ Winnings Payout - PROCESSED

    Hey guys, sorry I've been off the grid. I am going to bow out, unfortunately just don't have to time, but would like to pay what I owe in all fairness to the league and members.
  3. sorry for denying, thought you said you were willing to overpay lol

    1. Henry Muto

      Henry Muto

      I think you got me confused with someone else.

    2. Piranha


      sorry brother

    3. Piranha


      1. I did. and he lied anyway lol
  4. Interested if you have room.. thanks!

  5. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    Link Lindsay Lohan arrested again LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Five days after being booked in connection with a May drunk driving charge, actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Tuesday morning on five charges -- including drunk driving and possession of a controlled substance, Santa Monica police told CNN. Police spokeswoman Calisse Lindsey said police stopped Lohan as she tried to drive out of a parking facility around 1:30 a.m. as she was leaving a party. The officers smelled alcohol and administered a field sobriety test, which Lohan failed, Lindsey said. When taken to the police station, the 21-year-old actress registered 0.12 and 0.13 in another test for alcohol levels, the spokeswoman said. Officers also found a white powdery substance in Lohan's possession which tested positive for opiates, Lindsey said. Lohan, whose film "I Know Who Killed Me" releases Friday, was charged with two counts of driving under the influence, possession of a controlled substance, bringing a controlled substance into a jail facility, and driving on a suspended license, according to Lindsey. As of Tuesday morning, she was still in the Santa Monica jail, waiting for her $25,000 bail to be paid, she said. Last Thursday, Lohan was booked into the Beverly Hills jail on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and misdemeanor hit and run stemming from an incident in May. Lohan's stay was only 45 minutes long. She posted a $30,000 bond and was released, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Web site. The actress is scheduled to be back in the Beverly Hills Courthouse on August 24 to face her charges. Early on the morning of May 25, Lohan lost control of her 2005 Mercedes Benz convertible and struck a curb. She received treatment for minor injuries at Century City Doctors hospital, where police cited and arrested her, but then released her on the misdemeanor charges. Lohan checked out a Malibu rehab treatment center two weeks ago.
  6. Happy Birthday!

    Happy day! old fart
  7. My Year Has Been Made!

  8. Greatest British/UK Rock Band of All Time?

    Love Zeppelin, but had to go with the Beatles. They literally changed the face of music.
  9. It's Hotter then

  10. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    Agree. It's part of being a parent.
  11. nice shirt

    Page Not Responding The eBay page or feature you are attempting to access is not responding.
  12. What the hell is wrong with people

    Just speechless
  13. Best foreign rock band.

    Led Zeppelin, The Beatles
  14. Best foreign rock band.

    AC/DC - Australia
  15. Driver ODs

    Oh the irony Driver ODs, Crashes Into Drug Treatment Center CINCINNATI -- A man with a needle sticking out of his arm crashed Wednesday afternoon into a Clifton Heights drug treatment center, witnesses said. The driver, whose name has not been released, was arrested and taken to a hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries. Police said the man was unconscious and had overdosed on a drug, possibly heroin. He regained consciousness when he was loaded into an ambulance and attempted to jump out and flee, but police caught him and restrained him with handcuffs. Some patients at Gateway House said the driver had once been treated at the Vine Street halfway house. No other injuries were reported.