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  1. Portis defends Vick

    I can tell its the offseason around here. I feel dumb for reading part of this.
  2. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    Come on GS. Yao will be waiting for the 6'7 SFs!
  3. I played High School football against Drew Stanton

    Yeah, I think every NFL player dominates in High School.
  4. Paging Big John

    I dont think he can play college football next year because of academics or something. He has to sit out a year.
  5. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    Dallas run will end short after Yao and T-Mac send them packing in the 2nd Round. Go Rox!
  6. For those of you that actually like NASCAR

    What a race! Last 40 laps were ridiculous.
  7. Just saw it on the Ticker for ESPN. Waiting for a link... Great Career Tiki and Always a Class Act! Edit: Link added. It does look like he keeps a small amount of hope alive that he could come back.
  8. Jets-Dolphins

    Haha prepare? What do YOU do to prepare? But anyway, in 2 weeks you will be doing the same thing Im doing...
  9. Jets-Dolphins

    Yes I was pissed about the Titans being knocked out of the playoffs. But primetime being a Titans fan doesn't mean anything. Anybody will tell you the Titans would beat the Jets in a rematch without Kerry Collins (17-38, 2 INTs Week 1 where the Jets squeaked by 23-16 scoring on their last drive to win) as our QB and provide teams a scare in the playoffs. Nobody is scared of the Jets.
  10. Jets-Dolphins

    Go Raiders! so that maybe you will use those same britches you soiled in to wipe your tears...
  11. Jets-Dolphins

    I wish I knew you so I could put a huge wager down that your team doesnt do $h!t in the playoffs, and you back out and not take the bet. Just to show you know they suck just as bad as everyone else knows.
  12. Jets-Dolphins

    Yeah it must be nice knowing you have absolutely no shot to do anything in the playoffs. That would make me soil my britches too. That has to be one of the worst playoff teams ever if they beat Oakland and make it.
  13. Jets-Dolphins

    It's gonna be a shame if the Jets make the playoffs.
  14. VY = ROY?

    Yes! 10-13 138 yards, 1 td 3 Rushes 44 yards, 1 td 20-19 Ten at the Half
  15. VY = ROY?

    Go Fins!
  16. VY = ROY?

    If it goes by numbers, MJD. If it goes by what you mean to your team and what you did for your team, obviously Vince Young since everyone had Ten at the bottom of the AFC and now a win today and a Fins win over NYJ, makes things very interesting next week for the playoffs.
  17. VY = ROY?

    If Ten finishes 9-7, there is no way he should not get it.
  18. NFL Ticket for just this week

    It depends who your team is. Living in GA I dont get any Titans games so the ticket is def worth the price. You still get a lot more than a "few" Sunday games. Ill keep giving Directv my money.
  19. Suspend T.O? Are they crazy?

    TO fined $35,000 NOT SUSPENDED!
  20. Suspend T.O? Are they crazy?

    Spitting is wrong but if he had to spit in any CBs face, there isn't one better than Deangelo Hall. Hall is all talk and isn't as good as advertised. I lost all respect for him after watching some Atlanta games this year. He takes cheap shots, always is complaining to the refs (even getting in their faces a lot of times) and is always talking (and it isn't Chad Johnson comedy hour). I definitely could see Hall getting under a players skin so much that you just want to punch him in the face. He's one of those guys.
  21. Paging Mr. Booker...paging Mr. Booker

    Your team must be hurtin gif you are starting booker.
  22. DOH!

    I don't think Bennett woulda scored because he had to come back for the ball and the defender was near by, but he definitely should have had at least a 50 yard reception.
  23. Calling Out Colts Fans!

    Maybe they should bring in Jon Gruden this offseason and win the 2007 Super Bowl. Dungy couldn't win it in TB, but Gruden didn't have any trouble...
  24. Vince Young = Mike Vick...

    It seems like to me he could be comparable to his mentor, Steve McNair. Now I was only 10 or 11 when McNair got the starting nod in Tennesse but his numbers in his first year starting full time were 2,665 passing yards, 52% Completions, 14 tds and 13 INTs. He rushed 101 times for 674 yards and 8 tds. McNair was never lightning quick and I thought he possessed good leadership skills. I think Young can and will be a lot better than McNair, but in the early part of McNairs career, his numbers are similar to what Youngs are now. Now numbers dont exactly tell you how the player played, but from what I saw from McNair between 1999 - 2005, it seems like they may play very similar.