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  1. If you were Arthur Blank

    Agreed it does. That does not mean its right, or that I morally approve of it.
  2. I'd vote for the 20's 1 ) stock market was booming (before the crash) 2 ) indoor plumbing 3 ) women weren't allowed to vote.
  3. Greatest American Rock Band

    If you've ever seen Springsteen in concert, there is no way you'd ever vote for anyone else.
  4. If you were Arthur Blank

    Frankly, I have a hard time accepting or suggesting that any employer fire any employee for conduct unrelated to his job. Regardless of how unpleasant or how repugnant the acts were. At least let the legal system run its course before you swat the horse on the ass and leave the man dancing.
  5. The camels must have really stretched that one out.
  6. Where did you propose?

    I really cannot remember when I actually proposed. I do remember that she was the first one that ever mentioned marriage. My reply was something to the effect of 'Its my job to decide if I want to marry you and ask you to marry me. Then its your job to figure out if you want to marry me or not. Until I decide that you are the person that I want to marry, I am not even about to discuss that topic'. Needless to say, I was quite an ass back then.
  7. I always like the married ones. You get all freaky and nasty with them and then send them back to their hubbies all fouled.
  8. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    Nothing better than hooking up with a freaky chick. Too unstable to marry though, but enjoy the ride. And if she breaks out the school girl uniform...
  9. Here I sit in the Syracuse airport

    I have got to check this forum more often. I would have definitely come out and bought the man a drink.
  10. Future Hall Of Famers

    Reserve a spot for Maurice Stovall. Nothing super flashy, just a career full of year after year numbers and pro bowls.
  11. LT2

    Good comparisions. Very good analysis. Simpy put, my humble opinion is that as you stated, SJax got off to a slow start the first two years, during the Faulk era and LT had a phenominal year last year. I was very happy to ride that into my auction league championship. Yet, at year 3, SJax is posting very similar stats to what LT put up in year 3. I belief that SJax will continue to put up the same numbers over the next 6-7 years. I believe that those numbers will eventually eclipse the numbers that LT will rack up. SJax has the build and physique to accomplish this. This is no way a knock on LT. Merely a projection on SJax's future.
  12. Best Athlete By Number

    I am just glad they included '00' as a number.
  13. Who has more money Vick or O.J.?
  14. The Huddle

    If it ain't a BoTH league, it ain't worth playing in. You are only as good as your opponents. The better the quality of your opponents the sweeter your victory.
  15. LT2

    I'll put my money on SJax outproducing him over the course of their respective careers.
  16. Overated - Underated WRs,

    I agree, the dude totally left injuries out of the equation.
  17. I think you guys are missing the point. It not that they were checking up on their leagues, but that they had used Ghost Surf or other non-authorized software to get to non-authorized or blocked sites, which they feel exposes the companies systems to a higher risk. As well as potential litagation.
  18. Aundrae Allison

    The dude has got to be a phys ed major.
  19. Guys that were'nt drafted.

    Thanks for the link
  20. Miami Dolphins

    They have to stop an opponent's offense before they can field a punt.
  21. Steal of the Draft

    He is a steal, and is currently on my sleeper list. Injuries is one of the reason for his slide. But in dynasty leagues, I have lots of patience.
  22. Stick with the 1.1. Its easier to get WR help later than it is to get RB help.
  23. Russell or Quinn?

    Why on earth would you take a QB over Peterson?
  24. Jamarcus Russell: Boom or Bust?

    I think we must have the same player in mind.
  25. Jamarcus Russell: Boom or Bust?

    That has got to be the longest compound IF in history.