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  1. PNH


    Let us know if you're re-upping for PNH - Looking to schedule off-season F/A periods.


    Link:  http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/535591-2020-intentions~~~whadya-say/




  2. Capt Skinman!


    Three people left Outraged and we are looking for new owners. Interested? You'd be welcome!




  3. NY Jets Training Camp

    Hey, I'm heading to Jets Training Camp at Hofstra University on Saturday, 7/28. Anyone else planning to attend? Jets Fest starts at Noon, Practice at 2PM. Hopefully, I'll run into some Huddlers. Let me know.
  4. Jets/Giants Fans & NJ/NY Huddlers

    Good Luck & thanks in advance
  5. Happy Birthday!

    Hey! It's F'n OVER!!! so...... A Very Happy UN-Birthday, to you!!!
  6. So......my son went fishing last night with my BIL

    Just came across this Take a Hook
  7. Jets/Giants Fans & NJ/NY Huddlers

    As many as I can get. Seriously, if I get a few, then a few will go. I've got about 40 scouts. I'm sure some will be unable/unwilling to go due to plans, etc. So, I'm sure the most I would ever possibly need is for 20 scouts and some parents/supervisors. I envision to be lucky enough to just get a handful.
  8. Whatcha listenin to

    Just heading to my car. Gonna pop in some he Dregs. Anyone else a fan? btw, fka The Dixie Dregs
  9. Friday Night Poker

    Geez.... Passed out last night. Sorry.... I should be around tonight if anyone's up for it.
  10. Hi all. Looking for some help here. I run a Cub Scout Pack on LI. Taking the kids to Jet's Training Camp on 7/28. Most have yet to get to an actual game. I'd like to see if I could provide some Pre-season tix to the boys. If anyone has access to tickets and is not planning to use them, I know the boys would love them. In fact, a donation of these tix could yield you more in tax savings than you could get for them on the open market. So, respond here, or PM me if you have a lead or if you could help out in any way. FYI, if anyone was wondering, I cleared this post with some (2) of the ADMIN types prior to posting this. Lastly, if anyone wants to join me at training camp on the 28th, that'd be GREAT! Thanks for your time, FWmaker
  11. Friday Night Poker

    99 and 94/100 % sure that I'll be there.
  12. Greatest American "Genius"

    er.... Michael Vick or Michael Nesmith's (The Monkeys) Mother
  13. Top Chef

    Taking a shot here that Brian wins the whole thing
  14. Greatest American Rock Band

    The Allman Brothers Band (for me) then The Eagles
  15. Sweeping reforms...

    I thought this was a thread on improving janitor efficiency or something.