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  1. Seriously, do you people know how much dedication it takes to be a six time champion?

  2. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    Actually I was giving some love to Vincent Young but I'm sure you knew that
  3. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    The NCAA does seem to be looking the other way on the Reggie Bush scandal. Pretty unfortunate.
  4. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    And it took Superman to stop USC from winning 3 straight national titles a feat that LSU has never come close to sniffing.
  5. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    I don't know how USC is not #1 on that list. They had an amazing 5 year run, and you could throw in last year and make it 5 being that they DID win the rose bowl. LSU has had one really good season in 2003, an above average season in 2006 and 2001. Even if you were to throw in those other parameters, I fail to understand what makes those other parameters trump a 5 year run like USC where they put together 3 amazing seaons and 2 above averge seasons and have there fair share of NFL talent as well.
  6. Can Les Miles shut up now?

    What bowl did Arizona play in? LSU's defense will have to carry them, offense might struggle yeah yeah, there qb has "experience" but he's no Jamarcus Russell, better hope he's like Matt Mauck and just go in there and don't screw up. And USC says they are 2003 National Champions because the NCAA recognizes them as such. LSU fans must have some inferiority complex, you'd think they;d just be happy that the NCAA also recognizes them as 03 champs but apparently they want to continue to beat a dead horse.
  7. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

    Big Ten coming off 2 very subpar bowl efforts in the past 2 years. Granted, we had the toughest bowl slate this past year, but quality losses don't count (unless you're Notre Dame). I say the Big Ten is due for one of those years where they don't really have a national contender, but will have a nice bowl season.
  8. Oh, Oklahoma

    just admit it everyone, this board is not fun without sarge!
  9. QB transfer

    I'm kinda surprised. He's basically going to a role where he'll have to completely wow the coaching staff to get any playing time at all. Really don't see it happening. Maybe he wants to rot on the pine. Maybe Mitch just don't have the sack anymore, and just wants to take the scholarship to ride the pine and land a national title out of the deal.
  10. Ohio State (Tressel )

    Jim "Eddie Haskell" Tressell
  11. Can you help me find some statistics?
  12. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

    I would definately agree. It's all about the quarterback. If that position gets filled properly, then Iowa should be a force in the Big Ten. If not, then it'll be another agonizing season. it's time for Ferentz's top ten recruiting class from a couple years ago, to finally play like it.
  13. Pick 1 NCAA BB Game result

    Iowa blowing an 18 point halftime lead in the West Regional finals against UNLV in 1987. Edit to add: the game against Northwestern State last year was just pathetic too.
  14. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

    9-1 Northern Illinois (Chicago) 9-8 Syracuse 9-15 @ Iowa State 11-17 Western Michigan (only Mac team to ever beat Iowa) Really sucks that Syracuse' program has hit rock bottom. I think Williams has them going in the right direction. NIU has been Iowa's b|tch for awhile now. They were the only team Iowa beat back in their 1-10 abortion in 1999, and were the only highlight (other than a respectable close game against Texas in the Alamo Bowl) on the 2nd half schedule in 2006. You never know what is going to happen vs the clones, and Western Michigan was the only MAC team to beat Iowa ever, and are coming off a bowl season. With Michigan and Ohio State off the schedule, Iowa has a pretty good shot at putting up a gaudy record despite some huge questionmarks (most notablly bringing in a new Quarterback). As long as the defensive line starts playing like they are supposed too, the rest of the defense will take care of itself, and I see no reason why Iowa shouldn't be able to compete for a new years day bowl out of the big ten. Any higher expectations, will rest squarely on the shoulders of Kirk Ferentz and Jake Christensen (who looked very very bad against Minnesota and Texas, in the 3 series he was in)
  15. Washington State

    proverbial team that no one wants to face. Sounds a lot like Wisconsin, particularly during their final four run in 2000. hmmmmmmm.