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  1. You interested in a Cameron Brate for Julius Thomas swap?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rhino4ever


      Ok, I got that trade set so now I need  a qb.  What do you think of Allen and Thomas for a qb?

    3. MudSkipper


      Just need the TE, so I can go Alex Smith for J Thomas straight up, but I won't dangle Carr or Ben Rothelesburger for the TE.


      Hope all is well!

    4. rhino4ever


      Smith for Thomas works.  Ill post it.


  2. TJ Duckett Signs With Detroit Lions

    This is a fantasy nightmare. KJones, TBell and now Duckett. But if you're a Lions fan, you have to be loving this!
  3. South African Watering hole 24/7

    Cool sunrise!
  4. South African Watering hole 24/7

    Hyenas on scene, this could get really interesting now.
  5. South African Watering hole 24/7

    I didn't know that A$$ was the tastiest part of water buffalo. A lion and three lioness. This is a sweet xmas treat.
  6. Iran president: Israel will be wiped out

    This is what I can't get my head around. He's having a conference to deny that anyone actually tried to wipe out the Jews and keynotes it by calling for Israels extermination.
  7. Remembering...

    There's so many for this list. My favorite pain in the rear was Michael Bennett Some others Tim Couch, Cade McNown, Akili Smith Ricky Williams, Trung Canidate, Curtis Enis, JJ Arrington, Wiliam Green Mike Williams, Rocket Ismail, Orande Gadsen, Rod Gardner, Rashaun Woods, Charles Rogers David LaFleur, Anthony Becht So many more......

    Green Machine baby!
  9. 8:00 game

    Will somebody please comment on how NFL Network covers the game compared to the other networks. Am stuck at work and will not get to watch it and forgot to set the DVR. Thanx.
  10. Upset Sunday claimed a bunch of Redskins picks. Wasn't there only one other game picked wrong, a Bengals pick I think. Hats off to the two who picked the Jets. That was a gutsy pick.
  11. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

  12. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 3

    Wk 1 - Arizona Cardinals Wk 2 - Chicago Bears Wk 3 - Atlanta Falcons
  13. Imagine if all the clerics in the Muslim world got together and had a meeting and put together a completely defaming statement about the pope. Do you think all the catholics would hold demonstrations and throw a hissy?
  14. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE! Week 2

    Jamal Lewis Donald Driver Terrell Owens