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  1. Trade for Benson?

    Thanks... No way giving up the Caddy....
  2. Trade for Benson?

    Drafted Thomas Jones LATE in our draft; team who took Benson didn't take him. Eventually, Benson should be starter, so before he's named starter, want to try and grab him. Standard scoring system; who would be good trade bait? Favre Collins Edge Deuce Cadillac Pittman Thomas Jones Steve Smith Darrell Jackson Isaac Bruce TJ Housh Crumpler Ben Watson Thoughts? Thanks
  3. What QB to start

    yeah, our league hasn't adopted the 'penalty' rule for turnovers...One reason why i grabbed Collins, as know he can air it out, as well as fumble/throw picks. As long as he puts up yardage and tds, im safe
  4. What QB to start

    Thanks, at least we dont get penalized for, he can bomb away!!!!
  5. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Detroit Lions home uniforms are cool.....
  6. What QB to start

    Both have tough match ups
  7. Trade for Dillon?

    Guy in our league is shopping around Dillon. Our league is mostly scoring (as only get 1 pt for every 25 yards rushing/receiving; no points for receptions). I have starting backs of: Edge ( a lot of yards, no tds) Deuce (tds, not a lot of yards yet) Cadillac (yards AND tds) Would u trade Edge or Deuce for Dillon???
  8. Favre vs. TB or Palmer @ Chi ?

    i have similar dilemma...favre or collins....even though favre is at home, leaning towards collins, as they will air it out....i wouldnt bench palmer..!
  9. Should I trade Parker for P. Manning

    No Brainer......Do it now before he changes his mind...! Parker is playing well, but when Bettis and Duce get healthy (and its a matter of time), will be a crowded backfield in Pittsburgh...!
  10. Tough QB match ups: WDIS

    Tough match ups: Favre at home against Tampa Bay, or Collins at Philly We do not get penalized for INTs; 1 pt 50 yards; 3 pts for passing td. Who do you start? First week, had Favre in, and left Collins on bench (Collins out performed); this week, went with Collins (Favre out performed..!) Thanks for any feedback...
  11. Trade Edge?

    Thanks, I am shopping Edge around as i agree. love the guy, but from fantasy perspective, hate him.....did go on the answer your questions: 1) had Edge last year and won the whole league.... 2) we keep one franchise player; i kept edge over randy moss as most everyone said to do regretting the decision, as moss is coming up big every game, and more fun to watch!
  12. Trade Edge?

    Thanks..LOVE the logo!
  13. Trade Edge?

    As he has Reggie Wayne, could offer: Edge and D Jax for Dillon and Reggie Wayne???
  14. Trade Edge?

    He has Holmes and LJ right now. He has always liked Edge....originally, he proposed Dillon and Burelson for Edge and D Jax (as he has Hasselbeck)..but, with Vikings struggling and Burleson possibly injured, told him have to wait and see.....Never draft with my 'heart', but being 15 minutes from the stadium, wouldnt mind having Dillon on my team as well.....he may not get the yardage of Edge, but they dont pull him out at the goal line...
  15. Trade Edge?

    Thanks.....we can start up to 3 running backs. We dont need to start tight end....Got Darrell Jackson, Steve Smith, Housh, Bruce.....Just seems like Edge does all of the work, and no glory. All said and done, good for 9-11 tds. I think Dillon could be good for 12-15, even with tough schedule...we shall see...