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  1. Free agency (drop/adds)

    Thanks for the feedback, Big Country. Quick question on the 'blind bid' strategy. I assume most owners would submit their 'blind bid' to the Commish either via email or voice mail message, etc (as doubt that owners will physically mail in a blind bid). As our Commish IS an owner as well, how would the commish submit HIS blind bid? (what would prevent him for bidding slightly higher for a player, after receiving bids, for a marquee free agent?) thanks again for your help.....i agree, limiting drop/adds is a pain. I like waiver wire as owner said that if a team starts off slow, he is being rewarded by consistently first or second waiver wire 'pick'. But I counter that those players were not drafted for a reason, i.e. weren't on someones radar, etc. And he still has to make a decision as to who to drop from current roster....
  2. Free agency (drop/adds)

    We are in a ten team league (scoring in signature). We have tried various ways to handle the drop/add or free agency process. (designated time/night to claim players; team with worst record each week has first rights; free for all, etc). Right now, each team has FIVE (and only 5) drop/adds for the season, and its 'first come/first serve'. (i.e. Colston explodes last year, first guy to 'claim' him gets him, either by posting to website, or calling commish). Seems to be working okay but lot of owners hate the limit of 5 drop/adds a year. 2 train of thoughts: 1) makes team draft more wisley re: bye weeks, as well as not give up on players who may struggle out of the gate; or 2) should have unlimited drop/adds. for every Colston picked up, there is a WR who has a MONSTER game, never to score again. just getting owners thoughts on how they do drop/adds.....THANKS!
  3. Yikes, my draft is July 30th!

    yeah, you are going to have to play it close to the vest, and just like everyone else in your league, grab the sure fire starters and HOPE you guess right if you take a player that will be in a training camp battle (Titans backfield for one)......Heck, by 7/30, Culpepper may not even be on a team yet.....Good luck.....stay away from Vick!
  4. Randy Moss

    yes, the Colts are the reiging champs, I will give you that. I did not say that the Pats will WIN the Super Bowl, just questioning your quote as saying their chances are SLIM.....thats all...I wouldn't say they are SLIM....and last I checked, Colts lost more players than the Pats did........Rhodes.....Cato June...Nick Harper...Stokely....Doss.......Pats lost Dillon, and maybe Samuels......Just think they have a better than SLIM chance of winning it all....
  5. Randy Moss

    With the team that Pats have assembled right now, and with Brady at the helm, why do you think their chances of winning a Super Bowl are SLIM? A lot of experts are stating before the season begins that they are the team to beat.....? They made the best off season moves....granted, Samuels is unhappy and not reporting, but got top free agent in Thomas, now have viable targets for Brady to throw to, Maroney appears healthy, and got Brady and Bill calling the shots.....
  6. Keeper Advice

    thanks for the input; i appreciate it. I was more concerned about Maroney being injured than 'traded'. I doubt that a trade would happen; he is the number one RB on a team that will compete every year, with arguably one of the best QB's and coaches. What team could he go to that could offer him that; all other teams that are playoff caliber teams have one or 2 backs already in place.... will monitor situation during preseason camp and see how effective both are.......thanks for feedback.....made POOR decision last year keeping Caddy and Ronnie B, who both hit soph slumps...!
  7. Keeper Advice

    Quick question. Right now, keeping Gore, and as thread said, deciding between ADDAI and Ronnie BROWN. 6 pts td, 1 pt every 25 yards. Been offered Maroney for Addai; would you go for it?
  8. Keeper Advice

    Thanks for everyone's feedback......I guess at this point, will go with Frank Gore and Addai......Better to have a RB on a defending Super Bowl Champ (colts), with his backfield mate shipped out than a Back on a team that not even sure who their QB will be....!!! Even if Colts bring someone else in, they put up too many points per game, and Addai will get his share, hopefully......good news is dont have to declare til draft day, which is few months off...Lot could happen by then
  9. Keeper Advice

    Hee got 4 against Philly....... that being said, we HAVE to pick two franchise players from our current roster (which includes Gore, Addai, Brown)....We cannot trade one of the players away.....dont ask why, but that is how we do it....we keep 2 players, and then draft.
  10. Keeper Advice

    We can keep 2 players. I am already keeping Frank Gore, and can choose either Ronnie Brown or Joseph Addai. 6 pts for a td; 1 pt every 25 yards rushing; no pts for receptions (although we are proposing changing that this season). Leaning towards Addai, more balanced offense, but read that Indy will likely bring in another back to share carries with Addai, a la Rhodes last year.
  11. ESPN RB Rankings

    Not bad....according to this, got 2 of the top ten in Gore and Addai....we shall see....
  12. Can keep 2 franchise players

    thanks for the feedback...barring any injuries or unforseen circumstances, most likely will go Gore and Addai.....
  13. Can keep 2 franchise players

    Thanks for the input....this is something worth looking into.......some questions: 1) how many teams in your league 2) how many players do you 'keep' per team? 3) With the franchise players, trading for picks, etc, what is the TALENT pool like for the first round of the draft... ...example...what were some of the top picks of your league past year?? appreciate this....we know our league needs major changes, this could be one of them.....
  14. Can keep 2 franchise players

    unfortunately way our league works is that all teams go into draft day with 2 designated franchise players, and thats, can designate Brown and Gore....Gore and Addai....or what have you. I cannot trade Ronnie Brown NOW for a draft pick, name Addai and Gore, and go into Draft with Addai, Gore and extra pick.....Both players, brown and addai, have upside...I think Colts are better team than Dolphins...until Miami figures out qb situation, will stack box against Brown.......that said, most likely leaning towards Addai, especially with Rhodes gone....
  15. Can keep 2 franchise players

    [. I see him as a RB who will always have someone cutting significantly into his production - or he's going to have health issues. Thanks, Bronco Billy....appreciate it......I cant see someone next year cutting into his production, unless Indy goes out and signs a veteran Free agent back.....they seem to be ready to let Rhodes walk away, and hand the keys over to Addai...... Guess will see what shakes out with Ricky...Ronnie and Miami.... hear what you say about trading one for high draft pick.....but.....can ONLY franchise 2 i pick Addai and Gore, I no longer have the rights to Brown....all teams need to have 2 franchise players desingated heading into draft....I couldnt trade Brown to a team for their first round pick, and still keep Addai and Gore....