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  1. Hi And hello—been a longtime dynasty owner and huddler-still in 3 dynasties for over 10 years—believe in actively building either by draft or trading—am still playing in the 16 team baseball league sponsor here at the huddle—anyhoo looking to join if still needed thanks John

  2. FF Scams

    I'd say a token threat to report him to his state's gaming commissioner should prompt a quick refund. I believe what he is doing would be considered gaming in most jurisdictions, which is why most commissioners don't take a cut of the action or try to participate themselves without paying equal consideration [and certainly aren't stupid enough to broadcast it if they are, in some small informal league].
  3. Kevin Jones Concussion

    So basically, you are calling Barry Alvarez a liar? He said Calhoun was the best RB to ever come out of his program.
  4. Seahawks to match most of offer sheet

    You've misunderstood. They aren't matching that term, under a theory that it is not a principal term. If they are wrong, he'll be awarded to the Vikes. If they are right, they can keep him in accordance with the other terms they matched.
  5. Interesting Packer "Trade"

    Tough crowd.... no offense intended.
  6. Interesting Packer "Trade"

    IMHO this definitely solidifies Green's role as a starting LB.
  7. Palmer injury worse than thought

    In my dynasty league, I have as my QBs ... Palmer and Culpepper :doah:

    Nice league. Your champion must feel so proud of his accomplishment.
  9. LT THE DUD!

    Old news. He ousted me last week.
  10. Randy Moss

    I've got 4 words: Moss is milking it.
  11. R. Moss

    He's killing me too. As I see it, it's just a matter of time before some columnist in Oakland questions whether the Raiders truly got a bargain in Moss, thereby placing a huge chip on his shoulder. That's pretty much what inspired him when he disappeared for games in Minny.
  12. Panther Cheerleaders Getting it On

    Guys, these women have their privacy. I think we should move on to real football talk. Just kidding.
  13. Julius Jones

    Listen, I think JJ will start. Everyone thinks JJ will start. That doesn't change the fact that your post title is an unqualified "JJ will be the starter if healthy" and your post itself concludes "Parcells has pretty much put to rest any RB controversy, RBBC, much less Barber becoming the starter." You are basing this on a quote that says "Don't anoint Barber." That is not a quote stating that JJ will start when healthy, as your title unconditionally states. That is also not a quote that settles "much less Barber becoming a starter" as you've further stated as fact. Parcells indicated nothing of the sort. It is a quote warning people not to go overboard and assume things that only the coach knows. That said, whether you have bias or not, you are drawing conclusions from an ambiguous quote and stating these clearly unresolved issues (possibility of JJ being a shoe-in, RBBC, Barber perhaps even starting) are "pretty much put to rest" based on a quote that clearly does not touch on those topics.
  14. Roy Williams

    Yeah, paying top value for him last year after he'd scored 5 quick TDs wasn't the best move my dynasty team ever made. Hopefully he rebounds because this is getting ugly.
  15. Julius Jones

    I'm not saying Barber will start when JJ returns, but I do think it's ridiculous to conclude JJ *WILL* start just because Parcells warns against anointing MB3. If Parcells said "Do anoint JJ" then I would say the takeaway is JJ will start.