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  1. Hi And hello—been a longtime dynasty owner and huddler-still in 3 dynasties for over 10 years—believe in actively building either by draft or trading—am still playing in the 16 team baseball league sponsor here at the huddle—anyhoo looking to join if still needed thanks John

  2. FIlled

    Our league is looking for a replacement owner for an orphaned team in advance of a late July rookie draft. This League has existed 19 years and has a competitive ownership group. It is a 12 team dynasty, basic scoring, not PPR, not IDP. We use LeagueSafe and MFL. We have 26 player rosters (+IR), typical flex options, and a uniquely competitive open auction bid/FA process using annual credit allotment. As a League originating from thehuddle, we have a dedicated league message board hosted by the huddle for FA auction bids and other interaction. Annual dues are just $30, so we've always been more about great competition/rivalries/camaraderie than huge payouts. Definitely old school, but we take dynasty format seriously and try to avoid owners who are inclined to trade away the future in hopes of a January payday & then dump. Our goal is a dynasty league where owners patiently build for the sake of building, and it's proven to be sustaining for 2 decades. The orphaned team has 6 picks, including two first round picks (1.4, 1.6, 2.4, 3.4, 4.4, 4.11) in our four round rookie draft, which will help a new owner integrate and place a personal stamp on this team out of the gates. Free Agency opens immediately after the rookie draft. League rules can be reviewed at Anyone visiting this website no doubt has the enthusiasm, but getting the right fit to help propel this seasoned league for years to come is our goal. If this looks like a league that might interest you, shoot me a PM and tell us a little about yourself and your dynasty experience. I'm hoping to wait for a few responses and then work with my trusted co-commish (and other owners who ask to participate) as we've typically done before selecting an owner. In short, your patience with us is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your interest! Orphaned Roster Aaron Rodgers Carson Wentz Same Darnold Chris Carson Tarik Cohen Tevin Coleman Rashard Penny Carlos Hyde Paul Perkins Julio Jones Doug Baldwin Robby Anderson Tyrell Williams Marquez Valdes-Scantling Quincy Enunwa Albert Wilson Willie Snead Robert Foster David Moore Curtis Samuel Dede Westbrook Evan Engram Ian Thomas Chris Herndon Mason Crosby Chiefs DST Steelers DST Packers DST 2019 rookie draft: 1.4, 1.6, 2.4, 3.4, 4.4, 4.11
  3. Mike Tice has officially lost me...

    I'm going to disagree with this. Matt Birk missed the vast majority of last season and yet this offense moved, and in fact Daunte put up statistically historic 5000+ passing/rushing yards with 40+ total TDs. I will agree with you that Moss is not the problem. Moss was healthy for all of 5 games last season, and while Moss did catch some goal line TDs in otherwise low production games upon his return from injury, his 700 receiving yards was not what made the offense move. I personally would pin the blame for what we saw last Sunday on the Vikings promoting yet another OL coach to a lead coaching position he's completely unqualified to hold, with the *SOLE* consideration being that it costs less than searching for and hiring a capable coach. And BTW, while Loney was acting as an OC last Sunday trying to figure out how to get a running play to go more than 1 yard, I'm curious who was working with the offensive line to straighten it out? Oh that's right, NOBODY, because the Vikings were too cheap to fill a vacated OL coach position. Instead, they expected a guy who's in way over his head as an OC to coach OL also. I do realize the Vikes brought in Corbin Lacina as an intern OL special assistant. All I'll say to that is: Great, adding another unqualified/unproven intern coach to this staff will accomplish exactly what it did last Sunday. This team cannot win until it has legitimate coaching. This should be the Vikings management in public~~~>
  4. Reggie Williams story

    You have Chad Johnson's rookie stats wrong, which were actually 28/329/1. Also, this is definitely selective use of statistics being that you've excluded certain stud WRs who don't support immediate success for WRs, who may in fact take time to become 1000+ yard WRs. Immediate WR success is far from the rule. Since the analysis should be "is it possible for a guy to look like a turd his rookie year and still be a potential top 10 FF WR?" I'd look at the top 10 FF WRs over the past few seasons and include: Ike Bruce: 21 - 272 - 3 Hines Ward: 15 - 246 - 0 Jimmy Smith: 22 - 228 - 3 Joe Horn: 2 - 30 - 0 Eric Moulds: 20 - 279 - 2 Javon Walker: 23 - 319 - 1 Terrell Owens: 35 - 540 - 4 Reggie Wayne: 27 - 345 - 0 Derrick Mason: 14 - 186 - 0 Other guys who played less than 7 games as rookies I'll even take their 2nd season: Keenan McCardell: 13 - 234 - 4 Amani Toomer: 16 - 263 - 1 Bottom line, if you look at top 10 FF WRs, they are just as likely to have been turds as rookies as ho-hum WRs, and far more likely to have been turds than immediate top 20 WRs such as Moss, Boldin, Clayton.
  5. ****** PATRIOTS VS. SAINTS *********

    So does C.Cobbs get to wear a uniform tonight?
  6. DirecTV NFL Sunday Package price this year...

    That's exactly what I was referring to. I'm not clear on why you are suggesting counting MNF for DirecTV... SUNDAY ticket does not include Monday games, and to my knowledge they still haven't landed HD locals, which would be needed (or one would need to get an OTA antenna/receiver, which is a completely different issue). As for SNF on ESPN-HD, that would require the purchase of an entire HD programming package ($11/mos) on top of Sunday Ticket, so that's why it was not included in my $320 ST comparison. If it makes you feel better, I'll say you can get 117+ for $370 but that makes DirecTV look even less of a bargain IMHO. The bottom line is there is no shortage of good Sunday NFL games on CBS/FOX (since they pick the cream of the crop weekly) and anytime football is being played I'm watching the GOTW in the highest quality HD.
  7. DirecTV NFL Sunday Package price this year...

    On top of this very true indictment of DirecTV, picture quality (HD Lite) and HD programming availability have been serious downgrades compared to other HD carriers. Now that TWC has ESPNHD, I'm pulling in 80+ NFL games a season through a basic HD package for $12/mos, yet DirecTV wants $320+ to deliver 100+? Blackouts are also a problem. And don't even get me started on equipment costs vs. competitors. I was seriously considering DirecTV two years ago but opted for cable because I could rent an HD receiver with TWC for $5.99/mos instead of being forced to buy $800 worth of soon to be outdated DirecTV compatible equipment. The bottom line is DirecTV overpaid for NFL exclusivity, and they are trying to pass the cost off onto their already most-profitably subscribed customers. Based on the AVS forum I linked, my guess is this significantly backfires. HD subscribers are rightfully wondering if they can afford HD through DirecTV in this sort of business model that insists they pick up the tab for everyone else. These are not good things when one can make an open/shut case not to go with DirecTV based on picture quality alone.
  8. DirecTV NFL Sunday Package price this year...

    That's not correct. The new rates are for stadard definition and you must pay an additional $99 for HD. No other HD package includes the NFL games. See this link for DirecTV griping central. To quote Bush, I think they misunderestimated their viewership on this one.
  9. 'Site Unavailable' massage?

    First off, obviously I meant 'message' in my title but it won't let me correct spelling or delete... anyway: Say, I've never had any trouble accessing the FF messageboard or the huddle board for our league (FDDL) but begining last night, into this morning, when I tried accessing from my home computer I got a screen which read "This site is unavailable or you need to adjust your browser settings." I tried accessing a number of times with the same result. However, now that I got to work I'm again accessing fine. Were the boards down or has something changed that I need to fix on my home computer? TIA
  10. The "Where Clarett gets drafted" pool

    Cinci, 6th Round
  11. Henry expected to report to camp

    Your title is misleading. Henry says he isn't going to report period. You are reporting what the Bills would like to see happen. He'll be traded, or he won't show. Henry's agent said it would only get worse.
  12. Red McCombs signs...

    Yes, LTBE is acronym for "Likely To Be Earned" and clearly there is no parameter around the word "likely" given how this concept is abused.
  13. Red McCombs signs...

    In theory, it does matter that the Vikes are $30 million under the cap as it is possible to realize full availability of the expanded cap using roster bonuses or other mechanics which count this year only and don't impact next year. Obviously you are right in implying the danger of using that full amount through, for example, prorated bonuses up to the cap, because you would not have the same room to count that same prorata bonus amount next year unless you maintain that type of LTBE cushion. I believe the Eagles are a team which has successfully used this concept rather than using it as window dressing as the Vikes do. One last comment that I'm sure you are probably aware of: that inflated cap number you provided recognized the entire $11 million bonus paid to Winfield. Had they counted it in a pro-rata manner as they clearly have the flexibility to do when they are as far away from the ceiling as they are, then the impact would be a $8 million reduction of the 2004 cap. Add that to the $14 mil LTBE and that is $22 million the Vikes cap should reasonably be adjusted to show Red's actual cap spend. Unless I'm mistaken, the reason Winfield's bonus was counted as a roster bonus was because this team knew full well that after the LTBE incentives were reversed, they needed that full $11 mil bonus to clear the cap minimum. If removal of LTBE's brought you under the minimum cap, it would be blatant circumvention of the cap minimum if your only argument is you believed Lindsay would catch 6 TDs.
  14. Red McCombs signs...

    Sadly, the $6 mil "receiving TDs" LTBE incentive for a Viking OL is no joke. They do not detail the specific LTBE in this link but they do explain that while Everett Lindsay's actual salary for 2004 was $600,000, USA Today correctly listed him as counting $6.6 million toward the 2004 cap due to his LTBE incentive, which if I recall was later described in a different source or Brzezinski phone interview on KFAN as being 6 receiving TDs. Similar shenanigans were involved in Fred Robbins' $4 mil cap impact. It is fairly transparent that the Vikings use LTBE as window dressing to disguise Red's true cheapness, because we all know they are not utilizing cap rollover in any strategic way when they left themselves $15-$25 mil under their inflated cap during 2004. In a nutshell, they are creating it but not using it to better the team.
  15. Red McCombs signs...

    BB, I'm sorry but those numbers are meaningless as they are inflated by LTBE incentives which were never paid. I'm sure you are aware that the Vike's cap for this year is $20 higher because of LTBE incentives unpaid in 2004 (and these are ridiculous incentives that would never be reached). This means Red's actual spend last year was $20 million less than what they are credited with "paying" in your chart.