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  1. Whew

    yeah, where the hell are the draft grades? Like you've been busy.
  2. Who was the hardest hitter ever to don a helmet

    Chuck Cecil. Watched him growing up at the U of A and he would throw his body around like nobody else. I'd put him up against Tatum or Lott any day. Unfortunately, I imagine he will be one of the guys in the next few years who you read about with post-concussion issues.
  3. Draft Day Smack Talk

    Is his trial going to interfere with the season? Will he be on work release to play in games?
  4. Mock 2 signups open

    you get a C-.
  5. Mock 2 signups open

    phew, I know that player can't wait to be Mr. Irrelevant.
  6. Mock 2 signups open

    You are one pick away and you can't preselect? What's up with that?
  7. Mock 2 signups open

  8. Mock 2 signups open

    once again...we wait on the mick.
  9. Mock 2 signups open

    Average Time Waiting For Pick To Be Made Franchise Avg. Wait Time # Picks geeteebee 22 minutes 6 Hat Trick 1 hour, 50 minutes 7 Irish 33 minutes 7 Scourge 19 minutes 7 Bronco Billy 2 minutes 6 Goopster24 29 minutes 6 GTTCAGGM 4 minutes 6 Pancake less than a minute 6 rbmcdonald 17 minutes 6 Men in Tights 6 minutes 6
  10. Mock 2 signups open

    I've got to go to a meeting and will be back around 1:30 CDT. I've put in preselects but if these guys get drafted I'll make my picks as soon as I get back.
  11. Dallas has lots of worse places than Northpark. The West End has very little to do, Deep Ellem is now a pretty scary place to go and the worst has got to be Southfork Ranch, although not technically in Dallas, is still popular for tourists. Most of whom remark about how small and unremarkable the place is.
  12. The UFL. I predict this will fail miserably. I also predict that I will play in at least one UFL fantasy league before it does fail miserably. Link
  13. Mock 2 signups open

    We need another timeout. Wrong AP was selected...I think.
  14. Mock 2 signups open

    click on reports-league-draft
  15. Mock 2 signups open

    OH yeah....well the jerk store called and they are all out of you. How's that for original?
  16. Mock 2 signups open

    first pick made
  17. so if I use my AA credit card to earn miles, I should be fine and none will expire, even if I don't fly. Is that correct?
  18. The Thief, The Cook, His Wife & Her Lover, an incredibly wierd yet delightful flick, although I only saw it once about 18 years ago and I received theater head during it. That may affect my recollection of the quality of the film.
  19. Remember that big pig?

    The truth comes out.
  20. Anyone gots a movie recommendation?

    What does Hankk think about you dating a chick?
  21. Uh, what the hell happened last night?

    Instead of the little 'e' for internet explorer in my address bar, I now get an 'H'. or maybe that has always been that way.
  22. 2007 WSOP Pool

    1. Phil Hellmuth 2. Joseph Hachem 3. Daniel Negreanu 4. John Juanda 5. Johnny Chan 6. Jeff Madsen 7. Chip Reese 8. Daniel Alaei 9. Todd Brunson 10. Phil Ivey 11. Chris Ferguson 12. Andrew Bloch 13. Barry Greenstein 14. Nam Le 15. Gavin Smith 16. Carlos Mortensen 17. Allen Cunningham 18. Michael Mizrachi 19. Paul Wasicka 20. David Williams
  23. taters on the grill

    extra virgin olive oil?
  24. Interesting fact about shuffling cards

    I do that every time I go to the urinal.