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  1. New Professional Football League

    This may give Vince a chance to get back at Trump.
  2. 5 Year Old B-Day Food

    Chick-Fil-A nugget tray is always a hit at our kids parties.
  3. Patriots DE M. Hill is missing!

    CNN is reporting that his body has been found. Very sad.
  4. Dallas area Huddlers

    Mansfield is a pretty good school district and they will probably want to live within the district because Mansfield is a pretty affordable place to live. Mansfield is on the southwest side of the metroplex and they should be able to find any kind of housing they desire, whether its a neighborhood or a house with some land.
  5. Snakes on a Plane

    I guess this guy thought nobody would notice. That must have been one large carry on bag.
  6. Spain Does Vegas for the 3rd Time This Year!

    I always like Mon Ami Gabi in Paris. Get a table along the rail on the patio overlooking Bellagio's fountains.
  7. George Takei Laugh

    um, wrong character.
  8. Travis Taylor to the Raiders

    So who would you rather have, Travis Taylor or Nate Burelson?
  9. Sportsmanship Dilemma

    You never know when pro scouts are going to be in the stands so I really believe that you need to argue long and loud. If nothing else, the scout may ask for your name as a potential big league manager.
  10. Did it feel good? The H of R just bent you over.

    [sky]I miss Buster Keaton[/sky]
  11. Financial question ...

    PD makes a good point. A home equity loan or HELOC (home equity line of credit) may be the way to go. But if you do this, you have to commit to changing your spending. The worst thing you can do is borrow on your mortgage, pay down your credit cards and then build up a balance on those cards again over the next few years. Same thing goes with taking a loan out against your 401k.
  12. And the 2011 Superbowl goes to...

    I second this!!! Since I live about a mile from where the stadium is being built, I can host the pre and post game festivities.
  13. Looks like that GVSU degree really got him far in life....but wait, maybe he was the assistant manager.
  14. Tournament rules

    Frank Dux would be proud.
  15. Dallas Area Eateries

    great bar, restaurant and, er, scenery, is Cool River in Las Colinas. It's higher end and so is the, er, scenery. Champps is a good sportsbar up on 114 in Irving and should have most of the games on. In north Arlington you could try Humperdinks, Ker's Wing House or No Frills. All should carry the games.
  16. Dallas Area Eateries

    Al Biernat's, Nick & Sams, III Forks (that's 3 Forks), Papa's Bro's....all fine choices. Bob's is good too, I'm just not a fan of the carrot.
  17. My pastor plays in our weekly poker game. I get salvation and part of my tithing back to boot. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice.
  18. Nicholson arrested again

    dammit, i thought Jack was arrested for ordering another code red.
  19. ummm, looks that way to the rest of us, but maybe yer not too bright. so let me break it to you easy. SEEEEEE YA!!!
  20. No. Unless they weren't wearing bikinis and in a vat of oil.
  21. Looking to start a new league

    Translated for Dixie Normous
  22. Post your funny online poker chats here...

    6-3 was actually the nut straight and at those stakes I've seen many online players stick around with that hand preflop.
  23. Dallas Area Eateries

    Brio-is that the one in Southlake? We haven't been up there, glad to hear it was good. Kirby's-Not in my top 10 of steak houses in Dallas Sneaky Pete's-Right on Lake Lewisville, typical lakeside bar & grille. Haven't been there in years, but, as with most lakeside places, there are usually hotties galore.