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  1. Yet another pool

    We are already up to 70 entires so we will definitely surpass last year. Here's you last chance to get in and win a grand.
  2. ESPNs top 10 worst FA signings

    How can they put a good TCU boy like Larry Brown on that list. What's really sad is that he still had to declare bankruptcy a few years later. I know its a different sport and all, but none of these come close to the Rangers giving Chan Ho Park a gazillion dollars to do absolutely nothing.
  3. Travis Taylor signs with Vikes

    I've seen a lot of mocks that have the Vikes drafting Mike Williams. Don't think this move changes their need for a #1 WR.
  4. Buffalo Homers

    Don't know if I'd put Henry in the same category as the other two. Yes, he was a starter, but did lose that starting job and probably would have even if he stayed healthy.
  5. Yet another pool

    I've emailed you the info. Let me know if you have probs.
  6. Jets Sign Fiedler

    The Fish will probably score more points now intercepting his passes than they did receiving them.
  7. The "Where Clarett gets drafted" pool

    I better guess, then. I'll say he'll be this year's Mr. Irrelevant, which, unless they've traded the pick would mean New England in the 7th round. Who better to mentor the kid than the formerly misunderstood Corey Dillon.
  8. NCAA Pool Host sites

    I run a pool each year and I am trying to find a good site to host it. I have jumped around the last couple of years as sites have gone from free to pay or they just disappear. I would prefer a free site, but will pay if absolutely necessary. Anyone have any recommendations of sites that can handle pools of 70-100 people?
  9. Maurice Clarett- Thoughts?

    I think Peter King said it best in his column today: "Maurice Clarett. Hindenburg."
  10. Maurice Clarett- Thoughts?

    Actually, I think the name Lawrence Phillips is more appropriate. He'll be out of the league in 3 years, do a stint in the CFL for a couple of years and then he'll be off to San Quentin doing 7 to 10 for armed robbery or drug trafficing.
  11. I had my fantasy golf draft...

    That Duval pick doesn't appear to be paying early dividends. 85 in round 1 on Spyglass. Ouch.