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  1. Chuck Liddell

    His publicist says that he drank too much Nyquil...yeah, right.
  2. Life Insurance

    USAA has a 20 level term for a 34 yo male non-smoker for $270/ yr. for $500k or $490/yr. for $1M.
  3. the swiss are attacking!

    The Swiss now have one more war victory than France has.
  4. 401k - pre-tax or post-tax

    He is most likely asking about the Roth 401k which is similar to the Roth IRA. KevinL: As long as your company match is the same in the 401k vs. the Roth 401k then I see no reason for you to contribute to the regular 401k, so long as (as js2 points out above that not contributing to the pre-tax 401k doesn't put you in a high tax bracket-very unlikely, i know.). The Roth 401k is not a great deal for a large segment of the workforce, but in your case it could be a very prudent move.
  5. 2006 Huddle Awards

  6. radius maps

    That site doesn't plot a ring very well. When I put my home address in and ask it for a 20 mile ring, I would expect my address to be at the center of the map, but it isn't.
  7. Adrian Peterson's half-brother shot

    Hey now, don't forget, we did beat Northern Illinois in the San Diego Federal Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl last year. So HA!
  8. Adrian Peterson's half-brother shot

    Hey, it's better than Baylor.
  9. 2007 Mystery Huddler

    Sorry, i took a summer class in ABWF Geography 101. There, while getting stoned to The Who's Substitute we learned that the north side of my town faced east and the east was facing south.
  10. 2007 Mystery Huddler

    actually I think somebody saw it east of the tropic of weigie and just left of Seattle.
  11. Sad Local Story

    This is a really freak accident that happened here this week. Highschool baseball pitcher dies
  12. Squeegie grab your passport.

    oh, now yer just engaging in some internet smack talk.
  13. Squeegie grab your passport.

    when I saw the title of this thread, I would have bet money that you were going to link to this article.
  14. I want my man card back...

    Notice the AAA guy behind him amazed at his success.
  15. The Donald next to Ugly up?

    Is Vince McMahon really a billionaire?
  16. Another one bites the dust

    Wow, I am surpised that thread lasted as long as it did. However, I am also surprised it was gunned. The discussion in there was one of the best ones I've seen in the tailgate for quite some time. There was almost no name calling and a somewhat (as much as the tailgate can have) intelligent debate on the topic. I guess we need to go back to discussing rainbows and butterflies.
  17. Another one bites the dust

    ww must have been out of town.
  18. Another one bites the dust

    Or said in non shrinkology: treat us like animals.....
  19. Another one bites the dust

    treat us like animals.....
  20. Another one bites the dust

    What does he care, he's only married to cover up his homosexual desires.
  21. Another one bites the dust

    oh shut up, you weren't in that episode.
  22. Another one bites the dust

    You may be DMD's favorite, but I think the jerk store just called and said they were all out of you.
  23. my huddle pick up team....

    Is he the guy who led his team to a 15-13-1 record but was a high first rounder?
  24. my huddle pick up team....

    can you really blame him, though? who wants a grandpa with bad wheels? on second thought, with all the ladies on that team, they probably need a good gyno.
  25. my huddle pick up team....

    don't fall for that 'noles, he's already gotten in trouble requesting pics of 15 year old boys.