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  1. is worth $2,206,643 is worth $43. Anybody want to buy it? I don't own it, but I will sell it to you.
  2. Caption please.

    Dennis Rodman, the early years.
  3. Great it is one of those days

    I usually come out and exclaim: "wow, johnny did you have glory hole duty today?"

    and, hence, the victory. I'll pm you the send to address.

    I am just glad that negative points weren't awarded for turnovers. One Dallas Cowboys helmet, if you please.
  6. Trivia

    Dan Pastorini?
  7. Parcells' Replacement

    cuz I just don't think JJ will hire him. I think he has his mind made up on Norv and is just doing this to be in compliance with the Rooney Rule. I could be totally wrong, but its just my guess.
  8. Parcells' Replacement

    Now the word is that they are going to interview Mike Singletary. I have to imagine this is a quota move and nothing more.
  9. anybody read Ishmael

    Is that the one about the two brothers who grow up dirt poor, then go to college and eventually into professional athletics. I heard it was great.
  10. Denton Texass

    I believe this says it all:
  11. SuperBowl QB facts ...

    yes, but do you know which divisoin II qb was only 15-13-1 in college and was a high first round pick but never led their team to the super bowl?
  12. Business owners and/or attorneys that know...

    I am pretty sure that with last year's tax law change both partnerships and llc's are subject to the gross margin tax in Texas.
  13. Quack...

    phew, I thought this thread was going to be about my least favorite poker player.
  14. Parcells' Replacement

    Norv Turner will be high on the list. With a young, promising qb, I think they go with somebody who can develop a strong rapor with Romo....Think Sean Payton wants a new job?
  15. Butterflies or Rainbows

    Hopefully this subject isn't forbidden.... I chose butterflies because of the whole Silence of the Lambs thing, but rainbows sure are pretty to look at.
  16. SMACKBOWL STANDINGS after week three

    Wow, out of 300 entries, i am shocked that nobody else went with the Bears/Colts lineup. Now watch the superbowl be filled with offensive linemen scoring with no turnovers. Now we can just hope that Parcells can find a helmet to part with.
  17. SmackBowl standings after Week Two may be forgetting the people below you that have all bears and colts left.
  18. Fields of Logic

  19. Fields of Logic

    can't get passed level 9.
  20. Let's talk 401K

    That's a new one on me. Perhaps 529?
  21. Riddle me more?

    #6 bushwacked
  22. Hey, at least we'll get through September.
  23. Jesse Jackson says Saddam hanging will make violence worse

    I think that is when he stopped nailing his 17 year old personal assistants.
  24. Prayers / Good Vibes Needed

    Best of luck!

    um, not to brag or anything, but, um, I also won Poles n Holes II, a 12 team IDP dynasty.