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  1. South African Watering hole 24/7

    did you just see that? somebody rotated the camera 360 degrees and is now zooming in on that bird.
  2. South African Watering hole 24/7

    Wow, did you just see that? That was amazing. I've always wondered who would win between a hippo and a croc. Now I know. The battle had more turns than Lombard Street and what an ending. Whew, I'm exhausted after watching that.
  3. Why do they do this?!?!

    The guy who gets paid by the number of shoes he laces?
  4. Doguy Howser

    gee, who would have guessed?
  5. I am showing that the last post was made tomorrow morning 11/4. Don't ask me how that is. Is it showing up like that for everyone?
  6. Doogie Does Dudes

    Watching Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle will never be the same.
  7. NINE, NINE locked topics

    I think we are down to killing fire ants and building trebuchets.
  8. Interviewing for a Job, if given a choice,

    Your homeowners' association needs a full-time, paid controller? Wow, that's gotta be big. Personally, I'd go on Thursday. Good luck with the interview.
  9. Corporations blacklist Air America radio ads.

    Al Franken is owed his money!
  10. you may thank skins for the degeneration of this place.
  11. Anyone own an '02 Dodge pickup?

    Wow, Dodge must be using some of those new German engineered chips that change in 25% less time than the old ones.
  12. Anyone own an '02 Dodge pickup?

    those dodge's have a chip in them that auto corrects this. just wait six months and it'll be fine.
  13. Garbage disposal

    There may be something stuck in it. Underneath the unit, there should be a red reset button, push it. See what happens. If that doesn't work, you can insert a disposal wrench (I think that is what it is called) and turn it to loosen the disposal up. I didn't have one but had some other hex wrenches and found one that fit, tried it and that solved my problem. Those things are pretty durable so I doubt a glass jar would kill it. Here's a link that may help.
  14. Clarence Moore

    I'm thinking he's good for 100 yards and a TD this week. He just became available in one of my leagues. Should I pick him up?
  15. College Station

    CS doesn't have many great places but here are a few of the better ones: Cafe Excel has eclectic menu best known for seafood and wood fired pizza's along with their strawberry tarts. Christopher's and the Blue Herron are higher end places that are decent. You can get a pretty good steak at Blue Herron, but it doesn't come close to anything in Dallas. More casual places you should try are Freebirds. There are at least 4 in town now and are famous for their burritos. Also Wings & More for wings/tenders. Most of the chains have gotten there and you can find just about anything you want on University. Abuelo's is new and has pretty good texmex. In the same parking lot is a new place that wasn't open last time I was there-about a month ago-I think it is called Rosa's tortilla factory. Of course there is always the Chicken Oil company for burgers and the Dixie Chicken for the rednecks. In downtown Bryan there is a decent Italian place called Cafe Capri. Silk Stockings is just south of town on the bypass for a little late night entertainment. Just like in most small towns, they probably have a one armed, fat dancer there for your viewing pleasure.
  16. Lazy Saturday Morning

    haven't seen that flick, but he was great in Harold & Kumar go to White Castle.
  17. Position

    small forward/off-guard 13 sabercat
  18. Clarence Moore

    Wow that's strange. Everybody knows that you usually wait until a player is at least in their 3rd year to cut them off your taxi squad.
  19. Clarence Moore

  20. I'm ba-ack!

    Who are you?
  21. Don't mess with me on my b-day

    So did the sous chef do this to one of the hot waitresses or one of the fabulous dishwashers?
  22. I need Airwolf

    Blue Thunder would kick that game's ass.
  23. Detroit Sold?

    they overpaid.
  24. Lord Byron

    He always seemed like a class act.
  25. Hey everyone