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  1. 1st year trying fantasy football. I'm sorry if my question doesn't meet your high standards.


    I joined this site to get helpful feed back like rajncajn gave. But thx for wasting my time with your really cool response


    chill out, pop open a beer and read a little. rajn did have a very good post on your question. In a big league like that, the premium to get a solid #1 RB is even higher than a 10 or 12 team league. It doesn't matter if qb's are the highest scoring position, the scoring within the positions is what matters.

  2. A couple of things. First, I doubt you are paying 40% in tax unless you are in the highest tax bracket and paying state income taxes, which you don't in TX and you are probably getting taxed since this is income, not because of any instant return on the stock. Second, since you are tax affecting the stock, you need to also tax affect the mortgage so 6% is really costing you ~4% so the difference is actually bigger. Third, it sounds like this match is in a taxable account and not in some sort of tax exempt vehicle like a 401k, right? Fourth, are there any restrictions on selling the stock? When my wife worked for Medtronic, she wasn't able to sell stock any time she wanted to.


    You understand this correctly, but she is taking equity risk by buying the stock and if WMT drops and you need to sell, then she will have lost money. It used to be that many companies would match 401k contributions in company stock (this may have changed over the years since Enron when peoples savings were wiped out when the company stock evaporated) so buying additional stock was not always a wise decision if you believe in diversification.

  3. "30 seconds after the Challenger blew up, he's selling NASA stock short."



    I love that movie, but that line really pisses me off. It is just so stoopid. I was in high school at the time and even then knew it was dumb.