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  1. Our lab starting clawing and eating the drywall in a room. I was real pissed and had to call a handy man to replace the drywall. Turns out when the guy removed the wallboard he found a bunch of carpenter ants chewing up the framing. He said my dog heard them and was trying to get at them. The dog ended up saving me a bunch of wood damage.

  2. Spring Creek Barbeque. They have about 20 locations in the DFW area, another 8 or 9 in the Houston area, and one in East Texas.


    :wacko: Some of the worst I've ever had. Unfortunately the DFW area doesn't represent the state well in bbq places. But Red Hot & Blue is here and of the chains is probably my favorite.

  3. they will try to bugger the non gheys? Yah no that is the goal of every ghey person. bugger the non gheys.


    Actually, you are wrong. First they go ghey, then they want to bugger your kids. Then they want to bugger your dogs and cats.

  4. CB/S - Adam Jones, Roy Wms, um.....Buckley? (GB)



    Who are you talking about here? The only one I can think of was the Dallas safety, but there is no way he should be considered on a list of greatest busts of all time. He is a 5 time pro bowler. Yeah, he sucks now and 2-3 of those pro bowls weren't warranted, but definitely not an all-time bust.

  5. Since I moved to Texas many years ago, this is the one thing I have never been able to understand. Texas is supposed to be the bastion of the old west, cowboys and such. However, deer hunting in Texas is unlike any other place in the country, at least that I've ever seen. You have a stand that is all of the things that Perch is building: carpeted, insulated, sliding windows, comfy chairs, etc. 50-150 yards from the stand you usually have feeders that have solar powered timers on them so they go off just after dawn and right before dusk so the deer get used to being fed. Once deer season opens, you beat the deer out there by an hour, wait til the feeder goes off and 5 minutes later have your pick of things to shoot.


    I'll do it every now and again for some meat, but I definitely wouldn't call it hunting.

  6. I rarely post here but have been checking this thread daily as I believe along the lines of Brent. Most of my retirement is now in cash and I am content with a 0% increase over the next couple years.


    With that said….. Brent, I think the response you get from people has more to do with how you come across, as opposed to your message itself. Intentional or not, you come across as arrogant and almost belittling. While I agree with you, the fact is, it’s your opinion. And trying to lecture an opinion to grown men (and women) will never go over well. Even when you admit you are wrong, you spin it in a so it comes across as arrogant (that’s pretty hard to do). I sincerely appreciate your posts and will continue to listen to what you have to say. You just might want to try a different approach.


    Carry on ladies……


    That's all I was trying to say. But you did so much more eloquently.

  7. Umm, weigie, are you sure you have a degree in anything finance related (economics, finance, accounting, business)? Do you really not understand the concept of a zero sum game? If not, I'm shocked that you actually teach economics as a profession. SEriously.


    This has got to be a fishing expedition, so if it is, you hooked me.


    I've refrained from posting in this thread because clearly I'm not as smart as most of the posters but I have to say if you really believe the stock market is a zero sum game, you should stop belittling people in this thread and take a finance class. I don't mean to belittle you by saying that, I just really don't like to see misinformed people lose their shirts in the investment world.


    Brent, I hope you make a billion dollars following whatever theory works for you, but sometimes it is better to learn rather than teach. I know you have strong beliefs in what you think you know, but by posting some of this stuff, you sound really foolish. I don't write that flippantly, nor so because I don't agree with your ideas because there are lots of people who I don't agree with but know they very well could be right.


    Just my :wacko: . I'll now go back under my rock.


    Oh, and in case you want to tell me to take a finance class. I have. Many.

  8. Our neighborhood got worse and worse over time... Then, one morning, I heard what sounded like chickens on the other side of our fence. Sure enough... neighbors brought home what sounded like at least a half-dozen chickens. :wacko:



    Gopher-In going down the path you did, did you continue to make mortage payments each month?

  9. Two questions:


    1. In your state, what is the recourse lenders have against borrowers who default on their mortgage?


    2. What has your lender's response been when discussing defaulting, renegotiating and/or short sale?