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  1. I have a shower that isn't functioning correctly. It has a single handle that rotates counter clockwise to increase water temp. There is a pull knob underneath the handle that activates the diverter to change the water from the tub to the shower. When the water is at a low temp, I can pull the knob and the shower works fine. However, if I increase the water temp by rotating the handle, the pressure drops and the diverter no longer functions. There is still decent water pressure but not enough to keep the diverter engaged.


    Any ideas on how to fix this? Faulty diverter? Any way to get more water pressure? I have 4 other showers that work fine and they all have the same/similar hardware.


    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Does your mortgage have a prepayment penalty? If not then you should be fine. As Ursa mentions, make sure you know the exact amount because it changes each day. You will need to FedEx the check for morning delivery so they can deposit it on a specific day. Also, find out what the lender's process is for providing you a release of lien or the deed. I'm curious to see how it goes as I am doing the same thing at the end of the year.



  3. There is no answer that is consistent from market to market or even neighborhood to neighborhood except that rental rates are what the market will bear. In the current economic environment, rental rates are actually higher than they have been due to the lack of credit. People who previously would have bought are now renting, driving demand higher. From an owner's perspective, one normally tries to cover a 30 year mtg payment + insurance + taxes + maintence reserve + management fee. However, oftentimes the market won't allow that to happen. In today's world, it may be very feasible.

  4. One question, do you use decimal scoring? If so, I'm shocked that anybody made a roster move without going through the scoring with a fine tooth comb. Rarely do I see moves of 6 points, but very frequently there is a yard or two that is moved around that cause a tenth change from Sunday to Monday. If you don't, then you should.


    Also, to your question at hand, I agree with the majority that you shouldn't reverse the trade. What happens if Titus doesn't play or gets negative points for the game? Team A still loses without the scoring change and he can't ask for a reversal in that case show so he shouldn't be able to ask for one here. It's easy to ask after the fact when it helps his team. Even though this isn't your team, you have a vested interest in the situation due to friendship or the fact that Thomas may be picked up by another team that may negatively impact you. The impartial majority has spoken.


    Just my :wacko: .

  5. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in 2009, 1,470 households with incomes above $1 million paid no federal income tax.


    Any idea how the IRS is defining income? Is it from line 22 on the 1040?

  6. Well then the question is, is being rich 23.6% better than being poor? If it is, one has to assume the problem with America is the lazy 80% of us not in the top bracket because we choose not to be.


    Unfortunately, your math is a little off. We aren't talking about a 23.6% difference. We are talking about a 1,593% difference.

  7. This ting records video on an sd card that I can read in my laptop, wthout problem. Unfortunately, to set up the camera and make changes to the settings (motion sensing, record time, etc.) it has to be hooked up to a monitor.

  8. I have a alarm clock/hidden camera in my office that is connected to my computer monitor via a composite video /RCA jack cable. I have just gotten a new monitor that does not have an RCA jack. It only has hdmi or vga so I need to buy a new cable. The composite video out of my clock is just a single jack but all of the cables I've seen have multiple connectors.


    Can I buy a cable that has a composite video cable connector on one end and an hdmi or vga connector on the other?