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  1. Regardless of whether the other guy is using the domain name, if there is a risk of your trademark being confused with his domain name you'll have a problem. The other guy can object to your application, and the PTO examining attorneys will almost certainly find the registered domain name on their own anyways. The process can take like a year and half AFTER you file your application, and the fees are non-refundable if your application is denied for any reason.


    I am a lawyer and its took me months to figure out the process under similar circumstances. Although you do not technically require a lawyer to file a trademark application, I do not recommend that you undertake this project on your own. Good luck.



    Come on, be honest. You aren't a real lawyer, you're just a tax lawyer, right?

  2. Can somebody please paste the home page link? Cannot access via the mobile version. Thanks :wacko:



    The internet gods here at the huddle have decreed that if you are on a mobile device, you may not view the full site. They are smarter than 99.9% of the rest of the internet which allows you to view full versions of sites even if the sites aren't designed to be viewed on mobile devices.

  3. No issues with any of this. If your 'classy' tag is for the family, I agree with you. If it is sarcastic for the company for not giving the $50k, I don't agree with you.

  4. Just curious what you paid for the Silver Oak and Twomey at the website. I sell both of those brands, and depending on the price, I may be able to point you in the direction of a local store at a better price. No waiting. And if the juice is bad, you can simply take it back and exchange it/ get a refund.


    And the heat right now is effecting some of the wines. I sell 600-700 cases a week and over the past two to three months I've had to exchange 30+ bottles due to the heat causing corking/leaking issues, or the wine just cooking from the heat.



    They were a gift pack that was $99 for the pair. I had originally gone to the site for some 07 Cakebread Cab that I was going to give someone for a present. Local stores (Dallas) have it for $75-$80 and the site had it for ~$60. After some looking around I decided to get the Silver Oak pair instead.

  5. I decided to try it out and made the following purchases:


    Santa Ema 2008 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

    Belasco de Baquedano 2009 Llama Malbec

    Zuccardi 2009 Q Malbec

    Tikal 2009 Patriota

    Silver Oak Alexander Valley 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

    Twomey Cellars by Silver Oak 2006 Merlot



    Haven't ever had any of these but they sounded good so we'll see how it goes. I was a little worried about shipping in the heat, but they hold on to the wine until it cools down so I may not get my order for a month. I'd rather have that than have nasty tasting juice. It does make me question ordering from them in June, though, because I don't really want to wait 4 months for my stuff.

  6. So, I guess I've figured out I'm like Bier when it comes to red Rhones. I've tried 4-5 different ones and none of them blew me away. A couple of them were almost undrinkable. I don't think I'd ever sampled any before and since I like to venture out of our typical cabs and pinots, it wasn't a total loss. Thanks for the suggestions, Det, at least I now know it's not something I'm a huge fan of.

  7. Speaking of serpentine draft. Doesn't it still make sense to go serpentine for the order of nominations? One because I can imagine there's still some gamesmanship in nominating. More importantly, however, for the end of the draft where, from what I've been told when I've looked at any strategy articles on the subject, most everyone is down to $1 per player and the thing is acting very much like a traditional draft.


    Isn't it sort of unfair to the guy who is always picking last if you just go around the table?


    Not at all. Unlike a draft, in an auction one team may fill up their roster long beofre another team. I've been in leagues where some teams are done and others still have 3-5 players left. It's all about budgeting. Some people like to leave a little extra at the end so they can bid $2-$5 on guys when other people only have $1 left per player and others don't care because they want to top load their rosters and are fine with a handful of $1 guys to round it out. I've never even thought about having a serpentine format to nominating players as it is unimportant. Until you've been through it a few times you may think otherwise but it really doesn't matter.

  8. I'm not seeing how you get from 10 teams to 1 champion in 3 weeks. Do you only do total points in the playoffs? I think 10 teams is way too many for playoffs as it places almost no value on the regular season. Why not keep it at 8 teams for the playoffs and have a toilet bowl playoff for the remaining 4 teams? This would still keep everyone interested throughout the entire season.


    We put $ on each win many years ago which keeps everyone interested even if they are out of the playoff race. I like this better than expanding our playoffs.

  9. My local grocery store only has two Rhone wines. I just opened a 2009 Louis Bernard. It is a cotes du Rhone villages but was actually cheaper than the 2007 cotes du Rhone e. Guigal that I'll have tomorrow. The Bernard has a screw top which I was pretty leary of but due to your recommendation bought it. I must say it is very average. Drinkable but definitely nothing special. Hopefully the other one is better. These 2 bottles were around $13-$17.

  10. I understand almost nothing that you wrote above except 09 being a good year across the board for Rhone wines. So other than the two (Rasteau and Emmanuel Darnaud Crozes) you mention above, what are some names I should be on the lookout for that should be pretty widely available?


    By the way, are these red or white?

  11. That's a good article. (The SI article that the story above is linked to.) There were a couple of guys in college who were 7 ft., or very close to it. One, Kurt Thomas, is still playing but I think he's only 6'10''. The other, whose name I can't recall who didn't make it in the NBA. I often wonder about him because he's got to put up with people staring and asking him questions and reinforcing the fact that he didn't make it in professional basketball.

  12. I've refied many times using a no-cost refi when I lived in a house that I didn't expect to stay in very long and wouldn't achieve savings doing a traditional refi. You aren't missing anything. They get paid over time through a slightly higher interest rate and if you stay long enough, you end up on the losing end vs. paying the normal costs upfront.


    Like Ramhock, I'd also advise against an ARM unless you know you'll be out.