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  1. Al Biernat's or Nick & Sams. Won't go wrong with either. If you want something other than a steakhouse, go to Fearing's in the Ritz or to Stephen Pyles. Abacus for Asian Fusion or Nonna for high end Italian.




    ETA: The first one is pronounced Al Bernays.

  2. Navy and Marines have the SEAL Teams, Air Force has the STS and the Army has the Rangers and the even more elite Delta. I have a good friend who has been in the teams for over 20 years. He was a very good athlete in highschool, which helps not only with the physical requirements but more importantly with the mental strength needed. Elite military service is not conducive to stable family lives. The divorce rate is much higher than the overall population. These guys can be here one day and literally halfway around the world the next with very little notice.


    The double tap that OBL got is exactly what they are trained to do.

  3. I logged into PokerStars today after a couple weeks without playing, and I am greeted with a message in my "Cashier" tab stating "Please note: Due to government regulations, you need to cashout all the funds in your account"


    If I try to click "Buy Chips", I get: "We are sorry, but due to government regulations, deposits are not allowed in your area."


    Anyone else now locked out?



    Have you been in a cave for the last few weeks? The US seized control of numerous pay sites and indicted a number of head people for money laundering. It is only within the last few days that players have been able to withdraw funds. You can still use the play money sites.

  4. It is probably easier to say what I will eat than what I won't. I'd say 95% of the items listed thus far are on my list as well as many others. Some things don't make sense, even to me, like I won't eat tomatoes, but I love salsa, however I can't stomache pico. Being a picky eater is not something I'm proud of and I would love to be able to eat anything. Business dinners are especially troublesome because I don't think it impresses anyone if I order like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally so I'll usually pick around the stuff I don't eat. I have oftentimes finished a dinner meeting and on my way back to a hotel stopped by another place to get a meal I'll eat. Explaining multiple meals on an expense report is never fun either.


    I attribute my pickiness to groing up in a very strict house where if I wouldn't clear my plate, it would be waiting for me the next morning. My dad grew up on a farm so it was just unheard of not to finish everything.


    I try to expand my pallette but usually end up gagging myself. Texture, smell and taste all play a role in what I won't eat.

  5. I just bought a Braun 790 last week and it was delivered by Amazon a couple of days ago. Only shaved with it twice, but it gives a very close shave. My old Braun just stopped working. I think the charger went bad but I had it for ~7 years so I just decided to upgrade. I like this one because in addition to the cleaning solution, I can clean it under the faucet also. $215 but if I keep it for 7 years, it's only $30/year which is less than I'd spend on blades and cream.

  6. To answer your original quesiton. I would stay away from the pool. I owned one for years and even though my kids loved it during the summer, the upkeep and expense just wasn't worth it to me. When we moved a few years ago, I avoided houses with pools because our town has a swimming pool and the kids see all their friends there. Even the kids who have pools at home go to the town pool to hang out.


    Now my question: How are you able to qualify for a new mortgage? Last I heard, you had stopped payments on your house in the ghetto. Did the bank end up working with you?

  7. I have a friend like that. When we get together and drink, we all randomly make up a story and wait for him to 1 up it. Happens every time. He hasn't caught on yet. Pretty damn funny.


    Well, I have 2 friends like that. When we get together to drink and smoke, we randomly make up 2 stories and wait for them to 1 up them. They haven't caught on. Really damn funny.

  8. Looks like I'll be driving about 80 miles to go see it. Oh well, me and the old lady need to get away every now and then anyway. Sounds like a weekend in Dallas. Maybe a Friday night dinner at Morton's or III Forks, a nice hotel room at the ZaZa, and a Saturday matinee.


    Why stay at a crappy place when you can stay at a cool place right across the street?

  9. exactly, we had only acouple sub places and one knocked the other one off, once that happened their bread was hard,portions were smaller and prices went up.....Subway showed up and all of a sudden the bread got JJ's is kickin ass. Remember when subway cut that stupid V out of the bun, give them credit for admiiin that was wrong


    I haven't been into a subway in prolly 15 years. First I've heard that they no longer cut the bread that way.



    I will say I swiped a little bread knife from a subway when I was in college and I still have it today. Never had a knife that stayed that sharp for so long.

  10. There has been a big issue lately about undesirables at that mall. Security has been stepped up considerably to ensure the white, upper middle class soccer mom feels safe at the mall. Apparently the mall encouraged a TGIFridays to move out due to the crowd that gathered there. Who knew gangstas liked that place so much? I think the next step is to blare country music through the place.

  11. VRBO is not a weekly only site. I've rented many places using vrbo that haven't been weekly. Some properties, in high demand locations or during peak times, may only rent for a week, but it is not true of all properties. The filters they have on there aren't very good and usually I spend a lot of time searching before finding the right spot.

  12. We get it picked up every day of the week, except the weekends. We have official days of Monday and Thursday but nobody observes them. The guys also roll the can back up the driveway so it is very convenient.

  13. :wacko:



    Shameless plug:


    If anyone wants into another NCAA pool, I run one on poolhost. $20 to enter. A number of huddler's have participated and won the thing over the years. Usually have ~110 entries.

  14. In page setup on the 'sheet' tab, click on 'columns to repeat at left' and then select the columns with the account number and account descriptions. Then select your print area and adjust it to get what you want on each page.