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  1. :tup:


    collage is way better than High School. I know you guys and gals that flunked out of collage and or never went, missed out and are can always go back or take some online classes from one of those fake universities.



    Those University of Phoenix rush parties are da bomb!

  2. So you guys collect SS and a pension?



    In Texas, I believe it is an either/or thing determined by the district. If they opt out, then they do not pay in to SS but the teachers are not eligible for benefits.

  3. Cut and pasted from Yahoo answers but it looks right:


    A family practice doc after med school completes a 3 year family medicine residency. Their job is basically primary care for anyone ranging from infants to the elderly. These guys you usually find working out of clinics or offices, they can be in hospital but generally are not. If you think of the small town doc who can do everything from deliver a baby or care for the dying, that's a family practice doc.


    An General Internist go through a 3 year residency in Internal Medicine. There primary goal is diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of specifically adults. They can be primary care similar to the family practice doc except only in adults or they can be in a more acute care setting in hospitals like in the ICU. After their residency, an internal medicine doc can then specialize into various fields like Gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology etc. etc.


    One more thing, a General Practitioner or GP is not equivalent to either of these fields. A GP has completed a 1 year internship post medical school and has not done any further training. Calling an Internist or Family doc, a "GP", is actually derogatory and you are insulting them.



    Really, at your age you just need to find the doctor with the smallest hands.

  4. But didn't everyone hate that dude? :tup:


    This might have been before my time or I wasn't paying attention to that thread but I've never really seen Wiegie take it to that level with anyone here. Everyone probably says some chit they wish they could have back, but I don't know if getting into it with someone one time really taints them permanently. From what I remember it's not like H8 really brings out the best in people (wasn't he kind of a troll?). Maybe I'm way off base here and people liked H8 and people think Weigie is evil, but I guess that just hasn't been my experience. :wacko:



    Must have been before your time. Most people put H8 and Weigie on about the same level.