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  1. Makes perfect sense but I would say I go to a number of high end places with labels like those. Here are a couple of examples:


    Stephen Pyles uses asterisks to indicate 'signature' dishes.


    Fearings says that a vegetarian menu is available on request.


    A number of others have no such labels. As a consumer, I know the difference between a Chili's and fine dining and I don't let a label on a menu define that for me but I do understand the desire to have a menu that is 'clean' without labels junking it up.

  2. I just looked at your menu online and I can see where a diner would get confused. Many restaurants somehow label their vegetarian meals as such and I don't believe the quotes around chicken are distinct enough. If you somehow labelled the vegetarian dishes as such, then I believe your current menu is fine, otherwise, I'd go with something similar to what mojoman recommended above: Vegetarian Soy "chicken".

  3. Is this adults only or are you taking the kid? If you just want to lay on the beach, I'd go here or here. If you want to do some hiking, see cool waterfalls, etc., then I'd go here.


    If you are going with kids, then go to a beaches resort.


    And for those recommending Destin, I'd kind of agree, but I'd recommend going 30-40 minutes east along 30A and hit Rosemary Beach, Seaside or Watercolor instead.

  4. Need a little more info here, NSab. I'm a veteran of the TX deregulated electric market as I have switched providers at least 8 times over the past ~6 years. Are you asking about Stream to use as your electric company or are you asking about them because you are looking to sell their service as some of the posts above alude to? I know nothing about the latter, as I didn't even know their services were sold that way. However, if you are asking about using them as a provider, I can tell you that I used them and never had any issues with them. I signed up online, never talked with a soul there. I used them for 6-12 months and left them without any hassle.


    In Texas, we have a website, that all electric companies have to list their rates on. It makes it easy to compare rates. There are also links to the fact sheets that show any other possible fees. I would check to see if PA has something similar set up. None of these companies actually supply the power to your house, nor do they provide service if you have a downed power line. They are really just billing and administration companies. I switch to the lowest cost provider every 6-12 months and lock in a rate. There is really no reason to stay with the incumbent (here it is TXU) other than some inane fear that a new provider could leave you without power. The incumbent (at least initially in TX) was mandated to have a higher price than any of the new companies which encouraged people to switch.

  5. Headed there this week. Last time I was there was 1977, has anything changed? We are staying onsite and know about the longer hours for guests staying at WDW hotels. Have reservations for the Biergarten, Hoop Dee Doo Review and Chef Mickey's. Still have a couple of nights open. Anybody have any favorite restaurants? Not going to be able to get away from the kids for an evening at Victoria & Alberts...


    Any secrets on minimizing wait times? I've heard the Toy Story ride in Hollywood Studios is the bomb and we need to do that early.


    By the way, I have 4 boys ages 3-10. Any advice would be most appreciated.

  6. Photochromic lenses, of which Transitions is the most well known brand are great if you know what to expect. However, I wouldn't recommend buying Transitions branded lenses. Try LifeRX lenses instead. They change faster and get clearer than Transitions. They will also be cheaper than Transitions.


    As someone above mentioned, photochromic lenses will not work when driving because your windshield filters out the UV light that is needed to activate the dye in the lens so you should get a polarized sunglass for driving.


    LifeRX lenses are a great everyday lens. I wore them for years before I had LASIK.

  7. I have very little interest in reading a trip report about you seeing your family, eating a good Christmas dinner, etc. However, if there is a story about breaking down in the dead of night in some Children of the Corn type town and having to wake Cletus up so he can come out a give you a tow, then I could possibly be entertained.


    Take the ford.

  8. Unless they just happened to find it while looking at something else, chances are she's got ~6 months. Cancer sucks and pancreatic sucks the worst because it is super hard to detect until it has spread to other areas/organs. Hopefully that fall in the shower was the luck she needed to find it early.

  9. winners and confidence. Does that mean you rate your picks 1 for toss-ups and whatever the highest numbers is for games you're certain about the winner? You get the corresponding points for each correct answer?



    It means that with 35 games, you weight each game from 1-35 using each weighting only once. If you pick the winner of the game, you get the number of points you put on that game. At the end, you add up all your points.


    ETA: So yes, you want to put more points on your more confident picks.

  10. anyone know of an huddle pools going on?



    I've run one for many years. Has a lot of huddlers in it, but not officially a huddle pool. $20 to get in, pick winners and confidence. Most points wins, pays top 3 spots 60/25/15. Usually have 40-60 players. I can pm you details if you are interested.

  11. I would base it on total net worth (exempting primary residence), not previous income. So, if you've got above some defined amount you get nothing. Once you fall below that level, you get SS. That's the whole point of a security system - a safety net. It might be necessary to graduate it somewhat but the more graduation that is put into it, the more administratively burdensome it would become.



    Don't like the total net worth thing at all. That does not encourage saving, which should be the primary goal here and it is very easy to hide assets or mis-value them.

  12. TCU is like the slut of all college athletic programs.


    I think we've been in like seven conferences in the last twenty years. :wacko:


    Sir, you are mistaken. The Big East will be only our 5th conference: SWC, WAC, Conference USA & MWC being the others. Can we help it if we are just too damned attractive? It's like we are your overweight cousin with the cute face from the big city. Nobody there pays any attention to her, but when she comes to visit you in the small town, all the guys want to come over and party because she's the hottest thing they've ever seen.


    Great move for the Frogs, even if auto qulifying is only guaranteed for a couple of years. Currently, if we lose one game (See Boise St.) we are out of the running for a BCS bid but in the Big East we can lose 1-2 games and still have a shot. It doesn't do anything for us as far as the national championship game goes, but I'd much rather get the $15M from the Orange Bowl than the $750k from the Pointsettia Bowl.



    Michael Vick

    333 passing yards = 16.65 points

    80 rushing yards = 8 points

    4 pass TDs = 16 points

    2 rushing TDs = 12 points


    :wacko:52.65 points is 3rd best all-time behind Clinton Portis - 55 in 2003, and Shaun Alexander - 53 in 2002.


    The best performance ever by a fantasy quarterback.





    In leagues that give 6 pts for passing TD's he scored over 60 and takes the all time top spot.