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  1. 6% is generally standard in most parts of the country. However, the realtor doesn't get all of this. 3% goes to the listing broker and 3% goes to the buyer's agent. The 3.5% you've seen is because some brokers have popped up over the last ~10 years that still pay the buyer's agent 3% but only keep .5% for themselves. They do this because if they don't give the buyers agent 3%, those agents won't bring buyers to the house and many times will outright lie about the house to discourage a potential buyer from wanting to look at it. Oftentimes someone who will d it for 3.5% will only list it on MLS and not do any other leg work for you. If you believe it won't take much to sell your house, this may be the way to go. Zip Realty used to be a company that would do this but I don't know if they are still around.

  2. That is just all kinds of screwed up.



    Screw you, I was responding to perch's statement who brought the politics into it. I mentioned stuff I saw last year and see no surprise. Lighten up, francis.



    Please enlighten the class as to how perch's post above brought politics into it. A simple apology will suffice.

  3. I'm sure it was personal to the people being jeered. Let's say this is more focused.


    And most of those people wanted a system without pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps, etc - you know the things that would ruin them completely but have no true sense of fairness within the current system. But it's easier to call reform "socialists getting others to pay their bills' when in fact by and large that is simply not the case.



    Why the hell do come into a thread and turn it into a plitical statement? What a friggin jackass.

  4. And here's an apposite news article.




    Again, the mortgage companies see more profit in grabbing the land and houses on top of what they've already been paid.



    And that is fine. They haven't been paid in full under the contract so they have the right to foreclose, sell the property and get paid in full. But they also have to abide by all laws under the foreclosure process.

  5. I get irked by the constant refrain of "we want to keep people in their houses" :wacko: No you don't, you bunch of liars because if you did, you'd follow the procedures that are in place to help do just that. Instead you prefer to grab the property, no doubt with a view to it being more profitable over time.

    Absolutely they have the right to pursue defaulters. But please, enough with the crocodile tears they shed over dumping people out of their houses when, if they made the effort, many of them could stay and repay the loan. Seems clear to me they'd rather have the property and the free money they've already been paid.



    Totally agree. They shouldn't have to apologize for pursuing their rights under the contract.

  6. It is downright sickening how they treat people who are hurting and trying to save their homes. Try to work out a loan mod, or get some of the debt forgiven, or work out a short sale, you're SOL. My first choice was a short sale, but was told it would never be approved because I don't have a "true" hardship. Even for people that do, 90% of short sales fail because the lenders hold up the approval. I wonder if they are more cooperative when a Trump or Merrill Lynch stops paying the note on some commercial property? The little guy gets f'd every time.



    Matt, I don't mean this to be a personal attack.


    Above you said that you view this as a contract and you are willing to walk away and suffer the consequences and now you nad Ursa are whining about how mortgage companies don't care about people. Well, tough titties. They view this as a contract also. If they uphold their end, then why should they not expect you to uphold yours? what obligation are they under to work with people who are hurting? Sure it would be nice if they worked with someone a little bit but if they did it for one person, then they'd have to do it for everyone and for that one person they said no to, they'd get sued for some sort of descrimination.


    Should the mortgage companies be punished if they did something illegal? Definitely. Should B of A get sued if they don't follow the foreclosure rules? Of course. Should they have to deal with all of the losses for making perfectly legal but idiotic loans to people who couldn't afford them? Absolutely. Should they pursue someone to the fullest extent of the law if that person defaults on their contract? Yep.


    The difference between your mortgage and a commercial mortgage is that most commercial mortgages are non recourse so there is nothing other than the property backing up the loan. However, when you signed your mortgage, you effectively gave them your personal guarantee that you would repay it. Like it or not, it is a major difference.


    I do agree with Ursa on one point. Do what's right for you. If you and your wife are willing to suffer the consequences, then pull the trigger and don't look back. Know that for a while things may get hairy but it will pass. Best of luck whatever you decide.

  7. By the way, my $0.02:


    i would start looking for a new job pronto. Not because I hate employment agreements but because I would not want to work for a company that has created a culture of fear and insecurity. Any company that believes they can win by forcing their people into binding, one sided agreements is not a place I'd want to be. Maybe they believe that in this economic environment workers will sign because they want to keep their job, but that is extremely short sighted. What are they offering for consideration to validate the agreement? Are they guaranteeing your employment for a period of time? If not, I would delay signing as long as possible and start looking for a new gig tomorrow.

  8. The best employment practice attorney in Dallas is Bryant McFall at Ogletree Deakins. I've used half a dozen of them and there are many good ones at Haynes & Boone and Thompson Knight. However, Bryant is by far the best. He is not cheap, but will give you all the information you will need quickly.

  9. We have a side bet in my local on weekly pool picks. Is there a way to see when other teams made their picks? I'm concerned that the commish entered someone's picks after the noon games started. I can't even see if the commish ever entered picks for another owner and I know he has when an owner was unable to access the net. The only time stamp I can see is for my own picks under the transactions link.