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  1. So I leave church and get on my iphone to check for injury updates and i see that it is for September 12. I can't figure out a way to see today's list. I don't mean to bust y'alls chops too badly, but this stuff is important and these types of bad links appear far too frequently. There still isn't a link on the mobile page to get to the normal page and this is precisely why you need one. I know that was asked for a week or so ago and is still not available (at least that I can find). A link shouldn't be to hard or time consuming to add.

  2. Wait, a second. Is this one of those spam posts where you ask a question about some site, only to get me to go to that site and see some king of big green egg colored herbal male enhanced products?

  3. Yeah . . . the deficit versus the budget surplus are very different things.


    the deficet was there before GWB . . but you are correct in saying that they had a ANNUAL budget surplus that he pissed away . . butthetwo are very, very different.



    No they are not. You don't seem to grasp the concept very well either. You either have a budget deficit or a budget surplus. One is a plus and one is a minus. They contribute to (a deficit) or subtract from (a surplus) our national debt.

  4. I did read it, sure, but it is all actually right here:




    Bush started his 8 years with a surplus a SURPLUS.


    That means that good old George W added 6.3073 trillion to the debt in 8 years. Kinda flies in the face of the title of the thread.



    Wow. Do you not understand the difference between the terms deficit and debt? He had a budget surplus but the national debt was not zero when he took office. :wacko:

  5. I've had a similar issue in the past, but not identical. Mine would not fill back up to the point of overflowing, but would get water in it after it was done. After I had a repairman come out he told me what to do in the future. The solution was to take off the front bottom panel and remove the pump from underneath the washer. in it was a few coins along with a baby sock that would apparently allow some water to drain but, if everything was in the right spot, would also stop it up and force water back into the washer.


    By the way, when you remove the pump, you may get very wet.

  6. There's an article in the WSJ about survivor pools on page D6. It looks at upsets over the last 10 years and says the Raiders have more wins when being a large underdog than any other team in the league, followed by the Bears, Panthers and Texans. On the flip side, the Broncos, Rams, Cowboys and Giants have lost the most games when being a heavy favorite.


    Just says to be weary of the TEN v. OAK game since it looks to be the most obvious.

  7. I'd snuggle w/ Bunz, Scooby, Shug, and Czar.

    Together we could direct the rest of you slime balls where to poop, pee, eat, and wash.

    Shug would be my Sargent at arms! (Hell she knows how to handle dogs...pigs would be better w/ this group!).

    Bunz would figger out the plumbing problem and some how make the place look nicer.

    Scooby (eye candy as she is) would keep our morale up. (Not that the others aren't eye candy)

    Czar would be our mentor. (w/ a collaboration from Bunzy) and keep us all calm.

    I just coordinate! :wacko:

    Problem solved. :tup:



    At your age, snuggling about all your good for. :tup: When they get interested in a little time with the pool boy, they can head over to my corner of the room.

  8. Words with Friends, a Scrabble ripoff. Completely addicted. I hope Hasbro doesn't send them a cease & desist like they have for others in the past.


    The only thing that sucks is that random opponents aren't ranked. I thrash 95% of them by 100-200 points, a few are tournament players that annihilate me, and maybe 1% of games are competitive. Would be nice to be matched with players of similar skill.



    I played words with friends for a while, then learned that one guy who always beat me was entering the board on a website and it gave him the highest word possible for his next turn. Stopped playing after that.

  9. I am currently hooked on Ancient War. It has a multi player game that is pretty cool. I'll also play doodle jump on the sh!tter. My kids like Hungry Shark and Angry Birds. Any other fun games to recommend?

  10. I don't believe there is enough information to get a definitive answer. If you are just looking for an equivalent amount of product then I would think the answer would be 2.354 x 8.25MT or 19.422MT. However, the nature of the product may not allow for simple math to be used.


    Could be way wrong here, but that's my :wacko:

  11. You most likely have a fund called 'stable value' which is a cash equivalent fund. It is probably filled with somekind of guaranteed investment contracts (where an insurance company promises to pay a certain rate for the use of your money). These funds are the safest funds traditionally offered in 401(k) accounts.


    Bonds are the next safest, but if you are truly bearish, don't be fooled, they are not absolutely safe. Yields are currently very low (meaning prices are high) and some people believe in a equity market crash (and given the current state of our over levered economy) that bonds will not perform well either.