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  1. Cameron likes a 2 back system?

    I think you're right. If more teams change to a two-back system, will fantasy football change? I wonder if we'll see leagues start using a "team RB" spot rather than individual RBs.
  2. The Dolphins new head coach . . .

    We've missed the playoffs five straight years. I don't think we can get any more disappointed.
  3. Andrea Kramer...

    Erin Andrews
  4. Saban

    And again, with nothing to play for, Saban continues to opt for FGs instead of going for it on the short 4th downs. Yeah, kicking FGs is the way to beat the Colts.
  5. Playing FF during the NFL Playoffs

    The only way I've ever been involved in a playoff league is this: Each team selects a squad from the available players (a starting team of 8, or more if you want, and a player can be on more than one team if you want). There are no waiver moves. You just play total points. Once one of your players is eliminated from the playoffs, that spot on your squad is now dead. Most points at the end of the playoffs is the champ. It's really a matter of picking the players that stay in the playoffs the longest.
  6. Playing FF during the NFL Playoffs offers free NFL playoff leagues.
  7. Jets-Dolphins

    I think Nick Saban blew this game. The Dolphins had 4th and less than 1 on the 8 yard line with a little over 2:00 left, and Saban elects to kick a tying FG. They had nothing to lose. Why not go for it and then try to get a touchdown? That would have forced the Jets to get a TD on their final drive. Saban played not to lose, and that's a sure way to end up losing, which they did.
  8. Fantasy Title droughts

    I won four titles in one local league, and one title in each of three other leagues (last title was 2 years ago), but in a dynasty league I've been playing in since '99, I have yet to even make the playoffs. With a win this week, that drought would be over. As far as a title in that league, it probably won't happen this year, but as you all know, once you're in the playoffs, anything can happen.
  9. dallas indy

    Dolphins fans thank the Cowboys.
  10. OSU-UM

    I think you are absolutely correct. The championship game thing is all about money, which is the same reason there won't ever be a playoff system. Too much money involved in the bowl games.
  11. OSU-UM

    That's the way it used to be in all conferences. It's old school. Before there were conference championships, the team that had the best record in the conference was the champion, period. Nobody had a problem with that. Just because this OSU-UM game wasn't officially called something like "The Big Ten Championship sponsored by Nasonex" doesn't make it any less important or meaningful like the SEC or Big 12 title games. This was, in truth, the Big Ten championship game between the top two teams in the conference. What's the big deal? Besides, there are times that the two teams in the conference championship games aren't the two best teams in the conference (which is usually the case in the Big 12).
  12. mnf bashed by Money Magazine

    I think the problem is strictly the announcers. They talk too much about other stuff and make the game action secondary. I don't particularly have a problem with a guest in the booth as long as they continue to focus on the action and ask questions between plays. But they don't do that. Mike Tirico is always more interested in the guest than the game. One time there was an injury on the field to a key player (I think it was Lavar Arrington) and Tirico was busy telling a story then just mentioned the injury matter-of-factly as they went to commercial. They definitely need an upgrade in talent in the booth.
  13. OSU-UM

    A rematch might be a nice idea, and some might still consider UM to be the second-best team in the country, but I've heard a couple of people say this on ESPN (and I agree), a team should at least have to win their conference to play in the national championship game. Also, I think it would be difficult for a rematch to live up to this game.
  14. Atlanta the worst sports city in the US

    I'm not surprised at all that Atlanta is at the top of the list. I grew up in Cleveland, lived in South Florida for 10 years, now in Georgia for 10 years (Augusta specifically). People say they're Braves fans, but can't name 5 players on the team. Half of them probably think Maddux and Glavine are still on the team. Pro sports mean almost nothing to people in the southern states. Their passions are, in this order: 1. College football 2. NASCAR 3. College basketball
  15. All hail Jeff Wilkins!

    In one of my leagues, I didn't even draft a kicker, opting to grab an extra sleeper instead. We finished our draft two weeks before the season. I figured I'd pick up a kicker during our first waiver run a couple of days before the start of the season. I dropped my sleeper, Hank Baskett, figuring he wouldn't see much time with Donte Stallworth now in Eagle-town, and picked up Jeff Wilkins, who surprisingly wasn't drafted. Just another example of why you don't need to take a kicker until very late in your draft.