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  1. SuperBowl Squares

    Artie Johnson, for the block !!!
  2. Best draft pick of the year

    WHOAAAAA !!!! Gotta love it !!
  3. Best draft pick of the year

    You are the ONLY person I know of who drafted COLSTON....good job !!!
  4. Best draft pick of the year

    One league, its a tough choice: W Parker in the 4th McAllister in the 9th T Jones in the 10th F Taylor in the 13 th
  5. CRAZY question...

    Congrats...you made the right choice, by a frog hair!
  6. Is Dayne not playing?

    I "drank the kool-aid ' on this one as well ! Should've known when a Shanny disciple says earlier in the week that Dayne should get 30 carries, that means JACK-S--T !!!! Nice to see Parker going off on my bench now !!!
  7. CRAZY question...

    Holt all the way....he will tatoo the Vikes secondary !!!!!
  8. $725.00 on the line. Help me out ........

    Brown , for sure, and maybe Betts, he has been "en fuego" !!!!
  9. WDIS? RB in the Championship!

    Ronnie Brown, easily vs Diolts !
  10. Pick Two of my RBs

    Westy , for sure, and Betts.....Washington would love to knock Giants out of playoffs !!!!!
  11. Ron Dayne led me to a title!

    Yeah, I lost my league championship game to the #6 seed, who picked up Dane last week ! It is HUMILIATING , to say the least !
  12. Update on my hopeful Fantasy Tilte...

    I hope OWENS blows out his groin ....that worthless scum bag !!! That would be my bestest Christmas present in the whole - wide world !!!
  13. Last decision for the season, please help!

    This is easy, at least Ronnie will play, Cedric not likely to play !!!
  14. Help, Still undecided at RB

    Dough-boy DAYNE 1!!
  15. Romo Injured?

    Yeah, where is GRITS ? he should be feasting all over this one !!!