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  1. Vikings vs Saints

  2. First post has been updated.
  3. Added Rellen13. We need one of the Patriots fans to come up with the sig that we Steeler fans would wear if the Patriots win.
  4. Who else is 0-2?

    Out of my 3 leagues, I am 0-2 in two of them. Both are keeper leagues in which I was in the fantasy bowl in both. Team # 1 T. Green D. Davis F. Taylor R. Williams D. Driver T. Glenn T. Gonzalez J. Brown Panthers Bench: W. Dunn L. Toefield D. Staley B. Lloyd K. Colbert H. Miller Team # 2 K. Collins T. Barber D. Davis N. Burleson R. Wayne D. Driver T. Gonzlez J. Brown Bills Bench: T. Dilfer J.J. Arrington R. Brown M. Faulk D. Rhodes E. Moulds B. Lloyd J. Mcerins C. Chambers C. Cooley
  5. Bettis' days as TD vulture are numbered

    O.k. 1st, as much Steeler bragging as I do, I do very little ripping on the Pats. I respect them. They are the champs and the team to beat until they are un-seated. As for Parker, I think you can hold onto him with confidence. Staley will take over Haynes current role, which is 3rd downs and change of pace back. Bettis will be the goal-line back, but that will only affect Parker on times when the Steelers are on the 1 or 2 yard line. Parker is the real deal, and is a very good # 2 RB in fantasy football and will remain that way all season in my humble opinion.
  6. Bettis' days as TD vulture are numbered

    I agree with you about Willie, but how does Staley suck ? He was more than solid when healthy last year, his problem has been that he is injury-prone, but when he plays, he is still very good.
  7. That's what I thought last year after they beat the Pats and Eagles in successive weeks. When you stop and think about it, 5 home AFC Championships in 10 years is an amazing accomplishment, but choking in 4 of them is a very dubious accomplishment. They are becoming the Atlanta Braves of the NFL, or the Buffalo Bills of the AFC.
  8. Based on the first two weeks, I like the side that I am on, old man.
  9. Weekly Blitz

  10. Weekly Blitz

  11. First post has been edited with the participants and terms.
  12. So, do you think....

    oops, I mean
  13. So, do you think....

    Also, why did you have to say it was a "black" pot or "black" kettle. Does the color of the pot or kettle really matter here ? Racist !!!!
  14. I was wondering if anyone wanted to get a group Avatar / Sig Bet going between the Steeler fans of the Huddle and the Patriots fans of the Huddle for the big game on Sunday. I'm definitely game. The Rules: The losers will have to wear the official logo of the winners as their avatar from Monday morning until Friday afternoon. The losers will also have to wear a sig line presented by the winners (a short and sweet one) during that time. So, who is in ? In and betting with the Pittsburgh Steelers: Menudo Steeler Sqeegiebo Skippy sunysteelfly76 Sam In and betting with the New England Patriots: ced1001 msaint Vinatieri Is God Whiskey Pimp rellen13 charty nhoops wherethefugowie If the Steelers win, those betting with the Patriots will need to wear the following avatar and sig from Monday morning until Friday afternoon of next week: Steelers Avatar The Patriots had their run, but their time is over. The new kings of the NFL reside in Pittsburgh, and the Steelers will cruise to Detroit and get that one for the thumb. I believe in Cowher, Big Ben, Fast Willie, Hines, and the best defense in the NFL. HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO !!!! (Feel free to alter it or change it completely if you wish, fellow Steeler fans) If the Patriots win, those betting with the Steelers will need to wear the following avatar and sig from Monday morning until Friday afternoon of next week: Patriots Avatar I, hopeless Steelers fan, should have learned my lesson after the Patriots came into Heinz Field and spanked my Steelers in the AFC Championship game. I have finally come to realize that the Patriots are the best team in the NFL, and I wish some day, Little Ben can approach Tom Brady's level of excellence, poise, and class.