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  1. Brady or Big Ben?

  2. Brady or Big Ben?

    I could also start Shepard who’s been “safe” but not great
  3. Brady or Big Ben?

    Brady looked rough but that game could be a shootout. Also if Thielen is out should I start Claypool, Gallman, or Robby Anderson at flex in PPR?
  4. Must win. I'm screwed.

    Yeah I agree AP Juju and Cooks and Boyd .
  5. Need 2: claypool, Higgins or Jefferson

    I’d say Higgins is safest then Jefferson.
  6. Which RB? Harris or Johnson?

    Duke slightly cuz it’s PPR but I like Harris’ matchup
  7. Flex Help. Must win

    Lol thanks. I have him in there now
  8. Flex Help. Must win

    10 Team PPR league 2 flex spots I have Chubb and then either Claypool, D Harris, Thielen, or Robby Anderson?