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  1. What do I do???

    I have D Henderson and James Conner both banged up. Should I start D Williams tonight? Or wait and see if they gonna play? If 1 is out I’d have to start Mike Davis but if both are out I’d be kinda screwed. PPR league. They both are in my flex spots and I really don’t have any other great options to replace them
  2. JaMycal Hasty or Jeff Wilson Jr??

    I definitely like Wilson better
  3. I like Hillard’s matchup as Titans should control the clock. I still gotta give the edge to Wilson though
  4. Gaskin or Sony Michel?

    Yes I agree I’m sticking with him especially since it’s PPR. Thanks
  5. Gaskin or Sony Michel?

    Maybe I’ll stick with Gaskin
  6. Gaskin or Sony Michel?

    Henderson expected to sit or be very limited and both have nice matchups. PPR
  7. Start C Patterson or M Sanders? 1 PPR

    I have both Sanders and Patterson and I was gonna go Patterson. I was thinking about Sanders but Patterson is to heavily involved in that offense. The injury is a concern but I still give Patterson the edge
  8. No Corey Davis and good matchup for Moore. I’m a little concerned about Patterson’s injury but he’ll be heavily involved if he is really healthy. PPR league
  9. I could see Hunt getting a decent amount of receiving work but I’m not sure I’d trust him. Go Gaskin
  10. Darrell Williams or Alex Collins?

    I think I’m gonna let my 5 yr old pick since I can’t decide 🤣
  11. Darrell Williams or Alex Collins?

    Hey thanks. You too. Yeah I just missed out on Mark Ingram because I hesitated. Collins had one decent game but with Wilson back maybe he has a better day. I love/hate/love FF. Lol
  12. Darrell Williams or Alex Collins?

    Actually I’m really considering start D Johnson with Hunt still out. The Lions are awful…
  13. Darrell Williams or Alex Collins?

    I might even start D’Ernest Johnson even though I’m starting Chubb. Cleveland hopefully gonna run all day vs Det
  14. Darrell Williams or Alex Collins?

    Oh good move grabbing Wilson, unfortunately I didn’t have that option but he is gonna get the start.
  15. Darrell Williams or Alex Collins?

    Collins will get the volume but Williams better big play threat. FML! I got Chubb back this week at least. Lol