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  1. Seattle Huddlers

    Wish I could be there, but I'll be in Vegas. Enjoy your stay Big John.
  2. What a game

    I'm in that boat... life-long fan of both with family in SF and me living in Seattle. Worked just fine with one team in each conference. They even used to play each other every year in a meaningless preseason game.. Perfect, until the re-org.
  3. What a game

  4. What a game

    Loudest home crowd in the NFL is soft? There are some football cities with far more history than the Seahawks, so there should be no comparison against those fans. Not sure about the empty sports bar during a Seahawk game. Please tell me where they are so I can get my food and drink quicker than the packed bars I'm in. Greater Seattle area is largely made up of transients. You can look through the crowd of any Seahawk game and see a relatively high number of the opposing spamshirts in the stands. Usually those people are from other parts. See Down Goes Frazia, Sky, Digital Dan, etc. As for those of us born and raised here... what do you expect when Starbucks, Nordstrom, Microsoft and the Japanese own our sports franchises?
  5. What a game

    Nicely done, but we'll see part two next season
  6. What a game

    There is nothing soft about what's going on. This is how good Seattle fans bring it. Loud in the stadium, and Proud in the end.
  7. What a game

    Ouch.. the name callling
  8. A fumble just isnt a fumble anymore

    To go with the "fumble just insn't a fumble anymore" are all the close-call catches on the sidelines these days. Used to be that if the receiver had two feet in bounce and "came down' with the ball, it was a catch. Now, if the ball moves while he falls or steps out, it's incomplete regardless of if he holds onto it or not. No credit for a good catch.
  9. Uh oh... somebody is a little grouchy this mornin'..........
  10. What a game

    .... as I was saying. Guess I'll read further next time.
  11. What a game

    No, that's when the bedroom TV stays on
  12. What a game

  13. What a game

    #37 was open in the flats all day. They hit him once and it was good for 12 yards and a 1st. I think your point was my biggest frustration of this game. I can handle our patchwork secondary giving up the big plays, and some of the other things, but that one was the biggest for me. The playbook clearly does not include checking down to Shaun.
  14. He wasn't a good fit for SD?