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  1. Who do you like to win the Masters?

    love tiger to win it, but as bets go, gimme vijay at 16/1 as he seems to be playing well now, and i would throw some down at 50/1 on jose maria olazabal as he is always there on sunday in augusta
  2. Travis Henry likely cut on SAT

    Broncos | Team in negotiations with Henry Mon, 5 Mar 2007 07:36:43 -0800 Bill Williamson, of the Denver Post, reports the Denver Broncos spent the evening Sunday, March 4, negotiating a contract with free agent RB Travis Henry (Titans). The Broncos are expected to try to get a deal done with Henry before he leaves Denver
  3. Brackett

    although the two best days the colts have had against the run this season are the two that morris started for brackett.....
  4. Roll call-Post count

  5. All you athletes out there

    i like most here am a sports junkie and have played everything and had some great moments that i will cherish forever, but nothing tops coaching my son and his 10 yr old all start team to a district title. bunch of kids from the smallest drawing area in the district, but man they really got along well and could really play.
  6. Dynasty League Integrity

    as commish of the league that is under scrutiny here, i would provide the following points. 1. link to league , check rules 1.16, 2.5, and 2.6 ( as 1.16 applies to the other 2, it would be a matter of opinion of the commish and dpt commish ). another example of 1.16 is my using means outside these rules to find replacement owners on short notice. 2. the decision on both of the teams mentioned here involved me and the dpt commish. decisions on both teams were made to the best of our judgement at that time. 3. to my recall, other than lighthearted ribbing from me via AIM, no one in this league has ever PUBLICALLY said anything about you tanking or dogging it. this league has a cast of excellent owners and they understand that each situation warrants its own measures. 4. you were brought in to the league with the knowledge that you were experienced in this rule set and would use a logical means of resurecting this team, and you are doing just that. DESPITE THE PARANOIA, YOU MAY CONTINUE WITH YOUR REBUILD
  7. go the british mother now, lol, but the other i still have no clue
  8. got the staircase, but the british mother still escapes me, and the problem with the other is that i cant for the life of me tell what his noggin looks like, i was thinking poltergeist.
  9. 47, the staircase, lady with the kids and the dude that looks like a pole at the bottom right escape me.....
  10. Best Uniforms

    chicago blackhawks, hands down if i had to pick another, for simplicity alabama football unis
  11. theisman

    theisman is the culprit last night, but i am getting totally sick and tired of hearing former nfl quarterbacks, who are now analysts, talk about how tipped balls and the such should not be counted as interceptions on the qb record. correct me if my thinking is wrong, but if that is the standard you want to go by, then every time a wr or back creates RAC yds and tds that were obviously a product of his effort and not the throw (i.e. screen passes), then should the qb be denied the touchdown pass on his record ? sorry, just sick of hearing it, and theisman went there last night, so i had to rant........
  12. Erasmus James Out for the Season thinks ray edwards should get a shot first. purdue homer, and edwards owner...
  13. Muffed Extra Point!

    i too lost a game due to the muffed XP by minny
  14. How God Awful is Kornheiser?

    korny brings nothing to the show, he isnt funny......period, and if you think he is that only means you must have been drinking heavily. seemed to me several times the other two were trying to reign him in from some stupid rant. that being said, i too will take the second team which included vermeil. these guys were excellent considering the game that was being played was absolutely uninteresting.
  15. The All-Bust Team

    deion branch
  16. LLWS

    i submit to all who feel this way, go and see the event live, for more than just one day and you will come away quite possibly feeling a little different. been several times and its a great experience, the kids who are there to watch, as well as their parents, seem to be loving the whole atmosphere. for that matter, seeing the players walk around and hang with eachother, as well as talk to visitors to the park is a rather enjoyable experience.
  17. LLWS

    yeah, your NH boys who had to lose on purpose so they could win on protest, and that was just to get to the regional final, fine example there. oh and by the way, they explained that the kid from georgia wears his hat that way due to growin up with a drainage shunt in his scalp, he had to wear it slightly off like that for yrs, and when it was removed he just continued to wear his cap how it felt natural. not sticking up for him, as he does seem a little cocky, just relaying the story.
  18. Which movie is quoted the most among your friends?

    tommy boy - " richard, who was your favorite little rascal, was is alfalfa or spaaannkky ?" and lately, dodgeball has some good lines _ " youre about as useful as a poopy flavored lolipop" or " they dont exactly make a your dodgeball coach was killed by a thousand pounds of irony hallmark card, now do they "
  19. Favorite Professional or NCAA logo?

    chicago blackhawks logo
  20. Any chance for Rhodes?

    interesting tidbit at the very end of this article
  21. this is the draft that this thread was started about
  22. just to update where this draft ended off at ronnie brown, the next choice was duece mcallister, and ide love any thoughts on him at 1.15 and where he has gone in other like drafts.
  23. What REALLY pisses me off about this game

    so one seattle guy then, lol, musta been right after halftime, i had turned it off and was planning on watching anything else at that point.