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  1. richest americans ever

    If Gates = 82 billion at 1/152 of GDP John D's wealth would be somewhere near 200 billion in today's dollars. (and that's before price gouging)
  2. Family Fued

  3. Family Fued

  4. Family Fued

    policeman fireman
  5. Family Fued

  6. Family Fued

  7. Family Fued

  8. TheHuddle.com is worth $2,206,643

    nba.com is $70,258,357
  9. TheHuddle.com is worth $2,206,643

    cnn is 60 million. Haven't found something larger than sex.com yet
  10. Feeling a bit too productive today?

    How does it cheat? I haven't seen the cheating yet.
  11. Feeling a bit too productive today?

    Just won a 2 player game where I went 1st. 2 player is tougher though...I think.
  12. Feeling a bit too productive today?

    Just won an 8 player where I went 5th. Tough game.
  13. KC Homers

    The only things I know about De'Arrius Howard 1. He went to Arkansas. Eventually he lost his job to super freshman Darren McFadden. 2. He was a heavily recruited HS player who set all kinds of records playing in Memphis. 3. He's big and fast...5'11" 229 lbs...runs the 40 in 4.45 or so. He never really seemed to put it together at Arkansas, his stats quite frankly stink. But then in the East-West Shrine game, he starred...scoring 3 TD's. Without Priest, I think howard has a decent enough shot to win the #2. Of course I just drafted De'Arrius, so maybe I'm biased.
  14. Moved Rudi thread

    Holy crap.
  15. [DYNASTY] If you had Rudi

    Yeah...he did let me know these things. I guess my problem is that this team's power is concentrated at RB and average or below average at the other spots. Which in most leagues is fine. But in this league, RB's have they're power tempered a bit by the rules. .5 ppr for WR's and TE's bring up their value a significant notch, but the kicker is the max. 2 RB's starting. That really kills RB value IMO. So in my eyes, this league does not reward RB-hoarding, so why should I put a premium on that tactic? before the trade, I have great RB's and average (or below average) everywhere else...but with 2 picks that will allow me to address other needs. After the trade, I have great RB's and average or below average everywhere else and no picks. I think I'll just find a sucker for Rudi.