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  1. Gus Edwards injury

    Agreed- my post was somewhat in jest... then again there's still a few days til the game. Better put Tyson in some bubblewrap
  2. Gus Edwards injury

    So Lev Bell goes from Practice Squad to being Week 1 starter... in less than 48 hours?
  3. Saints cut Latavius Murray

    Nah ... LevBell will save the day in BAL I can actually see Murray in SEA, NYG or even CAR Considering recent ...very recent... events i would like to add BAL to my list lol
  4. Austin Ekeler (hamstring) sits out Wednesday practice

    JJ cant seem to stay healthy either unfortunately ..... Rountree anyone?
  5. Saints cut Latavius Murray

    He'll find a home pretty quick me thinks .... long list of places that could use him
  6. Austin Ekeler (hamstring) sits out Wednesday practice

    new year ...same ekeler
  7. Chargers fire Anthony Lynn

    Sorry, i like Lynn- seems like a good guy, but i didnt think he was a good head coach. His decision making and clock management got worse over time- not better. He also seemed to be overwhelmed in big moments. Now dont get me wrong here- not a fan at all of Spanos- but i dont disagree with moving on after 4 years.
  8. Ravens vs Browns (MNF)

    best game ive seen in a loooooong time and thank you Mr Hunt !
  9. Who's your personal FF MVP?

    Looking back -grabbing Mike Davis with the 20th pick (and not having CMC) in one FFPC league definitely helped get that team in the playoffs. On another team, taking Kelce with the 8th pick in the first round really worked out well
  10. Ekeler activated from IR

    yeah was a hammy and hyper extended knee - he was on the IR and just got activated. I dont know of any covid issue-- but maybe i missed it. At any rate, to answer Big John -- my guess is they work him in ...maybe 6-10 touches. At least thats what they SHOULD do .... knowing the Chargers he'll get 36 carries.
  11. Just picked up Lee Evans

    I would imagine that the entire ARI Offense will be having a rough go of it against CHI.... Perhaps garbage time numbers are to be had, but its risky even to rely on that against CHI. I would sit Boldin....go with the other2 this week.
  12. Status of Roy Williams

    He seems to be listed as Probable, participated in some of Wed practice, missed todays practice due to personal reasons and not the stinger. If he practices tomorrow I would expect him to play, not sure how effective he'll be , but he should play.
  13. Pick 2 RB's

    fugly would be a better way to put it i would go with Gore and KJ......and i really have no support for my choice other than i think the rook will have trouble against MIA....he did good in garbage time last week but this week will be different. good luck.

    yeah probably...he gets a ton of looks, appears to have good hands and will see even more with Booker out this week. i am in a PPR league so Welker > Baskett imo in a non-PPR league its more off a toss up...i just think theres more opportunity for Welker.
  15. WDIS - Smith or Fuerry

    not knowing any of the particulars of your scoring I would go with Furrey.