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  1. Just picked up Lee Evans

    I would imagine that the entire ARI Offense will be having a rough go of it against CHI.... Perhaps garbage time numbers are to be had, but its risky even to rely on that against CHI. I would sit Boldin....go with the other2 this week.
  2. Status of Roy Williams

    He seems to be listed as Probable, participated in some of Wed practice, missed todays practice due to personal reasons and not the stinger. If he practices tomorrow I would expect him to play, not sure how effective he'll be , but he should play.
  3. Pick 2 RB's

    fugly would be a better way to put it i would go with Gore and KJ......and i really have no support for my choice other than i think the rook will have trouble against MIA....he did good in garbage time last week but this week will be different. good luck.

    yeah probably...he gets a ton of looks, appears to have good hands and will see even more with Booker out this week. i am in a PPR league so Welker > Baskett imo in a non-PPR league its more off a toss up...i just think theres more opportunity for Welker.
  5. WDIS - Smith or Fuerry

    not knowing any of the particulars of your scoring I would go with Furrey.

    I dont think Donte will play...he has a slight tear in his hammy. Baskett is kinda risky because it seems like its gonna be someone different every week who has the big game. But you said play the upside, and Baskett does have the potential. Go for it!
  7. Stallworth slight hamstring tear

    Slight tear....nice. he should be back on the field in no time.
  8. Roy Williams Hurt

    Hopefully not the same one they use to run the team.....
  9. WDIS: Coles or Roy Williams

    Roy is probable....sounds like a game-time decision for you
  10. Joey Harrington

    I cant imagine he will do any better in MIA than he did in DET..... and that wasn't very good.
  11. Need WR Help

    Rod Smith
  12. jennings is available? 6 team league? wow i would grab him in a second.
  13. I think you should steer clear of Stallworth and his hammy. Your WRs are pretty weak with or without Muhammad. Come to think of it your roster is pretty weak. You in trouble bro.
  14. WR WW Help

    Your choices are worse than mine...but on that list I would only think that Kennison makes sense at this point.
  15. Big Trade

    I cant see how that trade would be accepted by the other guy... But yeah it would improve your team. BTW Who is Ellie Manning? Great now I got Beverly Hillbillies in the brain