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  1. Vick Indicted

    Called the Falcons ticket office the other day & told them we would not be renewing our season tickets if Vick remains a member of the organization. Tough decision as there's lots of players on that team I really like. Warrick Dunn is definitely one of my favorite players & not just because he's the little guy that could when so many said he couldn't, but also because of how he put his family on his back even before he got to the NFL & pulled them up & out of poverty, his continuing & unwavering humanitarian work. Keith brooking is another one of my favorite players. Salt of the earth lunch pail blue collar guy from Senoia Ga. Loved watching him play at Ga Tech & then was thrilled when the Falcons drafted him. Now I know that dog fighting is a world wide sport that is wildly popular & even condoned in other parts of the world (South East Asia in particular), but this is here, it's our culture & we have laws against it as we recognize that dog fighting is wrong. I'm also more than aware that sometimes dogs are put down for failing to perform. When I was first out of school, I traveled a lot & during my travels I happened to work a on a sheep farm & then a cattle station (in Australia). On both farms there were of course working dogs, pets somewhat, but first & foremost, they were working dogs. I did see where some dogs from a litter were given a couple of years to show if they had the talent / instinct / smarts to pick up the skills needed to be working dogs. If they didn't show the aptitude, one day I'd see them head off for a ride they never came back from. Quickly & humanely put down with a 22. Every man, woman, child & dog has to pull their weight on a working farm. No free rides there. But I never saw any of the farmers take any satisfaction. In fact when they returned without the dog, they were always subdued & quiet for the rest of the day. They certainly never took any perverse pleasure in putting down the dog(s) & never got off on electrocuting, drowning or beating a dog to death. But Vick's actions are different. I don't care that he was raised around it. It's illegal & in our culture we know it's wrong. The "But everyone else is doing it" is an excuse when you're a little kid, but a grown man knows better. The sick & perverse ways he had dogs dispatched is just cruel. I do think Child Molesters, Murderers, Rapists etc are much worse criminals than Vick, but he's not far behind.
  2. Vick Indicted

    I've been a long time Vick defender regarding his play at QB. Never thought his play was anywhere near as bad as some liked to make out. On his personal less than stellar life, I excused the Ron Mexico thing as that broad being a gold digger. The finger was excused as poor self control. Those fans were three sheets to the wind & were heckling the wrong guy anyway. Personally I would've pulled a Jose Canseco on 'em, but I'm not a star athlete & role model whereas Vick is. The infamous Water Bottle episode? Nothing there after testing. But this? Nope. Can't excuse this. I hope Goodell is proactive about this & goes ahead & gives him at least 4 games warming the bench right now...with the understanding that the suspension will be extended to a minimum year ban, if not life time, if convicted of any dog fighting related charges. Man, I hope Joey H earns the nickname "Renaissance Man" this year.
  3. Vick is all done

    Then you recall wrong. During Vick's best play off run, the Falcons D was pretty middling. 2004 Falcons had the NFL's 17th ranked D. During Sexy Rexy's play off run, Da Bears had an outstanding D. 2006 Bears had the NFL's 5th ranked D. No comparison on Special Teams either. From Field Goal kicker to Return Man, Chicago's Special 2006 Teams was light years ahead of the Falcons 2004 Special Teams.
  4. NFL Ticket

    Picture perfect? No. More than adequate for $300.00+ less? Yes
  5. NFL Ticket

    I've always had the Sunday Ticket, but after trying stream tv last year, methinks I'm going to cancelling. Just can't see paying $229.00 for the Sunday Ticket & another $99.00 for the Super, Fan when I can get all the games via my PC with video out card hooked up to my 52" TV for only $11.99 Sure I'll only get cable or over air games in HD, but for the rest of the games, you can't beat $11.99 ~ vs ~ $328.00
  6. Randy Moss going to workouts

    Cool. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Vick is all done

  8. Vick is all done Unfortunately subscription required for entire story & BugMeNot doesn't work
  9. Randy Moss going to workouts Still early, but this sounds like the same ol' same ol' from Moss.
  10. Vick is all done

    I'm good, but not that good. 30 minutes.
  11. Vick is all done

    Get back to telling us all how great Rothlessbust is would ya?
  12. Comcast and the NFL Network

    Exactly what I've been thinking Atomic.
  13. Vick is all done

    Ain't nothing to make up about DW. Just a spirited debate
  14. Vince Young works out with WRs

    100% agree. Tenn looks like they've got themselves yet another boanfide QB. I wish the QB of my favorite team would exhibited similar traits.
  15. Vick is all done

    You just can't do it can ya BB?