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  1. Vick Indicted

    Called the Falcons ticket office the other day & told them we would not be renewing our season tickets if Vick remains a member of the organization. Tough decision as there's lots of players on that team I really like. Warrick Dunn is definitely one of my favorite players & not just because he's the little guy that could when so many said he couldn't, but also because of how he put his family on his back even before he got to the NFL & pulled them up & out of poverty, his continuing & unwavering humanitarian work. Keith brooking is another one of my favorite players. Salt of the earth lunch pail blue collar guy from Senoia Ga. Loved watching him play at Ga Tech & then was thrilled when the Falcons drafted him. Now I know that dog fighting is a world wide sport that is wildly popular & even condoned in other parts of the world (South East Asia in particular), but this is here, it's our culture & we have laws against it as we recognize that dog fighting is wrong. I'm also more than aware that sometimes dogs are put down for failing to perform. When I was first out of school, I traveled a lot & during my travels I happened to work a on a sheep farm & then a cattle station (in Australia). On both farms there were of course working dogs, pets somewhat, but first & foremost, they were working dogs. I did see where some dogs from a litter were given a couple of years to show if they had the talent / instinct / smarts to pick up the skills needed to be working dogs. If they didn't show the aptitude, one day I'd see them head off for a ride they never came back from. Quickly & humanely put down with a 22. Every man, woman, child & dog has to pull their weight on a working farm. No free rides there. But I never saw any of the farmers take any satisfaction. In fact when they returned without the dog, they were always subdued & quiet for the rest of the day. They certainly never took any perverse pleasure in putting down the dog(s) & never got off on electrocuting, drowning or beating a dog to death. But Vick's actions are different. I don't care that he was raised around it. It's illegal & in our culture we know it's wrong. The "But everyone else is doing it" is an excuse when you're a little kid, but a grown man knows better. The sick & perverse ways he had dogs dispatched is just cruel. I do think Child Molesters, Murderers, Rapists etc are much worse criminals than Vick, but he's not far behind.
  2. Vick Indicted

    I've been a long time Vick defender regarding his play at QB. Never thought his play was anywhere near as bad as some liked to make out. On his personal less than stellar life, I excused the Ron Mexico thing as that broad being a gold digger. The finger was excused as poor self control. Those fans were three sheets to the wind & were heckling the wrong guy anyway. Personally I would've pulled a Jose Canseco on 'em, but I'm not a star athlete & role model whereas Vick is. The infamous Water Bottle episode? Nothing there after testing. But this? Nope. Can't excuse this. I hope Goodell is proactive about this & goes ahead & gives him at least 4 games warming the bench right now...with the understanding that the suspension will be extended to a minimum year ban, if not life time, if convicted of any dog fighting related charges. Man, I hope Joey H earns the nickname "Renaissance Man" this year.
  3. Vick is all done

    Then you recall wrong. During Vick's best play off run, the Falcons D was pretty middling. 2004 Falcons had the NFL's 17th ranked D. During Sexy Rexy's play off run, Da Bears had an outstanding D. 2006 Bears had the NFL's 5th ranked D. No comparison on Special Teams either. From Field Goal kicker to Return Man, Chicago's Special 2006 Teams was light years ahead of the Falcons 2004 Special Teams.
  4. NFL Ticket

    Picture perfect? No. More than adequate for $300.00+ less? Yes
  5. NFL Ticket

    I've always had the Sunday Ticket, but after trying stream tv last year, methinks I'm going to cancelling. Just can't see paying $229.00 for the Sunday Ticket & another $99.00 for the Super, Fan when I can get all the games via my PC with video out card hooked up to my 52" TV for only $11.99 Sure I'll only get cable or over air games in HD, but for the rest of the games, you can't beat $11.99 ~ vs ~ $328.00
  6. Randy Moss going to workouts

    Cool. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Vick is all done

  8. Vick is all done Unfortunately subscription required for entire story & BugMeNot doesn't work
  9. Randy Moss going to workouts Still early, but this sounds like the same ol' same ol' from Moss.
  10. Vick is all done

    I'm good, but not that good. 30 minutes.
  11. Vick is all done

    Get back to telling us all how great Rothlessbust is would ya?
  12. Comcast and the NFL Network

    Exactly what I've been thinking Atomic.
  13. Vick is all done

    Ain't nothing to make up about DW. Just a spirited debate
  14. Vince Young works out with WRs

    100% agree. Tenn looks like they've got themselves yet another boanfide QB. I wish the QB of my favorite team would exhibited similar traits.
  15. Vick is all done

    You just can't do it can ya BB?
  16. Vick is all done

    Well Mr. Career Prosecutor, I'd love to continue debating your slurring of a fellow prosecutor who is married to a district judge as being a racist, slandering him as incompetent & insuating that he might be corrupt as well as pointing out your knowledge of the dog breeding business and the tools used therein, is extremely limited, but unlike you I'm not on the taxpayers dime. I actually have to work for a living. Until next time Mon Amis.
  17. Vick is all done

    Why not? You don't seem to have a problem believing Poindexter is racist, incompetent & possibly corrupt. Doh! Couldn't help yourself could you? had to check her credentials anyway.
  18. Vick is all done

    In the very first sentence of this post, you're still dispatching disparaging remarks Poindexter's way & insinuating lies. So Poindexter was in the process of executing a correctly worded warrant, at least according to his statements. You do realize that the warrant he was carefully wording would have been the THIRD (3rd) search warrant issued from his office? You obviously have an axe to grind here with Poindexter over a case you are far removed from & truly have no idea as to what is going on behind the scenes. I would hope that cases & defendants that come under your review, get a fairer shake than you have thus far displayed towards one of your own peers. And while you have now subsided in your slanderous insinuations of incompetence & corruption against a fellow prosecutor, you still insist on suggesting racial animus by Poindexter from his comments as to why the Federal Dept of Ag has stepped into the investigation without combining resources. Even a Professor of law (you know, the person who taught you what you know about the law) says it seems strange for the Feds to sweep in like this & then not share information. The is the only racial overtone to anything Poindexter has said in regards to the Feds Dept of Ag stepping into the investigation is "I don't know if it's racial." From those six(6) words, you belabor the race card of a fellow prosecutor? You have slandered a fellow prosecutor as incompetent, insinuated corruption & belabored the race card to a fellow prosecutor who is married to Gammiel Poindexter, General District Court judge for the 6th Judicial Circuit and sits in the city of Hopewell and Sussex County. You truly are a piece of work aren't you? Also, it was not only your incorrect terminology of calling the breeding stand seized a "rape stand" but your absolute conviction in getting up on your soap box & proclaiming to all & sundry that the "rape stand"was the only item among all of the materials seized, that was relevant to a dog breeding kennel. Plain & simply, your pompous diatribe was incorrect & exhibited either an extreme ignorance to the dog breeding business, or simply spouting off at the mouth without true though or understanding, probably because you seem to have a rather inflated opinion of yourself.
  19. Vick is all done Interesting! So the incompetent & possibly corrupt Poindexter (at least according to our resident prosecutor DW) has brought one of our nations top forensic vets & one of the nations top animal crime scene investigators to assist with his investigation, the Feds (Dept of Ag) has not even made cursoury contact with this expert.
  20. Vick is all done

    Because while he may or may not be competent in his chosen profession, he clearly knows jack about the dog breeding business & sure was quick to throw one of his fellow prosecutors under the bus.
  21. Vick is all done

    Just so you know, incompetent prosecutors aren't limited to the size of a city you incredible nincompoop. And your saying he's one of the smartest people you've ever met, ain't exactly a ringing endorsement. This time when you put me on ignore, do us all a favor & keep it like that.
  22. Current ADP - WRs

    Yes. Not that I think Colston can't do it, just that there are so many other believers.
  23. Shaun Rogers accused of sexual assault

    "Gold Digger" looking for easy money.
  24. Vick is all done

  25. Vick is all done

    Your own comments perhaps? Seems to me you wouldn't have made those comments if you'd have known Poindexter had recently been involved with another dog fighting case of 30+ counts, which was thrown out due to an improperly worded search warrant & was in the process of executing a correctly written search warrant. Especially now that I know you're a fellow prosecutor. But tell me something Mr. Career Prosecutor. If you were involved in a case which is similar to a recent case you had which ended up getting tossed out of court due to an improperly worded search warrant, wouldn't you make dam sure that you crossed every t & dotted every i, for the new search warrant? To me, if you didn't, then you're an incompetent boob & not worthy of the salary we're paying you. So either; A.) You were indeed ignorant of the above & did not read up on Poindexter. or B.) You're in the habit of throwing your peers under the bus with slander & insinuations of corruption, even though aware of the surrounding circumstances. To begin with Mr. Career Prosecutor, you put your pants on each day of the week same as me, so color me thoroughly unimpressed. Secondly, how am I supposed to know that you're not just as much of an incompetent hack (if not more!!!) that you ever so graciously paint your fellow prosecutor to be? So under the original drug warrant the authorities were still authorized to go through & seize a tread mill, break stick, breeding stand (not a "rape stand". Only the sensationalist media & ignorant schome's like yourself refer to a breeding stand as a "rape stand") & personal mail, blood stained carpet, but could not seize other items in plain sight? Hmmmmmm....I wonder how they were able to determine that it was actual blood on the carpet they seized & drops of blood found in the room? Maybe they just pulled out a Ouija board & summoned the spirits of the 37 dead dogs to tell them. Or maybe, because drugs are often associated with guns & guns are often associated with violent crimes, they do have the chemical necessary to test for blood along with the other chemicals needed to test for drug residue in their kits? Nahhhh, that's too logical. We'll go with your supposition that they don't have the chemical necessary for blood testing in their kits & stick with the Ouija board concept. I refrained form correcting you on these gross inaccuracies before, but there's just too much BS here. Any legitimate large breeding kennel of potentially aggressive dogs, be they Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, Chows, Presa Canarios etc...etc...etc...will have a break stick or two on hand to separate the dogs if they happen to go after each other. A "Breeding Stand" (only ignorant schomes like yourself & the sensationalist media refers to it as a "rape stand") are ALWAYS used in legitimate kennels for natural mating. It is to ensure that when the dogs are locked up (can be as long as 30 minutes) the female does not become agitated & attack the male and do damage. A tread mill(s) is / are a common tool(s) that any large legitimate breeding kennel will have to keep the dogs toned & in shape. It's just not financially feasible to have the necessary large staff needed to physically walk / run the dogs of a large breeding kennel. Any legitimate breeding kennel will have a room, or area, set aside for birthing. Guess what happens during the birthing of puppies Mr. Career Prosecutor? The blood that the drug authorities found using their Ouija board. Any legitimate breeding kennel (large or small) will have syringes and veterinary equipment on hand. As to the sex & ages of the 66 dogs seized from the property in question, that information has not been made available. In short shut the SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS !!! up skippy. You either have no idea what you are talking about or you have spewed your nonsense with no actual thought. Either way your ignorance offends me and your condescending attitude invites a bitch slapping.