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  1. March Madness 2021

    Congrats on the win Irish. I knew that I would slide down if Baylor won. I'm still glad that they won the championship though since I had picked them to win more in brackets than I had Gonzaga winning.
  2. Playoff Contest

    Send me an invite please.
  3. I doubt that they would drop Chubb if it was a keeper league or if he still had a consolation game going on. There's no doubt that he should not be dropped or any owner still in the running should not be able to pick him up.
  4. Bears trade up to draft Trubisky

    There are other sites that will bring up old topics when they want to talk about somebody. Three, four years ago...doesn't matter.
  5. Jerry Burns

    Whew, so glad that this wasn't a RIP post.
  6. NFL Postpones Steelers vs. Ravens Thanksgiving Night Game

    MFL: 1. How will the Week 12 Ravens-Steels schedule change effect my league? Answer: For week 12, the Ravens-Steelers game has been moved (again) to Wednesday at 3:40pm ET. The NFL made a similar change back in week 5, but here is a reminder of how things will be handled this week: * The scores will count in the current week. So the upcoming Wed afternoon game will be included in week 12 scores. * IMPORTANT: Please do NOT change any of your league calendar or waiver settings. * The system will still process your waiver events, but they will be delayed until about 2 hours after the Wednesday game is completed. * In other words, there will be a waiver "blackout" from Monday night until Wednesday. Any waiver events that you have scheduled between the end of the Monday night game and the end of the Wed game will be postponed until after the Wed game is finished being processed. This will happen automatically, so you don't need to change any of your league settings or calendar events. * About 2 hours after the Wed game is completed, the final scores and standings for week 12 will be calculated. It will take a couple of hours to process the final stats and generate the final results and update the standings, so plesae be patient after the game ends! All of the waiver processing that would normally have been done on Tuesday and Wednesday will be processed a couple of hours after the Wed game is done. How will this affect your league? For most leagues that lock players on Sunday or Monday and then process waivers (blind bidding or regular waivers) on Wed nights, this postponed game will not change much. Everything will still operate like a normal week except that you'll have to wait longer for the final results. Then after the standings are updated on Wed (shortly after the game), your Wed night waivers will process as usual. If your league normally does waiver processing on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during the day, then those transactions will be delayed automatically. You won't need to make any changes to your league calendar. The waivers will still process, but not until a couple of hours after the Wednesday game results are finalized.
  7. NFL Postpones Steelers vs. Ravens Thanksgiving Night Game

    I just heard that it will be treated the same as if it were a Tuesday game. It will count towards this week and the system will hold off on waivers until the week has completed.
  8. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    My first FF season I had Steve Beuerlein. He was a fantasy machine for just that year.
  9. Will Fuller suspended 6 games

    I have Brandin Cooks in every league I'm in. I also have him and Aikins in the Football Guys subscriber contest.
  10. You can't just drop a player and not say that nobody is allowed to pick him up unless that is a league rule. If you need to start two QBs and are only allowed to have three, then you should have a viable alternative on your team. Sucks to be him. You should be able to have more Qbs on your roster.
  11. Is this ethical?

    We require that you can't drop a player you just added until 24 hours.
  12. I will take a team in league 2 but I can't log in. My email is immikesvikes@gmail.com want to put that in one of the openings.


    Hope your staying dry down there.




  13. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    I always knew you had a good sense of humor, BJ. That was funny. Answering FF questions.
  14. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    This was a good stance, imo. Based on how the system works, being accused and being committed are definetly two different things. I'm not defending Vick here, but I applaud Loaf on this.
  15. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Bad Leroy Brown Well the south side of Chicago ATLANTA Is the baddest part of town And if you go down there You better just beware Of a man named MICHAEL VICK Now MICHAEL more than trouble You see he stand bout six foot four All the downtown ladies call him treetop lover All the mens just call him sir And its bad, bad MICHAEL VICK The baddest man in the whole damn town Badder than old king kong And meaner than a junkyard dog Now MICHAEL he a gambler And he like his fancy clothes And he like to wave his diamond rings In front of everybodys nose He got a custom continental He got an eldorado too He got a 32 gun in his pocket for fun He got a razor in his shoe And its bad, bad MICHAEL VICK The baddest man in the whole damn town Badder than old king kong And meaner than a junkyard dog Well friday bout a week ago MICHAEL shootin dice dogs And at the edge of the bar Sat a girl named doris And ooh that girl looked nice Well he cast his eyes upon her And the trouble soon began And MICHAEL VICK learned a lesson (?) bout messin with the wife of a jealous man Sexually transmitted disease again And its bad, bad MICHAEL VICK The baddest man in the whole damned town Badder than old king kong And meaner than a junkyard dog, Well the two men took DOGS to fightin And when they pulled them from the floor MICHAEL'S DOG looked like a jigsaw puzzle With a couple of pieces gone And its bad, bad MICHAEL VICK The baddest man in the whole damn town Badder than old king kong And meaner than a junkyard dog