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  1. DC Madame's List

    D.C. Madame My A List: David Vitter Randall Tobias Ted Kennedy Skins Bill Clinton W (Don't call him by anything else) Anybody with a Ted Kennedy good customer discount
  2. Which draft slot should I take?

    You'd get a very decent player with the #4 pick and you get to pick earlier in the 3rd for possibly a great receiver. If there's some reaching involved, your second rounder should be solid as well. Especially if the first two rounds include more than a few Qbs.
  3. Twins game today

    The Twins will play a double header with the White Sox today. This is for game one. First the Bad news: The Twins are giving up 10 runs right now. Now for the Good news: The Twins are scoring 18 Runs right now. In the 8th inning Twins have 18R 20H 1E WSox have 10R 13H 5E As I type the Twins have the bases loaded and I had to update the White Sox errors to 5 now.
  4. i am sticky

    I went to a wedding Saturday. It was over 95 and I was probably one of the few with a sportcoat on. Like a dummy. At work, we always have to wear a suit or sportcoat.
  5. WalMart Oil Change

    I've changed the oil in my car since I was 16. Now I either go to Walmart or some rapid oil change place. I don't want to mess with it and the 100% chance of getting oil spills either in the garage or driveway. The Rapid oil change place that I like is right next to a Culver's restaurant. Yummy. The car is always ready by the time I'm done eating at the restaurant.
  6. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    I'd like to see what the odds are of this happening.
  7. From the studs on the roster last season, one of those receivers tied a team record last year. Billy McMullin matched a record from a long list of great receivers that the team has had. Randy Moss, Cris Carter, Anthony Carter, Ahmad Rashad, Sammy White, John Gilliam, plus many more never exceeded the record Billy tied. What could Billy possibly have done to match one of these studs? He matched the Vikings record for the shortest own-fumble recovery TD at 0 yards.
  8. Best Athlete By Number

    #14 Don Hutson #74 Bob Lilly #81 Night Train Lane is not better than Tim Brown?
  9. Worst Football Team of All Time?

    Maybe they should get the Bucs on MNF anytime a team hits the 0-12, or 0-13 mark so they can defend their honor. Of course 2-14 or 1-15 isn't good enough to match the futility.
  10. Football Trivia

    There really wouldn't be any other solution.
  11. Best Athlete By Number

    Every time I hear his name all I can think of is "just a little pinch between my teeth and gums." Btw, 44 could only be one and only Chuck Foreman. Good call on #70 for Jim Marshall. There will never be another one like him, ever.
  12. Pool drains suck. Just ask the family of the little girl in this story. link Pool-drain victim undergoes surgery By Jeff Strickler and Susan Feyder, Star Tribune Last update: July 04, 2007 – 10:29 PM A 6-year-old Edina girl remained hospitalized in serious condition Wednesday after an unusual accident in which several feet of her intestine were pulled out by the suction of a swimming pool drain. Abigail Taylor was injured Friday in the wading pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club in St. Louis Park and taken to Children's Hospital for surgery. "It's a horrible, life-altering injury," said Robert Bennett, the attorney for Abigail's parents, Scott and Kathryn Taylor. Bennett said doctors had to perform surgery to remove the part of Abigail's intestine that remained following the accident. He said it is likely that she will have to be fed intravenously for the rest of her life. Bennett said doctors now are concentrating on preventing infection and managing pain, and are also deciding what course to take on further potential medical procedures to treat the injury. Bennett said Abigail does not yet know the full extent of her injuries. "She knows she's been hurt," he said. "She's a strong little girl. How she extricated herself from that drain I'll never know." Although some details of the accident are still fuzzy, it is known that Abigail was able to free herself from the drain and get out of the pool on her own without calling for help. As a result, the extent of her injuries wasn't immediately evident to the people near her. In a message posted on the Caring Bridge, a nonprofit Internet site that offers free Web pages to families of people recovering from illness or injuries, the Taylors said the protective cover on the pool's drain had come off. If so, the scenario of the injury fits a pattern that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warned about in a 2005 report, "Guidelines for Entrapment Hazards: Making Pools and Spas Safer." According to the report, if a child sits on an open drain, the suction, which can reach several hundred pounds per square inch, can rupture the rectum and eviscerate the child in a matter of seconds. There have been three such incidents since 1990. The most recent was two years ago when a 3-year-old was disemboweled by a hot tub drain. None of those accidents was fatal, although in the same time span 13 people, most of them children, drowned after being caught in underwater drains. Abigail's injury comes as Congress is considering new pool-safety regulations. Instead of having one main drain, both public and private pools would be required to have multiple drains with reduced suction. Owners of existing pools would be able to install safety release sensors that will turn off the suction if it the system is blocked. The Minneapolis Golf Club referred calls to its insurance company, which wasn't open Wednesday because of the holiday. Bennett described the Taylors, who have three other daughters, "as brave and optimistic." He said they are focused on Abigail's immediate recovery, her long-term future care and steps that can be taken "to make sure this kind of thing never happens to anyone else again."
  13. Best Athlete By Number

    Could've sworn that JB was #32.
  14. Best Athlete By Number

    88 is a very popular number but they got that one right with Alan Page. League MVP as a defensive player.
  15. Best Athlete By Number

    Tom Brady? How many others were overlooked for that one?
  16. Al Gore's kid busted

    Maybe all the old folks driving around doing 20 with the turn signal blinking are stoned?
  17. Transformers!

    You don't have to know anything about Transformers to enjoy the movie.
  18. Transformers!

    I saw it Tuesday and we absolutely loved it. Me and the wife wanted to go see Licensed to Wed and my boy wanted to see Transformers. We said that if he didn't like L2W, that we would go see Transformers afterwards. Well of course he didn't like the chick flick. We all liked Transformers much more.
  19. Who works commission only?

    I worked on straight commission selling insurance and didn't like it. Like mentioned above, it's strictly a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more appointments you get. The more appointments you get the more sales you get. The more sales you get the happier your family is.
  20. New format screen is too wide

    Thanks for asking Whomper. Fair trade off at work. It works when I'm at the Huddle now.
  21. Monkeys don't live 1000 years. Big John, Is that correct?
  22. FYI, it's possible that LT2 doesn't lead the league in FF but it won't be because somebody else is better than him. It will be because he has a down year or has an injury.
  23. Lol. I thought that Loaf was going to show the door on his post.
  24. Picked up a couple of FF rags last weekend

    I wouldn't expect anything more from the NFL magazine. I got the Fanball magazine because I like their sense of humor more than anything. The magazine lacks the depth that you'd like from a magazine and I couldn't finish reading the team analysis' because it had one sentence for each position on the team followed by 2 paragraphs of funny analogies. I guess that you get what you ask for.
  25. Greasy Al loses another one

    So Al moved the team away from Oakland against the wishes of the league, and he's pissed because they didn't build him a stadium there?