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  1. Buzz: Harbaugh to Miami Dolphins

    I saw that he had to take a hugh pay cut at Michigan and the luster has worn off of the team for him. Personally, I wouldn't want to watch him coach the Vikings and whine every call and work the refs week in and week out. Maybe that's just me.
  2. Playoff Contest

    Looks like I'm already set up. I see your Venmo.
  3. Playoff Fantasy Football is almost here!!

    Yes this one too.
  4. 2022 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    I just sent $40 on Venmo for four spots on each sheet. Thanks.
  5. Fantasy schedule (changes?)

    Did I mention that I also run a 10 man league? The league has varied in numbers but last year we had 10. Our schedule this year will be play division opponents twice and non-division opponents each exactly once. (four playoff weeks.) First playoff week is like a play in game with two match ups. Then the next three weeks the remaining eight teams finish it off.
  6. Fantasy schedule (changes?)

    Which teams have a bye in weeks 15 and 16?
  7. Fantasy schedule (changes?)

    This one counts. Why would you want to play a playoff game with NFL teams on a bye? Good points on 10 man leagues, but in a 12 man with three divisions, everyone can play division opponents twice and every non division opponents once.
  8. Guillotine leagues?

    We went to Disney earlier this year. I have a grandson that just qualifies to ride. When I ride with him the strap fits nicely over me but there's like a 8 inch gap for him. There were a few times when I thought he'd fly out.
  9. Guillotine leagues?

    I wouldn't play in a Guillotine league exclusively. But it's kind like climbing a roller coaster and not knowing what's going to happen when you fall. Hint, you usually make it out ok on a roller coaster.
  10. Guillotine leagues?

    If some of you want in on mine, there's no reason that I couldn't join a fellow Viking fan in his league. I haven't done any Guillotine leagues.com yet. Been way too busy with some cheap BestBall leagues that have been drafting like forever now.
  11. Guillotine leagues?

    You can always be the Huddle Floozy and join my league. I need three. hmmm.
  12. Need Owners for Guillotine League

    immikesvikes at gmail.com
  13. Second Annual UFFDA Guillotine League 34 total teams: Two UFFDA Conferences (Ole & Sven). 17 teams per conference. Winner of each conference will play each other for the Overall UFFDA Guillotine Championship. Conference championship will be played Week 16. The Overall UFFDA Championship will be played Week 17. Guillotine Format: Lowest team of the week gets cut and that team's players all enter the Free Agency. Teams are then given until Wednesday 10:00 a.m. of each week to place a Blind Bid on players. Teams have $1,000 blind bidding money to use for the season. After waivers clear, players are first come first serve. Players that are dropped during waivers are locked for 24 hours and can be claimed after that time. Added players cannot be dropped from a roster until 24 hours have past. Players are locked on your roster at the start of their game. You can change your starting lineup up until your player’s game has started. No additional roster adds after week 15. If any two teams tie for last place following a week, the team with fewest year-to-date points is eliminated. If that doesn’t break the tie, the team with the lowest scoring starting player is eliminated. That tie breaker will continue to 2nd lowest, 3rd lowest until tie is broken. Last team standing, wins! Roster Starting Lineup: QB: 1 RB: 2-3 WR: 3-4 TE: 1-2 8 total starters; 6 bench spots. Will have 1 IR spot for one additional player if placed on their team’s IR or Covid Exempt List. Payouts: (Please vote for Option 1 or 2 at your League Conference site.) Option 1 Entry Fee: $30.00 Ole and Sven Conference Champions will each win $300. Ole and Sven Conference Runner-up will each win $50 UFFDA Guillotine Overall Champion will win $250. Option 2 Entry Fee: $30.00 Highest weekly score per Conference (Weeks 1-15) win $5. Ole and Sven Conference Champions will each win $250. Ole and Sven Conference Runner-up will each win $50 UFFDA Guillotine Overall Champion will win $200.
  14. Need Owners for Guillotine League

    I believe that I have seven owners that haven't been confirmed back. Hugh One is still considering. I counted him in the seven.
  15. Need Owners for Guillotine League

    There are several Huddlers in both the Ole and Sven conferences. https://www63.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/62226#0 https://www63.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/49577#0 If anyone is interested shoot me your email address and I will send out an invite.
  16. Any huddle guillotine leagues?

    I will post my Guillotine league on here for you to look at. I started the league last year. There are two conferences of 17 owners. The two conference champions play each other in week 17 from the grand championship. I agree with wanting players in the league that I know.
  17. Guillotine leagues?

    I need a few more in mine. $30 League.
  18. 4 point or 6 points per passing touchdown?

    Most of my leagues score four points for passing TDs. We also score Six for passing TDs over 50 yards. Some leagues take points away for Ints. One of my leagues does that with 1 point per Int. (But RBs, WRs, and TEs also get 10 points for TDs over 50 yards.) I think one league scored 6 pts for Passing TDs and -2 for Ints many years ago.
  19. 4 point or 6 points per passing touchdown?

    There's the reason for disagreement. You are comparing QBs to QBs. Maybe if you changed the argument to Kickers being Kickers that would apply. More points for passing TDs would obviously make the QB more important in relationship to other positions.
  20. Huddle Message Board Leagues 2021

    I know that we have the roster size discussion every year. I know for a fact that we did in 2018 because that is the first year we went from 18 to 24. We've had 24 players the last three years.
  21. March Madness 2021

    Congrats on the win Irish. I knew that I would slide down if Baylor won. I'm still glad that they won the championship though since I had picked them to win more in brackets than I had Gonzaga winning.
  22. Playoff Contest

    Send me an invite please.
  23. I doubt that they would drop Chubb if it was a keeper league or if he still had a consolation game going on. There's no doubt that he should not be dropped or any owner still in the running should not be able to pick him up.
  24. Bears trade up to draft Trubisky

    There are other sites that will bring up old topics when they want to talk about somebody. Three, four years ago...doesn't matter.
  25. Jerry Burns

    Whew, so glad that this wasn't a RIP post.