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  1. On 11/21/2020 at 3:21 PM, SNOWBOUND33 said:

    A guy dropped Jameis with the intention of picking up Hill.  But for a few minutes in between he picked up Stafford and then dropped him immediately for Hill.  

    So basically Stafford was out free on the waiver wire but now is locked because of this "move".  Kind of weak IMO

    We require that you can't drop a player you just added until 24 hours.

  2. I am starting a new Guillotine League this year. For the Opening season The Commissioner will be covering the MFL fees to allow 100% payback of entry fees. I want this to be a league where you can check out the new Guillotine format, so it will be only $10 per owner this year.

    As of now we need about 8 owners to fill the second league. We will have two 16 man leagues with the champion of each conference playing each other for the overall league champion in week 16.  


    Here is the Guillotine concept:

    Lowest scoring team each week gets eliminated and that team's players enter the Free Agency pool.

    Teams have $1,000 blind bidding money to use on free agents for the year.

    After waiver's clear, players are first come first serve.

    No additional roster adds after week 14.

    Last team standing, wins!


    Roster Starting Lineup:

    QB: 1

    RB: 2-3

    WR: 2-3


    Defense: 1

    Kicker: 1

    9 total starters; 7 bench spots.

    Entry Fee: $10.

    In two 16 man league format each conference champion gets $100 and the overall league champion will get $120.

    COVID-19 Rule: If less than 10 NFL weeks are played, All payouts will rollover to 2021 or can be refunded.

    If 10 or more NFL games are played but not a full season, all surviving owners will share in the pool winnings.


    Link to league https://www63.myfantasyleague.com/2020/home/49577#0


    I will send out an invite to anyone that is interested.




    For more information my email is immikesvikes@gmail.com.

  3. Have you guys ever hit the Fantasy Sharks draft guide tab. It's next to the List/Grid tabs. They never like my players. But they think that this years top scoring defense is going to score 145 points and then the next best team as 118 points. When did Mean Joe Greene and the steel curtain unretire?

  4. Here is what MFL did with opt outs. If you see an H behind there name, don’t draft them.

    We have updated the Fantasy Injured Reserve options to help you handle COVID related illnesses and player Opt Outs in your fantasy league. For starters, players that are out because of a COVID related illness or because they are required to quarantine will be labeled with (C) after their name on the various reports and screens in your league. Players that will miss the entire season because they chose to Opt Out will be labeled with (H) after their name.

  5. Here is what I saw on a different site. It's been tweaked to my league rules. I believe it is a spinoff from MFL rules of having leagues not paying for site fees if 7 or fewer games are played.


    If fewer than 7 games are played this season, there will be no payouts. All funds will roll into 2021. 

    If 7-13 games played, division winners and weekly high scores will be paid out. Rest  of funds will roll into 2021. 2021 League fees will be

    reduced to only replenish funds paid out.

    If 14-15 games played, all eliminated teams will be paid out  per placing, all remaining teams (advancing playoff teams) will split the rest of

    the pot in their respective playoff brackets. 

    If less than 14 games played, players on rosters will not earn a year of service as far as keeper status is concerned. Commissioner stipend and MFL fees

    will not  be deducted from any league fees for  the year.

  6. On 8/6/2020 at 9:26 AM, stevegrab said:


    The leagues that could do bubbles did, the ones that could not have a tougher time. 


    If you think a bubble like that used for NBA/NHL was practical for MLB or NFL I'd like to see your plans. 


    Seriously its like some sports fans live in a bubble, even the morons on TV are making it sound like the NFL/MLB just didn't think hard enough to figure out how to do the bubble. 


    I heard on the radio yesterday that this was initially MLB's idea. They decided against using a bubble and they are basically screwed right now. While the bubble leagues are doing great.


    Maybe the NFL should be played in Canada this year. Where the leaders have the COVID-19 under control right now. Of course Canada would need to agree to this, which is the deal breaker.