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  1. I had CEH last year. After watching many games of him, he was a complete avoid at all cost. He rarely gets goal line situations. They would rather pass. The guy is just tiny. He would be a 10-15 carry guy in a game. Couldn't sustain a 20+ carry. For draft average, there were better options.
  2. SF RB To have?

    Really don't have room for Wilson. At least for now. Sermon will probably be fine next week. Just hoping there's enough carries for Elijah to be there.
  3. SF RB To have?

    Seems weird that the Ravens would be releasing RBs right now.
  4. SF RB To have?

    I picked up Elijah. I'm hoping he can be a long term play.
  5. Milk Carton Thread

    Yep. I read that the other day. Very frustrating but trying to think of it as long term season. I had a choice for Zeke, Chubb and Aaron Jones. At the time of the draft, I had it ranked Zeke one, Jones two and Chubb three. I love second guessing myself....haha
  6. Milk Carton Thread

    Ezekiel Elliot
  7. Name a player you refuse to draft in FF?

    Same. I had him two years in row as well. In my ten team league, I had the 5th pick and took Ezekiel. When it came back to me in the 2nd round, Barkley was available. I passed on him and took Stefon Diggs.
  8. Cam Newton cut

    Damien Harris value went up.
  9. Adams for Kamara?

    I am leaning towards Adams for Kamara. Bigger potential and you still have Hopkins left.
  10. Rate my team

    My league is a QB heavy scoring league. It threw me off when 4 teams drafted QBs in the 3rd round. Seriously had 6 QBs gone in 3 rounds. I wasn't left with much so I figured to get 2-3 QBs late and worry about who to start based on situation. I do think Justin Fields will start in week two. Guy has a lot of potential. Also could use one of those for drop if it comes to that moment. I got Gus Edwards in round 8. I had no idea about the injury until one of my buddy's texted me during the draft. No one knew which allowed me to grab him. Waiver wire looks weak. Best option is for RB is Cohen which I will pass for now. WRs, there's some there but I feel like I am okay with only needing to start two and perhaps three if i do flex.
  11. JK Dobbins Injury

    If Leveon and Gurley are the options, I am not sure they are better than Gus. I would think he keeps it. Now if it's someone like Adrian Peterson, I would think could complement better for the Ravens.
  12. Rate my team

    0.5 PPR league 10 team league Starting lineup: QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 Flex RB/WR 1 TE 1 K 1 Defense I had the 5th overall pick. QBs Matt Ryan Justin Fields Ryan Tannehill RBs Ezekiel Elliot David Montgomery Gus Edwards Ronald Jones WRs Stefon Diggs Keenan Allen Jerry Jeudy Antonio Brown TEs Darren Waller Logan Thomas K Ryan Succop Defense Arizona Cardinals
  13. Rate my draft

    Good team. Not a fan of Henderson. Really like Logan Thomas.
  14. JK Dobbins Injury

    Why would the Saints want to entertain that? Figured they need him to complement Kamara.
  15. JK Dobbins Injury

    I was in round 9 and had sticker in hand to draft a QB. (we do both sticker and cbssportsline online) Then my buddy walks up to me and said JK got hurt and carted off the field. I was like two feet from putting that sticker up. Our rules are once the sticker is placed, you can't go back. I quickly swapped stickers for Gus Edwards. Could potentially be a steal for low end RB1 status